January 25, 2011

Crushing On

Today I am crushing on:

These Union Jack Pillows made by friend Sarah and available for purchase here because they are awesome and I'm all about England (and France) right now.

The number #42 and  The paper Rose  because she is the winning commenter for my C&R giveaway.
The movie Bottle Shock. It's currently at the top of my favorite list. Be sure to have some good wine and perhaps a cheese tray when you watch it. You've been warned.

Ginnifer Goodwin because she is just so adorable and classy. Also she makes me want to be brave and cut my hair off.

The Food Network show Dessert First. Love the kitchen, food and her and can't wait for the new season.

And last but not least, house hunting because it looks like I am seeing 2 houses this weekend and I'm determined to move by the end of April.

What are you crushing on today?


  1. I am crushing on the new show Harry's Law. I love Kathy Bates and I predict a hit with this show.
    I am going to sew a Pottery Barn look-alike ticking dust ruffle. I love ticking and have a collection of vintage in several colors. I am not spending the catalog price though. I have to decide brown or blue... ah decisions. Think I will use new fabric too, since it will take so much.
    I have a great new candle called Farmhouse Brew that is to die for. I am sure I will be getting more!!
    I think I could go on but I will spare you!!

  2. i do love that ginnifer goodwin. what a doll
    & that pillow is mighty cute!
    good luck on the house hunt!!

  3. Oh, to drool all over one of those Union Jacks. And if you love JG then you should probably hop aboard the Big Love train. And I've never heard of that movie, or that cooking show? But if you say they're good, then I believe you.

    Finally. And most importantly. I had the darndest time copying my random number thingy into my giveaway post! How did you do that???

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  5. LOVE the movie Bottle Shock....I am crushing on going to therapy today for my shoulder, because every time I go, I get a little bit better!

    I am also crushing on my blog today, because I am having a giveaway for a French decorating book!
    Good luck with your house hunt. Take us along with you!!

  6. Okay, so I really like the sound of that movie and wine! LOL I must look into that! :)

  7. Jen- I have not heard anything about that movie...but you can bet it will be on my "to see" list. I love that pillow too...makes me think of the South for some reason, instead of England.

    I am so excited about the fact that you are getting close to finding a house. What an adventure. I hope you find the perfect one~ Hugs- Diana

  8. hi jen,

    great list!

    i'd say i'm crushing on this list. i've had kind of a crummy day and this little cheery post is a nice dose of pretty and happy.

    that pixie cut is quite adorable ... and fearless! :)


  9. What a fun post! I'm adding the Bottle Shock to my must see list! Love the pillow too - especially the colors.

    Hummm.... crushing on Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove series - I've flown through three books in a month; can't put em down!... Agree with adoring Gennifer Goodwin - just loved her in Ramona & Beezus ... diggin' on my newfound Mint & Rosemary shampoo by Suave - yes, Girls! Suave!! It really does compare to Aveda :) ... and right now, my Josh Groban Awake CD - it's my soulful winter sound :)

  10. I love Ginnifer Goodwin's hair AND personal style! Never heard of the movie though..but wine and cheese sounds good!

    I'm new to all this but I do wish you well with house hunting. I know how crazy it can get. I wish you a beautiful, cozy and warm home!

  11. Love that pillow!! I bet you're so excited about your house hunt!

    I am crushing on a nap right now since I have been burning the candle at both ends this week! :)

  12. Totally crushing on the new USA show "Barely Legal" The girl is just too cute and the clothes are great!

    Also crushing on the China Bayles mystery series...they're older and a bit cheesy but set in the Texas Hill Country and include GREAT recipes made with herbs!

    Love your little list. :)

  13. I'm crushing on the newest site I found modcloth.com, and MAD MEN, which I have to watch a season behind everyone else because I get it on Netflix!

  14. a agree.. i love ginnifers hair cut... i had an appt last week to chop mine - i chickened out and came home with a trim!

  15. a agree.. i love ginnifers hair cut... i had an appt last week to chop mine - i chickened out and came home with a trim!


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