August 26, 2013

My Little Bunting

I have been so productive since school started back. That to do list I spent the first two weeks of August writing? Things are getting marked off! Love that feeling. I'm getting all of my regular stuff done, plus working out 4 days a week and getting projects done! I'm feeling so energetic! The key for me is Well, as much as possible. I thought while I was on here shopping for a new vanity for Emma's bathroom (feel free to give me shopping recommendations) and waiting for some paint to dry, I'd pop in and show you my fun little bunting.

It's ridiculous how happy little projects like this make me. I just wanted a little pop of color with the vast expanse of white that is the sectional. This turned out just right. My Man got veto rights on the fabric and nothing pink of too girly made the cut. The grey floral only made it because of the dark grey background and because it works with another new addition in this room that I hope to show you later this week!

You know that feeling when a room is coming together just as you imagined it? I hope you do! It's a wonderful feeling. There have already been several changes to this space since the sectional was delivered. I love this space so much! I almost hate leaving this room at night to go to bed! But then I remember I need a good night's sleep so I can get more stuff done!

I hope you are off to a productive start this week!


  1. The banner is cute, but I am crushing on that little round table next to the sectional.

    I have everything on the dining room table and am moving furniture all around. Seeing the round table just told me what I want. Now I need to go looking at thrift shops for something like it.

  2. Love that sectional! It looks so comfy I might be tempted to sleep right there if I were you! That's a great picture of you and your hubby!

  3. I love your bunting- it's very cute! Looks fantastic . . . actually, love that entire corner! Not so much getting done around here, but we have yet to enter back to school mode- one more week left. Bittersweet sending the baby out the door to middle school- especially since I know what his older brother was like once he got his footing. He was like . . . a middle school boy! ugh! One last week of childhood to go :(

  4. YOU have the sectional that I want! We could not find a single thing we liked when we went to redo our family room. Besides that- I LOVE your sweet banner. Blessings to you- xo Diana

  5. Dear Jen,
    I've just discovered your lovely blog... I read a few lines and I immediately felt so close to you! I love the little bunting you made.. it looks just perfect... you've inspired me, so... nice to meet you.. I would like to become a follower but I can't see the google friend connect button anywhere... perhaps it's just me...
    anyway, I was happy here!
    big hug

    1. Sorry about that Lisa! I've added the followers back on the sidebar.

    2. Thank youuuu, now i'm a follower... so happy!!
      ciao e grazie

  6. Love every single thing about it, JJ.
    That room is really coming together beautifully!
    p.s. That pic of you two still melts my heart.

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