June 21, 2010

A Change Will Do You Good

Change. There's been a lot of that around here lately. In the interest of honesty let me tell you that it has not been all easy. Or all good. It was very hard to say goodbye to my old house. Luckily I had the most amazing realtor/counselor that helped me get through it (if you are in the Indianapolis area and want a recommendation, email me).

And it turns out that I am a bit of a Suburban Princess. Who knew? Well Sweet Hubby probably did. And my girls. And my friends. And all of you dear readers too.
But apparently I didn't know it. Until I moved into a house built in the 1880's that I have to live with as is.
 I miss my stove. And my dishwasher. And my washer and dryer. And my drywall. And my storage. And my level floors. And window screens. And a decent bathroom, make that more than 1 decent bathroom.
 You get the gist.

And if I'm being honest I'll tell you that I don't really like living so close to the street or to my neighbors.
 But I do love being in the Village. I love walking to the pet shop, toy store, coffee shop, bakery, library and parks. I love walking to get a baguette for dinner, taking Emma to a Wind Chime Class and going to the Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings.

Where else could Emma and I be eating lunch on the front porch, hear music and follow the sound to a little carnival in our park? That's good stuff.

I'm going to enjoy it this next year and after that...who knows? We're excited to have choices. We may not find ourselves settling here permanently. We've always been torn between the dream of living in town versus having some acreage. We're glad that we tried this on for size as it will help us figure out the next step. And you know I'll take you with me every step of the way.


  1. Jen, I love all the pictures you shared!! And yes, it's all a learning experience!! I went to our new house a few days ago with the boys and I said say hello to your new neighbors and they said who? I said the COWS over there, LOL! Both said, hmmm smells like cow poop!! LOL Yup it's going to be a transition that's for sure. But we all go through it!! And we are here for you every step of the way!!!

  2. ps- the new layout looks great!! :)

  3. You never know until you try and now you know and you'll never have to wonder "what if?" The next year will be full of adventure and end with peace of mind. It's a win win! We really do need to grab coffee one morning... I'd love to hear your thoughts on Maplelawn.

  4. i love following you along your path!
    i'm certain all the change would make me crazy too, but honestly it sounds perfectly charming.
    i'm jealous
    our atlanta traffic & all the other wears me out sometimes.
    wide open spaces with a target & anthropologie near by, now we're talking

  5. I am loving your pictures you share!
    Transitions can be hard and change is not always easy...but I know in the end you are going to love living in the village...and I am going to love living vicariously through you! :)

  6. Dear Jen,
    I haven't posted in a long time. Just busy with life. I can identify with what you are feeling in every way.
    I moved from a modern home to an old house in Indianapolis in the 70's. Love a lot of things but a lot of things I didn't.
    Next move to a modern home again, stayed 23 years and now back to an old home (1861) and I love the house. We, too, live in a small town but not as many amenties as your town. We don't have a big grocery store, nice restaurants, etc. I guess if I could have it both ways, I would like a new house built to look like an old house and on a large lot (we do have a large lot) but close to shopping, etc.
    At least you are renting, so you will have a choice and learn what you want and don't want. Its a very big change to suddently not have the storage, dishwasher, etc., and finding a place for everything - I KNOW I HAVE BEEN THERE. LOL But, you will learn a lot during this time and when the right door opens, you will be ready to step through it.
    I commend you for being so honest since you wanted to try this out. Just look at this time as an adventure as if you went and lived in another country. LOL
    Keep us posted. Didn't mean to rattle on so.

  7. it is a huge upheaval moving house-ones life- saturdays....but change, for how ever long, it to be embraced....you will have a wonderful year with highs and perhaps lows, as all of us who have followed this path have had....but at least it will never be in the *what if we'd tried it* list...you're doing it....it sounds pretty lovely from here and the photos are wonderful- at this stage you just take every day as it comes as we did...and smile your kids look very happily content...
    melissa x

  8. Hi Jen,
    Well I can definitely relate. We lived in two brand new homes from 1995 to 2002. While I liked them, I wasn't crazy about them. We lived in the township and I wanted to live in town and like you be close to the coffee shops and the quaint little downtown area.

    So we sold our new home and rented a home that had a lot of problems. I was depressed for the first several months. I missed all the amenities the new house had. We lived there a year. We did paint walls, put in a new kitchen floor and some other stuff to try and make it our home. When it came time to renew our lease, we bought the house we live in now built in 1911 and I love it more than any other home we have lived in. We have lived in all age houses and this one has my heart and soul poured in it.

    So yes you do have options. If this isn't what you want, then you will figure it out. Just give yourself time and don't be too hard on yourself.


