October 17, 2010

We Interrupt this Sunday

I'm not one to blog much on the weekends but today I had to make an exception. You see we experienced a big loss in our family this past Friday. Our beloved Betty has officially gone to the big oven in the sky. We couldn't allow ourselves to grieve for too long as we had planned on spending time with her this weekend and so an immediate search for her replacement was required.

In Autumn and Winter my dutch oven is my favorite cooking tool. Thanks to my Auntie Lane, a sassy substitute was secured. Go ahead and say that 3 times fast. This one is on sale right now at JC Penney and with the 20% discount code, R20PERKS you can have one for the bargain basement price of $27.90. I couldn't afford not to order one, right?

I can't wait to make some of our favorite recipes, like this and this. Now I can get back to the business of being cozy.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful tip!!! Just ordered a blue one and can hardly wait to get cookin :) Have a blessed Sunday

  2. May Betty always be remembered! :) ......don't you hate it when a long time pot or pan does this ????? But things now days last 5 years and we think they are great! I love the new color....is a name picked out yet????? :):) Sandy

  3. Oh~ How I love MY Dutch Oven. I use it all the time...for everything. I am lucky enough to have 2 sizes but use the big one the most often. Gonna check out your recipes right now. Diana

  4. Jen,
    Your timing could have not been more perfect. Went to make Pioneer Woman's french onion soup yesterday and remembered my dutch oven had to go the way of your Betty last year! Ended up borrowing one from the neighbors to make the soup!

    So funny to read this today - am off to order one myself!

  5. i have one of these and have never used it. i guess i should!


  6. I shall sleep better tonight knowing that Betty has been put to rest with respect, and her replacement has been ordered. Amen!

  7. Thanks for the tip... just told Coop Keeper I was going to get one b/c she told me I needed one so I am headed to the ordering place next!!
    I love yours and I am thinking at that price I can't afford not to!!
    PS Did you paint your corner???

  8. wow. I quickly ordered 4 for Christmas gifts for my girls. Thanks so much - you saved me hundreds. literally!

  9. Too funny that you NAMED your pot... I've named a lot of things, but never my kitchen items :)


    PS I hope Betty's replacement is just as nice, do you have a name picked out yet?


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