December 03, 2009

Treasures or The Worlds Longest Post About Pretty Things

Busy days around here. Plus I haven't had good lighting for pictures lately. Plus I'm drowning in a sea of Christmas boxes. Okay, maybe it's more like a pond, but still. Plus our days are consumed with basketball, shopping, long work days, flu shots and the Nutcracker. Plus I really like making excuses. I have lots of things piling up that I've been wanting to share with you.

I love to give gifts. And I'm not gonna lie. I love to receive gifts too. That's not why I give, but I thought I should be truthful here. Here are some treasures I received recently from friends:

From my sweet friend Hope. She gave me this wonderful little journal at Silver Bella. You can peek inside hers here. The inside of mine looks nothing like the inside of hers. Just so we're clear.
This is a pack of papers she sent me when she got home along with some pictures from our week. I L.O.V.E. getting mail. Good mail. You can keep the bills.


From my lovely friend Shannan, the famous Flower Patch Farmgirl, I received this surprise:
I can say in all honesty that I have never received anything quite like this in the mail. My mailman looks at me a little differently now. I'm trying to figure out why nobody ever sent me a package with Harry Connick Jr's face on it before. My deep and abiding love for him is well known but it took Shannan to do it. P.S. Shannan, it bears mentioning that you totally got my address wrong but thankfully my mail carrier is smart as a whip and these little lovelies arrived safe and sound to me.

Love...true love. I couldn't have been more excited. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. But more than that, thank you for being my friend.

Next we have some vintage goodies that have recently found their way into my home. I knew you'd want to see.
Less than $7 for 7+ yards of vintage aqua trim and 3 other trims too.
Ironstone creamer $4. I hope this is the beginning of a collection.

Over 100 vintage ornaments for $20. These are going to be a wreath in the very near future.

Rooster vase- .50 cents. I'm not even kidding. It had a price tag of $10 on it but who am I to argue?
I adore vintage pieces like this with the old paint coming off. Swoony. Just so you can join me in my swooning, here is a closeup.
In case you guys haven't picked up on it yet, let me tell you. I am a cupcake fanatic. I love to make them, I love to buy them, I love to decorate them, I love to eat them. I find myself buying cupcake toppers at every opportunity. I got all of these for $1. Some of those pink ones hold candles and I see that donkey one (donkeys are another strange obsession I have) holding my birthday candle in a few short weeks.
I actually have more to share but I can already feel your eyes glazing over so I will save it for another day. I hope to not disappear so long that I am forced to do another marathon post. Have a happy day.

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  1. Wow you are one lucky lady! What pretty,thoughtful gifts :) I love how Shannon decorated your box, is that even legal LOL??

  2. Hi Jen!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and Toffee is one of my fav's, too! Wow, what gorgeous gifts you received and that aqua pom pom trim is to die for! Happy Holiday!

  3. what fun goodies!
    i told cammy i would have given kidney to have met rebecca sower and taken her journal class

    that sounds sorta freaky stalkerish
    doesnt it?

    great score on the ornaments too!

  4. How fun to see the mailman coming to your house! You cleaned up with the awesome goodies. The aqua trim and vintage ornaments are gorgeous. Love it all, and get crackin on that wreath!

  5. Jenn,

    WOW that box of ornaments...what a deal & ever so pretty. Can't wait to see the wreath you make with them.

    There is nothing like vintage pom-pom trim..made out of real cotton and not nylon or polyester!

    Kindredly, Lynne Laura

  6. I love, love LOVE all your goodies!!!! I have been collecting vintage glass ornaments but don't have NEARLY as much as you!!! And your rooster, I LOVE him! And the trim is just awesome! Keep posting these awesome pics! :)

  7. What lovely things! I love vintage too.

  8. Girl. Reading about the box was almost as fun as making it. I loved making it, because I knew that you would "get" it as much as I did. :) And holy moley, I was nervous about the address. Not gonna lie. But I didn't want to ask you and give the surprise away! I actually took it from the GPS and then googled the zip. Looks like you should just email it to me again and I'll write it down somewhere safe in Sharpie.
    ps - Are you an Ebay addict? Do we need to talk about this? Or were your finds from the flea? I'm jonesing over that rooster. I never knew I wanted a rooster vase, but I shore know now.
    pss- About the emails - are you purposely punishing me for all the times I don't write you back in a timely fashion? And don't even try to blame the Nutcracker. He's no body's fool.

  9. What fun things you have found!! xoxo

  10. A totally exciting and fun post! Receiving goodies is always the best!! I love the cute cupcake toppers!

  11. Wow, what awesome bargains you scored! And what wonderful, giving friends you have - you are truly blessed.

  12. Oh I just love all your treasures!!! Are you going to have room for all of them once you move to the village? Just in case you don't, I can give that rooster a REALLY good home.

  13. Hi Jen! Wow so many lovely things!!! That Shannon is a hoot! Can't believe you got so many vintage ornaments for only $20very cool!!

    :) T

  14. Ok, where do I start? First of all, that package is the most adorable thing that I've seen & SUCH a sweet gift. And, what was inside! Treasures! You are a lucky girl.

    Next, that ironstone pitcher -- to die for! I have a small collection started & I just love them.

  15. Oh my goodness ... that aqua pom pom trim is amazing!!


  16. Hello, Just found your it! I like The Places I Go..have never seen that before...will surely check it out..Sheryl

  17. wow! what fun! I would love to get a package like that - and your finds are so great! can't wait to see your wreath!

  18. OOh my favorite find are the vintage christmas ornamentS! They cost a fortune here!


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