March 28, 2012

Spring Things

I'm not sure what's keeping me from blogging these days. I've got plenty of things that I think about sharing. But then I don't.  I'm just kind of hanging out in the little moments lately and that feels just right. From my perch right now I can see my beautiful blooming crabapple tree and smell fresh lilacs all around me. It's good stuff. I thought today I'd take some time to show you what I've been doing. I hope you can take the excitement.

This week I found a new Spring edition of Country Home magazine. I did a quick flip through it and it looks good but I've tucked it away for an upcoming road trip so I can savor it. Unless I find myself unable to resist the call of this favorite spot.

With the fresh breezes blowing, I'm getting my clean on and I'm all over anything citrus scented right now. I'm loving Mrs Meyers Lemon products, Method Mandarin dish soap, and from Bath and Body Works Fresh Lemon hand soap and Brilliant Citrus wallflowers. Next thing you know I'll be seeing if I can source some lime laundry detergent.

Aside from cleaning, I'm also in organizing mode. Emma grew 4 inches this past year and inventory had to be performed in her closet. Sadly a lot of things didn't make the cut.

For me Spring conjures up images of linen. I'm from the South so it can't be helped. If not for linen, then my husband might not be my husband. True story. This week I've found myself buying linen pants, shorts and shoes. I must be stopped. Maybe stumbling upon a stash of seersucker will put an end to it.

Lately I've been trying to stay out of the craft stores. I need all of my extra money for citrus scented products, linen clothing and gas for upcoming road trips but I did make an exception at Michaels to buy some Martha Stewart craft paint. Even if I did nothing with it but leave it out looking pretty, it was worth the money.

In other news, I did Pilates for the first time today. I think I did it wrong because my back hurts. Well, that pretty well updates you on the exciting happenings in my life. If you are still awake you can tell me what's new with you.


  1. Ya know I've been feeling the same way! Love all the citrus sented stuff too when I clean! Have fun on your road trips!

  2. sounds like a rip-roaring time to me!!! [yawn]

    Pop over and have a look at what I have been up to..

    Not as exciting [yawn] you

    but busy....nonetheless..

    cheers Linda :o)

    your photos are sharp, and the dialogue certainly have a gift....

  3. Love those linen shoes! Where did you get them?? I love linen too.
    I've been busy getting my blog switched to wordpress and am so happy it's done! Still tweaking a couple things but so glad to be all on one blog. Now to get a new camera!!

  4. I'll be on the lookout for that lemon hand soap. SOunds yummy!

  5. Well, it sounds like you are enjoying REAL life...and not living in Blogland like I seem to be doing lately! I love all your purchases and have been using Mrs.Myers products for years. LOVE her stuff. I have not seen that issue of CL yet. I gave up most of my subscriptions and am trying not to keep buying magazines!

    Do you know I have NEVER tryed Martha Stuart's paints? Do they give good coverage?

    Hope you have a wonderful week. xo Diana

  6. I love all of your goodies. I picked up the Country home, you will not be disappointed . Nothing better than linen for summer, and I can't wait to try the new lemon wall flower. Thanks for sharing.


  7. I am WIDE awake! There's something about spring that makes me *think* about blogging but probably not spending as much time actually *doing* the blogging as I did in the cold, dark, dreary...well you get it...winter days!
    Happy Spring!

  8. Me too I don't feel like blogging at all. The new magazine is a good one!

  9. What lovely things to be thinking about....
    You will love those shoes - I have the black leather version on right now! So cute and comfy :)

  10. Am wondering where my CL mag is? Looks like you are busy and wow -- your girl grew 4 inches in a year! Holy growth spurt!!!

    Love seeing the lilacs get ready to bloom!

    Wish I had the cleaning bug! :)

    Happy wednesday!

  11. are a stronger woman than me! I have been cleaning out the studio, having a yard sale and scaling down a little.

  12. I had to comment because you made me laugh...that alone is excitement. Not feeling like blogging....
    something must be going around...:D LINEN...nothing more important in life than linen is there? (wink) I'm saving all my pennies to buy the gauzy kind. Just found a gorgeous white wrap around skirt at the thrift for $ to add some lace and ruffles. And Yes to citrus too.....oK, Phew...I'm tired. :D

  13. Sounds serene and lovely! I am going through the same exercise with the kids' clothes. They grow so fast!

    Also -- where did you find the Country Home? I didn't know you could even GET that in print anymore!!!


