July 09, 2019

Summer Simplicity

Summer is not my favorite. I've probably mentioned this numerous times. And yet there are so many things I can find to truly love about this season anyway. Things you won't find on this list: blistering heat, sun, humidity, the way my hair misbehaves, watering, closed windows, BUGS, air conditioning bills.

But why get bogged down in those things when there are so many positives. Like putting your linens on the line to dry, the perfect sign found at a garage sale, flowers everywhere ready to be cut and brought inside, fresh from the garden heirloom tomatoes just waiting to become tonights BLT''s or as we call them CBLAT's (cheese, bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato), bouquets of basil that turn into homemade marinara with a healthy splash of the red wine left from the big back yard July 4th celebration. There are farmers markets, a more relaxed routine, porch time, reading books, going to Michigan, studio time and favorite summer movies -The Sand Lot, Doc Hollywood, Fried Green Tomatoes, Kit Kittridge, Because of Winn Dixie.

And lately napping. I think the last year is catching up with me and I am just plum worn out. And don't worry. I just had a complete physical and everything came back fine. I'm doing my best to slow down but there are a lot of things on our schedule and to do list through the end of August. I try to balance all of it with giving myself permission to let the weeds go another day, to have leftovers for dinner, to give myself the greatest of all things...days that I don't have to leave the house. I know in the blink of an eye my baby will be away at college, the nest will be empty and there will be plenty of quiet and space in my schedule and time to get all the things done that I can't seem to get to now. I will find myself in the midst of a completely new season that will be complete with things I don't especially like, but also with things I absolutely love.

P.S. I'm having difficulty leaving comments on some blogs lately. I was even unable to reply to your comments on my own until I saved the way the comments are formatted. Does anybody know what I can do to fix it? Please let me know if you're having trouble too. Unless you also can't comment on mine! ;)


Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

Well you certainly named off a bunch of things I don't love about summer, and also some I do! I time my laundry days around the weather, so the sun and fresh mountain breezes can dry the laundry rather than the propane dryer. There's nothing quite as relaxing as hanging clothes out on a summer morning, to the sound of birdsong! I could do without the bugs, that's for sure...the 'triangle flies' as I call them have been biting me right through my clothes when I'm out in the garden.....seriously! So much for covering up from head to toe!

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I love hanging out the laundry to dry, and enjoying taking it down from the lines and taking in that wonderful scent! I have laundry that needs doing, but have been having rain, no clothes dryer here other than solar. Mosquitoes are bad, heat and humidity bad, I do what I can outdoors in the morning.

Happy Summer ~ FlowerLady

Kit said...

Lets see if this gets thru! And I did get your comment on my blog just fine. Summer is not my fav either. Mainly because of the heat. I just do not do well and hate to be out in it. So your ideas are great, reading, movies and AC! And remember, it is definitely okay to be a little lazy. Enjoy! Kit

Lisa said...

Summer is definitely not my favorite season either and for a lot of the same reasons you mentioned. The good thing is it passes quickly through. I love hanging clothes on the line although I haven’t done it in years. I may have to put up a clothes line and do that. I love the smell of fresh air dried clothes.

Ricki Treleaven said...

I think it's best to try and comment on Blogger blogs by using the Chrome browser. Lovely post, BTW!

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Your tomatoes look mouthwatering! I bet the linens smell wonderful after drying outside. My tomatoes are just starting to turn red.

Vikki said...

Summer is my least favorite season too. But, washing hanging on the line to dry is just the best--it smells so good when you bring it in. And the very act of putting those clothes pins on the line is just relaxing in making you slow down. I'm glad you've got your priorities straight; I guarantee those weeds and chores will be there waiting for you when you get around to them.

Melanie said...

I love summer - even with the crazy heat and humidity, I'd take this weather anyday over winter. I love the sunshine, the abundance of flowers and fresh veggies, grilling dinner outdoors, sitting on the patio, the spontaneity of simply walking out the door (esp barefoot) instead of having to bundle up, the loong days with the abundance of light, the outdoor concerts and farmer's markets, etc etc. Thus all said, I *have* to have AC! I actually get sick if I'm outside too long in the heat. So go figure. ;-)

I wait for BLT sandwiches all year until there are garden fresh or farm fresh tomatoes! I make ours with avocado too, but no cheese.

Where in Michigan do you guys like to go? We haven't been up there in a few years, but our last favorite spot was St Joseph.

I wish I could hang our clothes on a clothesline, but I have terrible environmental allergies, so any of my clothes or even the towels and washcloths I use would be a no-no to hanging out.

Afternoon naps are wonderful for a break in the middle of the day. I don't take them often, but sometimes I catnap lightly for about 20 min. It's very refreshing.

What browser are you using? I've heard that sometimes people have trouble commenting on blogs depending on what browser they're using. I use Chrome and don't have any problems.

Donna G. said...

I have also had problem commenting on certain blogs....even though I am signed in to Google it is as if that particular blog is not recognizing my Google account.
P.S. I did not encounter that problem on your blog.

Coco Rose Diaries said...

I love the Summer. It's usually weird here in the UK. We get a couple of weeks of high heat and humidity which we all moan about, then non stop rain and grey.....which we all moan about!!!!!!! Here in the UK we don't have air conditioning in houses, so on the hot and humid days it's unbearable. You then find most people gravitate to supermarkets in the frozen aisle for a bit!!!!!!!

I love the long days though. Waking up to natural daylight and birds singing. Being able to go for lovely long walks of an evening. I struggle with grey days (which we have an awful lot of here), so I love Summer for it's light and sunshine.

I had an awful problem a couple of years back where I couldn't comment on anyone's blogs. It just kept bouncing them back all the time. It was incredibly frustrating and aided my lack of blogging. I just couldn't work out what was wrong. In the end I think it was something to do with my google account. It needed to be switched over to something else in my settings I think. It was just sheer tinkering and seeing if messages then worked.

I hope you have a gorgeous and restful Summer lovely Jen xxxxx

P.s Soooooo glad all is good with your wellness xxxxx

Jboo said...

Love this post! Am trying to relish the warm days after the longest, coldest and snowiest winter on record, but some days the heat and humidity are testing me! Have also become a huge fan of daily (if possible) naps!

Love laundry hanging outside and BLTs and all the movies you listed!


Mereknits said...

Summer has a way of draining you, the heat and humidity doesn't help. We call them BLT's but Little Buddy has LTM's lettuce, tomato and mayo. Have a wonderful day.

Marilyn McLeod @ Pink Paper Cottage said...

I too have a love/hate relationship with summer here in central Oregon. It gets VERY VERY HOT here but is a dry heat, so don't sweat as much as when we lived closer to the coast in the more humid climate. I do love summer for the flowers and color, green lawns and more community events to go have fun at. I have always loved hanging my clothes on lines, but haven't had a clothes line for probably 30 years! My mom always hung out the wash (and I helped as a child) and I agree that it is very relaxing and good for the soul. It is so hot here in the summer, the clothes would probably dry in a half hour! Now winters.. that's another thing.. and I hate those because of the snow and cold (many times below zero). I think I'll take the heat over the cold, because at least have AC in the house!! I'm glad your medical health is very good and clear. Marilyn

Cheryl said...

I feel the same about Summer - I think every year I will get to slow down and enjoy it, but there always seems to be so much more to do! Plus the heat wears me out.

I too will be entering this season of "empty nesting" as my only daughter goes off to college in just a month. Looking forward to it and dreading it a the same time!

mrsrobinson said...

Happily I love all seasons... though not all months. Those dreary days of February - yuck. Have a gentle summer!