October 01, 2010

Fabulous Friday - Feeling Greyish

 from Boden

Lately I find myself drawn to fashion. Autumn is my favorite fashiony time of year. Is it yours too? I've always loved all the layers. And the fabric. I'm all about texture and softness. And this year apparently I am all about Grey.

 from Ruche

I'm drawn to it in all different shades and materials. Apparently I would happily wear grey from head to toe.

 from Anthropologie

And while I love all of these clothes, I don't love the prices. My reality is more like this one below. At their prices I can afford to be obsessed. And obsessed I am.

from Target

So obsessed in fact, that I just ordered these for Emma.  Before you go off thinking that I'm a terrible Mom forcing her little girl to walk around in drab colored clothing, I must tell you that she picked these clothes in these colors herself. I'm thinking greyish is genetic.

 from mini boden


  1. Oh my goodness, I love these! That second cardi with the lacey side is divine!! I love this time of year when I can haul out my fun sweaters, hats & scarves too!! Love to layer!

  2. I bought both my girls that same jacket! One in the grey and one in the pink and they are just gorgeous. I'm a big fan of grey, myself.

  3. my friend would laugh if she read this because even though i've liked grey for a while, a few weeks ago i declared it as my fall palette. (based on a visit to pricey j.jill)

    grey, stone, white, pale blues, nice browns.

    ahhhh ... fall!


  4. So funny you should post that today. I am not a grey person at all...when it comes to clothes...much more apt to pick black or a deep chocolate brown for Fall/Winter. So, I bantered (to myself of course) for a few moments.....should I/shouldn't I? It was a grey sweater that fit like a glove...and so now it is mine! Love that first coat!!! Hugs, Diana

  5. Beautiful fall fashions. I've always liked gray shades for the fall and winter. Especially, charchol gray, which looks fabulous with blue eyes. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Oh, I am loving those boots..Such a great colour for fall.We are in spring down here and I've just bought 2 soft grey tops..Love it!!..Pop on over and visit my blog some time..xx

  7. I like grey too... it "goes" with everything from pastels, to brights and of course black or white. My favorite combo last year was grey and aqua.

    Love the Target sweater, I'm going to have to get over and check that one out. Well and of course the anthro stuff is a clear winner.

  8. Those boots and that ruffled edge cardigan caught my eye big time! Loving that look. And little Emma's got good taste just like her Mama. ~Lili

  9. i loove grey...and in fact just leapt up to count my drawer of grey cardigans for you....all *slightly* different of course ;)....grand total of 7!!!

    i only have 10 cardigans in total so that leaves 3 of another colour...mmmmm

    i love grey!

    but i also love those anthro boots with a different price tag!!

    enjoy your lovely colour...
    love boden for the kids..

    melissa x

  10. love every piece
    that last little velvet jacket, is that the sweetest or what?

  11. I LOVE dressing for fall! I love the sweaters and the layers, and the colors!! And I have been drawn to grey this year, too. I used to think that I looked terrible in grey, but I just bought a grey sweater from Target, and I love it!! Grey is my new favorite color! :)
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Happy fall!

  12. LOVE all of these! And LOVE Boden for my kids as well, of course I only buy it when there is a sale! Try Marshall's and TJ Maxx as well! I found some adorable shirts and sweaters with the fabric flowers at Bj's Wholesale club of all places!!
    Happy shopping!! :)

    ps- watch ebay for kids (and adult)boden clothes too! :)

  13. I'm a fan of both gray AND layers, too! {And the ruffled boots...oh, my!} BUT alas...my budget screams "Target" as well. We can only hope one day they will employ one of those fabulous Anthro designers to please our budgets...we can dream, right?

  14. I have ALWAYS loved grey! It speaks comfort to me - I wanted every one of those items you posted too! Love that it's so IN this year! I found 2 great pairs of grey boots at Payless this year! LOVE IT!

  15. Do you know where the gray sweater with the big white flower is from? I *love* that! Would love to order/buy one.

  16. Oh my...I LOVE every single thing you chose, which is very odd since I feel like I never like anything when I go shopping. I especially like those boots. Mini boden is great...they have cute things for boys, which I think is hard to find.

  17. Grey is my go-to color. I don't do black(makes me look ill), so grey is my wardrobe staple. It is becoming harder to work in color, as so many places have adorable clothes in grey now and I'm drawn to it. I own the grey anthro sweater...xmas gift cards were very helpful! It's really cute on.

  18. I love grey. You've got super
    collection. I just bought a grey

  19. I absolutely love them Jen, and can so see your beautiful face and flowing locks walking about the Village in them! Sigh - one day I will learn to dress meself.

  20. I LOVE grey!! And my 3 girls all like it too:) I just made my 2 little ones dresses out of grey hemp/organic cotton fabric. Will be blogging them soon. They were so fun to make:) I will be sad when grey is no longer 'in'!!

  21. Love that stuff!
    And I love the colors...I'm all about neutral colors! But like you, don't love the prices. :)


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