  14. I liked reading the little glimpse into your life's all looks and sounds perfectly splendid! Your new linen clothes are adorable. I miss the monthly Country Home magazine...that special issue looks great though! Isn't it strange that Country Living survived but not Country Home? I love CL too though!!
    Hope you have a great rest of the week :)

  15. Love the new duds- where did you find the linen pants? Isn't her craft paint the best?!

  16. i love the shoes!!!

    and did you say you have lilacs outside your windows? i'm battling some major jealousy now! ;)

  17. I find sometimes you need a break from blogging to recharge. It's funny, but I get a charge out of cleaning, too.

  18. I know what you mean, I seem to find myself doing other things and not blogging. Maybe I have spring fever. It is slowly coming here in the mountains. But slowly. :( Kit

  19. it is incredible our tastes are so similar, i was looking at those shoes this weekend, but right now i am not shopping {gave it up for 40 days} maybe soon we will be twins, ha!

  20. you have a gift with words Jen-I just left forever cottage and your
    comment was wonderful. Exactly what
    I would like a friend to tell me
    when my soul needs soothing. I have noticed this fact often. Oh that I could express my thoughts on
    the page like thee.

  21. In my opinion it´s completely right to step back from blogland sometimes, just to live and enjoy the very personal life, to do whatever you fancy without remembering to take pictures, to put it into words, to share it with blogland. That´s refreshing and clears the mind, gives the space and inspiration for new adventures in blogland one day.Have a very happy time in your real life, without regrets and above all without any apologizes, with my best wishes,

  22. I ALMOST bought the Country Home seasonal mag and now you have me wanting to go back for it!! I was trying to be "good" , lol, HA! I love anything lemon too, sooo yummy! And those MS craft paints have me wanting to RUN to Michael's! I really hope that you consign Emma's clothes, they are adorable!

  23. Hi, I am also wondering where you found the Country Home magazine? I used to have a subscription and then a few years ago they told me they would no longer be publishing it. I was so disappointed! :( Anyway.......I also love the Mrs. Meyers lemon cleaner, I love how the scent just lingers for a long time after too! :)

  24. hi jen,

    i enjoyed this little citrus-scented slice of life with you. life gets busy and it was nice to sit back and read. in addition to your sweet stash, i like watkins' lemon products currently in the detergent aisle at good ol' target.

    happy spring!


    perhaps a quilt made from favorite outgrown clothes???

  25. Mmmmm, love me some citrus products, too!

    A blog I came across called, "one good thing by jillee," had a post yesterday on how to EASILY make citrus cleaning products! If you're so inclined, take a looksee...

  26. i need to find that magazine. i miss country home so much. spring is the perfect time to clean and organize. it feels so good when you get that accomplished.

  27. Love your daybed and thanks for the heads up on the magazine!

  28. Country Home?
    Enjoy your and REAL. Love your daybed & the paint!

  29. I loved country home and have tucked away my favorite copies - I will have to look for this. I too tuck away a special new magazine for a trip and try and resist the urge to start to thumb through it. Nice to know I'm not alone!

  30. I love lemon/grapefruit/citrus scented cleaning products too... I'd just rub the whole house with lemon if I could.

  31. where have i been? is country home back???oh my!
    i think i can smell oranges as i read about your citrus cleaning supplies!
    linen & seersucker. you crack me up.
    love the new ballet flats

    give millie a slobbery kiss from brink.
    hopefully he's feeling better

  32. I saw that edition of country home and got all excited...since I have every issue made in the last 15 years I thought they might be repeats..let me know if they are...what a beautiful color and I SAW those one on one TOMS..last night at Nordstrom while heading to William Sonama....I LOVED them because I too love LINEN..I'm not from the south so I don't think it is a southern thing but Grandma was so maybe I'm channelling her..

  33. Yes to all your observations! And where oh where did you find those adorable (and comfy-looking) shoes? And Country Home!?? Where!!!????

  34. Bae,
    The shoes are Toms and I found them at Nordstroms but you can find them online. I found the Country Home at Hobby Lobby but I'm sure they have it at Barnes and Noble.


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