October 13, 2009


I'm a very visual person. I think that is part of what draws me to blogging. I love to surround myself with inspiration at every opportunity. This is in my studio and it gives me untold pleasure. Even though it's Autumn I feel completely drawn to color. I'm trying to control myself and limit it to the studio and Emma's bedroom. I'm not sure how much longer that will last. Color makes me happy. No one in my house would be surprised to find me standing at this spot just staring for minutes on end. I get lost in the inspiration. Where do you find your inspiration?

So, hey. How cool are you guys? Thanks for all of the positive reinforcement on my last post. You guys totally get it, don't you? We went back to our future village this past weekend and have plans to go to different events there for the next 3 weekends. Emma even wants to go trick or treating there this year. I figure embedding ourselves in this town now is a sure way to keep us focused on our goals and keep our enthusiasm high. We're ready to put a for sale sign in the yard today but we know good things come to those who wait.


  1. I am making myself a board! Your board is fantastic!!! wishing you all the best,

  2. I have stacks of mags and cut out that I have been planning to put in a binder/book for inspiration I should really go for it make time for it , do it! thanks for inspiring us all to shoot for the moon!

  3. What a beautiful inspiration board! Don't be afraid of color. Although I love the look of neutrals, I'm unable to live that way. I surround myself with the colors that inspire me; and being a Maritimer, that's the blue and green colors of the sea. I also love bright colors; so I have cranberry accents in my bathroom and a firey hot chille pepper color in the family room. Express yourself! Cast fear to the wind!!

  4. Great inspiration board! I tried to do something similar but it was taken over by school flyers and kids' pictures. Which also make me smile but I should try to put a board in another place so I can tack my pictures up.

  5. I'm absolutely the same. I have both an inspiration board with pictures, mementos & quotes and binders full of collages of inspirational images. I could spend an hour just leafing through them.

    I love your board. I might spend awhile staring at the photo of it, getting some inspiration :)

  6. Good morning!

    I'm excited for you and your family on taking steps towards your new home. You'll love it!

    I clicked on your inspiration board for a closer look - we love many of the same things - including the old pickup truck! :) Our tiny house is mostly whites, browns and greens - then I add pops of color with the changing seasons.

    I just posted about my studio yesterday - pop by if you'd like for a looksee.

    Enjoy your day,

  7. Your move sounds wonderful...I am also craving a lifestyle change...SIMPLIFY!!!!

    P.S. I tagged you over at my blog, hope you'll play along!

  8. Well, I am a little disappointed and aghast that your inspiration board does not include a large photo of my smiling face, but I guess we can still be friends.

    I'm with you on the color thing - thank Goodness for kids' rooms!

  9. LOVE your Inspiration board Jen! I think I may even have some of the same images on mine :-) The Santos, birds, pumpkins, farm houses etc ... all my favourites too & the little "love notes" are precious ♥

  10. Love your inspiration board.

  11. i love your board jen...mine needs a little facelift as its so neglected.
    i'm really thrilled for ya'll as you begin the process of this next phase in your little world!!

  12. Your board is sooo much better than mine! LOVE it! I'm thinking about getting a bigger one, mine is just too small.

    I think you are smart for keeping your dream in front of you! It is so positive and I know you will achieve your goals. Best to you, I just found your blog!

  13. Love your board Jen! Man, we have alot of the same tastes--great minds--right?

    xo Kelli

  14. Jen,

    Love your inspired board, but especially loved reading about selling your house and falling your dreams. I know just how it is to fear the unknown and am so glad you have overcome yours and moving on to a wonderful feature.

    Kindredly, Lynne Laura

  15. I'm reading I Love You Miss Huddleston too! Such a sweet, funny book. I love the Indiana connection and all....

    Oh my. I find inspiration everywhere, last but not least, the Pottery Barn catalog that arrived on my door yesterday. I only have one room left in the house 'to do'. What will I do then? Start all over? I need some kids. :-)

  16. I clicked on your picture and, thankfully, was able to see everything close up. You have a wonderful board. I keep saying I'm going to create one and then don't. Thank you for the inspiration I received from your inspiration board!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  17. I love your Inspiration board! And just realized that you are literally just down the road from me! Way cool! I have not found many hoosiers in my blogland travels...so HI!
    So glad to meet another creative soul here in the hoosier heartland!
    Have a delightful day...donna

  18. I am so amazed after joining blogland at how many women there are out there like me. I have so many inspiring images from favorite magazines! I love your wall and I will be pulling out those images and putting them on something cool for me to look at! We creative people need to stick together!

  19. YOU are an inspiration! Love your ideas and blog.


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