June 08, 2010

We Interupt this Program

Right now I'm neck deep in boxes but wanted to take a minute to tell you about 2 new shows coming soon to a TV near you. The first is The Fabulous Beekman Boys on Planet Green. You can read more about it here.

The other show is Cupcake Wars on Food Network. An entire show about cupcakes, what could be better? It premiers June 13th.

In non Television related news. We're settling in. Our rooms are starting to resemble a place we can call home. Today I'm working on the kitchen, Emma's room and the playroom. There is still a mine field of boxes everywhere and I have no idea how I'm going to fit all this stuff in this house. And there is still stuff left at the old house. And our storage room is almost full. Oops. 

So far life in the Village is good though we are missing our old lives, neighbors and home. I still feel a bit like I am borrowing someone else's life. It's quite surreal. We've already met so many of the people on our street. More than we ever met in our old house in the almost 7 years we lived there. People are so friendly here and it is a true sense of community. The kids just wander around town on foot and bike and I'm having a hard time not feeling unnerved by the very thought of Emma not being where I can see her. We're enjoying porch sitting, walking where we want to go and we've also started a tradition of driving around in Sweet Hubby's convertible in the evenings.

I miss visiting you all and seeing what's new in your lives. I can't wait to sit and catch up some day soon. Until then I would love for you to tell me what's going on with you.


  1. When you say "the Village" do you mean Broad Ripple Village?

    Mmmm, what's going on in my life? I just started back to work after my honeymoon, and I can't wait to get home to start working on my latest blog ideas!

    But even more...I cannot wait to see your cottage!

  2. Enjoy your new 'hood and home! How exciting!

  3. Well it sounds like you are getting settled in and all will be good.The new neighbor hood sounds like something from the great old TV shows.Where everyone waves and stops to say "hello" a place where you can let your kids run and play freely.So lucky you.Now about those cupcakes I will definitely be watching that show and I will check out the other show too.I have been working in my yard and helping my daughter with hers also.We have been getting alot rain around here so we have to work around it.I also am working on getting my dining room redone in the cottage look.I went to a favorite little junk store of mine the other day and setting there in the back was a buffet in perfect condition.I want to get it and paint it white of coarse but I have no room for it till I get rid of this old bakers tablemy daughter wants it but she has to make room also.See you are not the only one that just has too much stuff and not enough room lol! Have a great time getting settled in and can,t wait to see pics.

  4. OI!!! Como vai tudo bem tenho acmonpanhado se blog, e fiquei maravilhada.Você esta falando de mudança e mudar faz muito bem.
    Damos uma renovada temos a oportunidade de conhecer e fazer novos amigos. Eu gosto muito de mudanças. Há dois anos estou morando em uma cidade muito tranquila sai de uma cidade ajitada e troquei po uma de interior. Cidade pequena, nos propociona mais seguraça. Aproveita esse momento par dar aquela renovada em tudo que estiver ao seu alcance. Tenho certeza que você ficara até mais criativa. Tenha uma ótima estadia nesse novo tempo em sua vida Deus te abençoe.

  5. Hey Jen!! So glad to hear you guys are getting settled in, and that you have met people already. That is great! We have lived in our house for 3 years now and know none of our neighbors. We know the name of the neighbor next door, but only because when we moved in, he wanted to know if we would split the cost on fencing. It must be really nice to live somewhere that everyone is friendly and there is a nice sense of community.
    Can't wait to see what you have planned for your little cottage. Don't get too discouraged about the size. You'll find a place for everything. I'm just so happy for you guys. You are living your dreams!!
    We have been pretty busy around our place finishing up our winter projects. We got our flooring completely finished, I'm completing painting, I painted a checkerboard pattern in my laundry room, we built a shelf in the kitchen window and added some open shelving in the kitchen, and my husband made some board and batten shutters, and got them hung up today. We are just waiting now for the kids to get out of school, and for summer to officially begin!
    Hope you have a great week!

  6. So good to hear from you Jen! I know that feeling of almost "inbetween" the new and old life if that makes sense! How awesome for the girls to be able to wander around and be SAFE that's a great feeling! :)
    I am knee deep in decisions. Needless to say I am drinking a lot of red wine at night, LOL. Today we thought our entire first floor window schedule was wrong. But it wasn't THANK YOU GOD, lol! Not good since we start framing Thursday!
    Anyway, GREAT to hear from you and can't wait to see more of your new home :)

  7. can't wait to see pictures after you are settled in!

  8. Village life sounds dreamy already! It seems you've stepped back in time a about forty years - a slower pace, simpler times, friendly people. I'm so happy for you Jen!

  9. So glad that things are working out. I can't wait to see pictures of the new place once you put your mark on it.

  10. Sweet Hubby's convertible! I guess that makes you Sweet Wifey! How cute!! Like Sassy Kitten asked, where is the Village? There's no town by that name in Indiana.

  11. Please post pictures as soon as you're settled! Can't wait to see what you do with the place :)

  12. Congratulations...we are in the middle of a move ourselves, so I can empathize with the angst of "where" - where am I going to put this, where are the kids, where is the closest antique store?

    I can't wait to see pictures. We've happened onto a Village ourselves and I'm curious to see what ours might have in common with yours, so many miles away. Be well!

  13. have fun getting all settled. hope it's going well. i think living in the village sounds amazing.

  14. Sounds like you are getting settled. It will take a while, I know.....we just moved 6 months ago and now we might be transferred again:) Have a good weekend.

  15. So wonderful to get settled in.
    I would love to see the cottage make over. :o)

    You have a wonderful blog, and I would like to follow it in the future.

    Best regards from Norway,
    Anette Willemine

  16. Oh those cupcakes look lovely - I'm being very disciplined these days and only having one dessert per week - its hard! BTW I've just awarded you a beautiful blogger award. Have a look at http://pinkrosecottageknits.blogspot.com/2010/06/beautiful-blogger-award.html

  17. Loved the old Martha format not the current one not into talk shows. The original seemed like she was an old friend and you were invited to drop in for a chat do miss it thanks for tip about Hallmark.
    Excited for your new life style congratulations for taking the road less traveled in this century suburbia. I am intrigued by the new town developments by Plater-Zyberk/Duany. Here is South Carolina there are several and I am smitten.

  18. Oh, The Beekman Boys is a fabulous show and their website is equally as entertaining. I truly heart those guys! I can't wait to read Josh's book!


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