August 28, 2013

Cookie Time

 In our house it's always cookie time. This summer I hit on the idea of making up batches of cookie dough and baking just enough cookies to satisfy our sweet tooth and then scooping the remainder of the dough onto a cookie sheet and freezing it. I know this isn't an original idea but I had never done it before so it was new to me!

This allows me to have an assortment of cookies in the freezer at any given time and quick easy homemade treats that I can pop in the oven without having to spend time in the kitchen on a hot summer afternoon. You can find my favorite PB Cookie recipe here.

I write the baking instructions on the bag and let them defrost before baking. It doesn't get easier than that. Also, this prevents the cookies from sitting in the cookie jar and calling me to come eat them. Although that frozen cookie dough isn't too bad either... Please don't send the raw egg police after me!


  1. I have been simply drooling over your images. I LOVE the cookie idea! I also love the bunting, and that sweet little village where you live! P.S. Great photography!

  2. I have never heard of doing this either! What a great idea and keeping them in the bag with instructions is perfect. I will passing this on to my daughter who loves to bake cookies. Thank you for your kind words yesterday about our 30th! I was excited to have you visit! Have a delightful day!

  3. We do that here, ever since all of my boys grew up and it was just the husband and me. I bake about 6 at a time now.

  4. What a great idea! I am in the mood for baking and I have been craving peanut butter cookies. I think I will try your recipe.

  5. Will you post how you manage self-control? I'd be eating them all.

  6. I do this too, for the very same cookies calling me from the cookie jar reason.
    Unfortunately, I love cookie dough just as much as I love cookies, so as a cookie eating deterrent, it's a fail.
    But thank you for inspiring me to make peanut butter cookies today, JJ!
    p.s. You're such a smart cookie for putting the baking instructions on the bag.

  7. Hi Jen..... I was stopping by in hopes you could help me with something..... I've been nominated in a Martha Stewart Contest and I am needing Votes in order to Win....I was wondering if you would mind taking the time to help me out. I am also, doing a giveaway as a Thanks for your support......just visit my blog for the links! Thanks so much in advance. If you ever need anything for me...I will be glad to return the favor...just let me know!

  8. Jen, your cookies (and cookie "jar") are gorgeous! I've been freezing balls of cookie dough for years. Works beautifully AND, since I'm not a raw cookie dough fan, saves me a lot of calories! I simply can't resist a full cookie jar!

  9. I can't decide which is making me drool more, the cookies, or your kitchen! It's just perfect. I love the green chalkboard instead of the more common black. Did you paint it? And if so, what color is it? It's such a perfect foil to the pink cookie tin. -- As for the cookies, they looke amazing. But I'm trying not to think about them right now. Look, pretty kitchen! You don't see the cookies! :-) ~Angela~

  10. Oh my! I never thought about freezing cookies...that sounds great.. but it also means I would keep eating cookies for months..

    Thank youuuu!!!
    big hug,

  11. mmmm ...

    i am actually giving the low-carb lifestyle a whirl but that will probably go down the toilet once it's pumpkin-raisin muffin time.

    it's always so nice to visit you and your blog.

    happy weekend wishes


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  13. I like to do this, too! I picked up the idea when I worked for a catering company for a couple of years. I don't defrost though. Just put them on the pan while the oven preheats. I find they need to cook a little longer this way, but I can't tell the difference whether they've defrosted or not. You might want to give it a try if you haven't already. :)......Your house pictures are always so pretty and inspiring. Love visiting here!


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