September 06, 2013

The Recipe Delimma

I've been in quite the cooking mood lately which is strange for me because usually I stay out of my kitchen as much as possible in the summer because a.) My kitchen isn't insulated and b.) my huge commercial range is always on and always warm, creating a kitchen that leans towards the sweltering after about 11am.

I thought I'd share some recipes I've really enjoyed lately.

Cold Cucumber Soup This made for a great summer dinner paired with our favorite grilled marinated chicken and a side of figs, drizzled with honey and a sprinkle of blue cheese.

Triple Lemon Pie Here's something you should know about me. I'm a lemon fanatic. I'm not like regular people. I have a finely honed lemon taste bud. Other people will try a lemon dessert think it's wonderful and it just will not be lemony enough for me. It's an ongoing joke in my family that the only thing lemony enough for me is a lemon. It's gotten to the point where I will rarely get a lemon dessert when we go out because I am almost always disappointed. Not this time. This is heaven. This will be the dessert I request for my birthday this year, even if I have to make it myself.

Sausage Cheese Scones My Sweet Man inhaled these. I think they would be a great thing to make and freeze but they disappear so quickly I'm not sure if I'll ever know.

Blueberry Scones with Lemon Glaze I came back from my Michigan vacation craving these after having the best one I've ever had at a bakery in South Haven. These were good enough to get me through until our next vacation.

 While we are on the topic of recipes, I'm a recipe collector. I love cookbooks but I also have recipes torn out of magazines, copied from friends, printed from the internet, not to mention a  collection of my Mom's favorite recipes that she printed out for me probably 20 years ago (cherish those so much now)!

I used to have a software program where I entered them, but it got corrupted and took my recipes with it. I've been at a loss ever since. Currently I have some on the computer, some written on recipe cards and some printed out but I'm ready to conquer the chaos and would love to hear how you organize your recipes!


  1. I have mine all in Evernote. The ones on cards, I either scanned or typed in. I can cut and paste anything on the internet to it. I have the Evernote app on my phone so I can pull up any recipe at the grocery store while I am shopping. I have an app on my e-reader that I use in the kitchen while cooking.

    1. Oh my goodness- I LOVE evernote! When I upgraded to a smartphone about a year and a half ago, the memo feature is the one thing I really missed from my old "dumb" phone- for some reason the smartphones don't have it! So I went looking and boy-howdy.. I have the app on my phone as well as my computer. And yes, I can access my files from any internet access.

      I use it for recipes, thoughts, ideas for my own blog, half-drafted letters, grocery shopping list, non-grocery shopping list.. yeah, everything!

  2. I would love to know as well! I have so many pages torn from magazines or printed out on the computer. I need help as well!

  3. I am still old-school with the handwritten or magazine page recipes. I got a big binder and a package of sheet protectors. I just slip the recipes into the sheet protectors and there they are, ready to go. I also got dividers and put them between sections (sweets, main dishes, etc.) to add a little organization. Good luck finding a system that works for you.

  4. Jen- I am saving that lemon pie recipe to use when I have company later this month. I LOVE lots of lemon flavor and am often disappointed with regular lemon desserts. I will be trying this. Thanks- xo Diana

  5. Look at all those pretty images. Love the book with the sweet bird recipe cards.

    I have a three ring binder that only the tried and true recipes go into -- I have tabs on the side to organize categories of food. I have started taking pictures of the dishes and adding them to the recipe. Makes the book more fun to look at and quicker to spot the recipe I'm looking for.

    Another binder is for recipes I want to try or want to keep but aren't the best.

    Love the page protectors because I invariably splash in the direction of the recipe.

  6. Hi Jen! I love that sweet little notebook. Is that going to be your new recipe storage system? I've thought of doing something like that... we have a lot of cute options for recipe-keeping at our Archiver's [scrapbooking] store! In the meantime, I have a drawer filled with recipes on index cards and recipes cut out from magazines, etc. You can see it here: It works for me, but can sometimes get unorganized... like when I forget to file them away.

  7. love your book collection...
    Bec x

  8. I do not cook - AT ALL - by request of the entire family. I do bake, but they have all requested that I stop making my oatmal cookies since they are watching their weight.

    With that said, sausage cheese scones sound wonderful and almost like baking so maybe I will try them.

  9. The cucumber soup and chicken sound wonderful. We are trying to eat healthier here and they fit the bill. My method for recipes...utter chaos. I save some in my favorites on my computer. Some I print out and place in a folder that I keep in my pantry, others I lose..

  10. I've got tons and tons of recipe books too - I read them like regular books:) I have my own written in spiral bound books.

    I have both my grandmother's recipe boxes with their handwritten recipes in them and I treasure them.

  11. Ohh yes... I need to create some order in this area as well. I LOVE your little recipe book. Can you tell us who makes it? So very cute.

  12. I have found the best way for me to keep recipes is in page protectors in an 3 ring binder. I print them, test them, makes notes on what I liked about the recipe and slip it in the sleeve. My only suggestion to you would be to set up sections BEFORE you start collecting willy nilly. Ask me how I know that this is a good idea. I didn't do that and now I have to search, but I plan to organize them soon!


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