October 13, 2010

Autumn Adventures

 On Monday, I put on my big girl panties, jumped in my car and headed for Urbana, IL to meet my most creative friend, Melissa for lunch. Drive 2 hours for lunch? Why not? I packed up the embroidery colaboration we've been working on and put on some good tunes.
 It was a beautiful day to spread my wings and hit the road. The day was perfect. The leaves a symphony of color.
The Autumn air a little warm for my liking but the sun was kind enough to mostly stay hidden so that I could enjoy having an open window to the sky.  
Note to self: taking pictures for your blog while driving is perhaps not a wise choice.
 Melissa and I go back to Silver Bella 2008. During this difficult past year she is the entire reason I have maintained any creative spirit. For that and many other things, I owe her a lot.

 Isn't she a doll? I wish she lived closer!  
Note to Mike:Next time you take a picture of me and your wife and my necklace is framing my boob, please tell me. I don't do that on purpose.

On Tuesday my sweet friend Jayme came to visit the Village. I mean me. Let's be honest. It was the Village. And I'm pretty sure she fell in love. Not necesarily with me. I think I could easily make a living just selling houses to my friends here. You would think 2 bloggers getting together for a day would produce tons of pictures. You would be wrong. This is the closest we came to a picture of us together...a picture of our cupcakes together. I did take a picture of her while she was eating her cupcake but since she is my friend and I would like her to remain so, I won't publish it here. I'll save it for blackmail purposes. Instead I'll share these ghost cupcakes with you.
Oh, what the heck! Here's the picture of Jayme. I feel confident that she'll still love me tomorrow. Luckily for me, she didn't have her camera so I know there will be no payback. This time. My Lord, I have the most beautiful friends.

Of course, as with all of my friends she demanded to be taken to The Flying Cupcake. If you come see me I will take you too.

It was a lovely day but way too short. So glad you drove 2 hours to have lunch with me. It's true what they say... what comes around goes around.


  1. Ok - now I know it REALLY happened, cause there was a picture (and yes I still love you even though you posted it) to prove it. I thought it a dream. You are living the life my friend! Livin' the life. I'd drive two hours to see YOU (and get cupcakes, sandwiches and yarn) any day of the week. :-)

  2. Oh please, you are such a necklace boob framer and don't even try to pretend you're not. And now the whole internet knows it.
    Love the picture of our Jaymes, and I so love the fact that I can picture every single thing you did together. I can still taste the asparagus sandwich. And my cupcake. I agree with Jayme, you are living the life, little missy, and it couldn't be happening to a sweeter girl!

  3. I know right where Urbana Illinois is! :) I spent 40ish years of my life in a little town 25 miles south of there. Champaign/Urbana was my big city. HA! :) Aren't friends wonderful? Since my move to Michigan, I have been driving 4 hours to see them. I can not forget my sweet sweet friends. :)

  4. your pumpkin project is adorable. :) glad you got to spend time with a good friend...those are special and treasured moments, so i'm glad you seized the opportunity!

  5. Champaign Il is getting close to my neck of the woods! Just south about 60 miles. Looks like you had a great time with friends. Gotta love a day with girlfriends and cupcakes.. hope you did a little shopping too!!

  6. Those cupcakes looks scrumptious!

  7. Aww what fun! Hey promise me if I move up there, that you both (and any others you want to invite) will take me out to lunch for some fun. I will need some new things to do once I am up in farm land, corn country!! :)

    Pray for us today if you will...a decision needs to be made today. I want my husband to be convinced one way or the other in his own heart.

    Looks like you all had a great time...who wouldn't with you or Jayme. wow.


  8. what a delightful time for you with those fun friends.
    boob framing accessories or not, you are just beautiful!
    the ghost cupcakes are too precious!

  9. My best friend is a blogging buddy I met through the blogosphere three years ago. We talk on the phone almost daily. We are several hours apart, so we meet at our favorite plant nursery out in the countryside and have lunch and fun together. I wouldn't trade those few hours together for anything. Our gal friends are what get us through the rough times and help us celebrate the good ones. (And I don't think Jayme can look less than adorable in any pic I've seen of her.)

  10. That's it. Next time I'm in Indy visiting the fam, I'm heading over to the Z town to meet you and demand my turn at the Flying Cupcake. We can frame our boobs together. I'm all over it.

  11. I think she's eating her cupcake like a perfect lady, so there's no need for her to be upset with you. She looks quite dainty!

  12. I miss my friends! Waaaaaaaaah!!!!

    You girls are just beauty full. The whole lot of ya.

    ps - Don't tell Calvin, but Jayme's got the two bumps with the crack in the middle... !!!


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