  9. There are always options. I moved from a brand new house to 200+ years with only one grotty bathroom. I used to have dreams I was back in the new house and wake up disappointed. Now 16 years later I am so glad we made the change. My kids got a nicer school and daughter #1 met her husband here. We are also working on our 3rd bathroom remodel. Hope we get it right this time!

  10. Hi Jen
    Love your new layout & all the photos you've shared today. That has to be the biggest squirrel I've ever seen :-)the squirrels must love the village too :-)
    I think you are all going to have a wonderful Summer enjoying the Village life style ♥

  11. Beautiful pictures Jen!
    Oh, old houses. They have a mind of their own, don't they?
    It's so good to have options, and how smart of you to test the waters before you buy. I know you'll land in the perfect place for your family.

  12. Did you say you're looking for some acreage...????

    love you. :)

  13. Oh Jen, I can completely relate to so many things you are saying. We are on the verge of a very similar decision. City vs. "country." So many things about center city appeal to us, but the lack of land, the close proximity to busy streets and outdated kitchens that so many seem to have make it a tough decision. The other option puts us farther away from everything we do, BUT the houses have everything we are looking for. From land to updated furnishings! Ugh. The decisions are so tough. I'm glad you have the chance to see if it's something you really want to do, but know you're not as happy as you anticipated you'd be. A reality check for us all! Praying you find your dream house soon!

    Love ya!

    P.S. Love what you wrote about Lauren's birthday! I remember it like it was yesterday! Can't believe it's been that many years ago!

  14. I can understand what you're going through. We moved to the burbs with the plan of moving back to the city when the kids were getting old enough to need something to do other than ride bikes and have playdates. But I will miss the central air, the soaker tub in the master, and the huge kitchen that we have. Also, I'm not looking forward to the pests that are often present in an older home, but I love the city.

    I told my husband that perhaps in the future we can have a tiny home in the city and a cottage in the country for odd weekends and holidays.

  15. Change is always hard. I've moved several times and I truly believe that attitude is everything when it comes to settling in to a new place. Keep focusing on the positives and enjoy this experience as much as you can. If you decide to move on, at least you'll know that you gave this opportunity a solid college try.

    PS My other theory on moving is that it takes at least 2 years to really start to feel at home. Sorry if that is a buzzkill, but it has been true for me.

  16. Dear Jen,
    Just sending you a little "hug" today for encouragement. I understand missing all the modern conveniences. Hope you are having a better day today.

  17. hi jen,

    change can be full of ups and downs and emotions. it will be interesting to read about life in the village over the months. i have a hunch you will soon be loving it like crazy but will stay tuned.


  18. Hi thre I have just discovered your blog and have enjoyed reading your story. How brave you are...good luck and take care..I think I'm your newest follower :) Kym X

  19. It's definitely been a journey for you but sounds like things are starting to settle now! It will definitely be an adjustment but it sounds to me like you are focusing a lot on all the little things the village has to offer, the positive things. You have a great outlook.

    I was very unhappy in our last home and we were forced to stay there for two years. It was difficult to tough it out but now it all seems like a distant memory because we are in a location and home we love. Hang in there!

  20. Hang in there...you'll get settled. Beautiful country pics....I love your blog and am new to blogging myself!

    Wish me luck!
    Cindy (from Ontario)
    Design Love

  21. Jen, Hope you are feeling better about the move...re-read your blog...did you mean jest or gist? I thought you were attempting a bit of humor there but I guess you just got the words confused. You are such a creative writer!
    Hope the settling in goes well but I don't know how you do it with just one bathroom. Not for me. But I am sure you will fix it up real cute. Can't wait to see pix!
    (It's sure hot here in Sacramento...how about there?)

  22. I really understand how you feel. Not so much about the older house but the move in general. I just moved from Florida to a suburb of Cincy and it has been hard. Hard in more ways than one. Now my husband is up for a promotion and that will require another move to SC. Wow, just saying it makes it more real. Best wishes to you.

  23. Dear Jen, What lovely photos of summer village life! I especially loved seeing that large fluffy brown squirrel (a memory of my childhood in Indiana!) Out east we have smaller, mousey-looking Eastern Grey Squirrels! Glad to see that you are making the most of your transition and enjoying the village. I was just there briefly when visiting my sister in Indy. Wished I had had more time to take some photos in Z-ville, but will look to your wonderful blog for more...Cassandra ♥

  24. Suburban life and a newer home is much more convenient, that is for sure. When we first bought our old house, I really didn't know what we were in for.

    I wouldn't trade it for the world now, 20 years later. Of course, we've added on and modernized, but kept the old house feel. Just made it easier to live in.

  25. You have had lots of changes and you will not know what you really want and need for awhile. So glad that you are renting as you are figuring all of this out.


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