August 22, 2019

Celebrating Life

You know how some stages of life just make you feel like you've been rolled over by a steamroller? That accurately sums up this summer.

Since last we met, I sewed a skirt.

And knit a giant shawl/wrap/blanket...shlanket for Emma.

We travelled to MO for a family visit and then had some family stop by to visit us.

We celebrated our big girl Maddie's 26th birthday!

We celebrated Emma's impending wisdom teeth removal.

We celebrated the last baby (puppy) gate coming down.

There was a weekend trip to help a friend setup her studio.

And a drive south to take a rug hooking class with another friend.

There were even some peaceful moments filled with lazy naps. Those were mostly enjoyed by Clover and Winnie.

There was a lot of dreaming about future creative projects and a mile long list of things I hope to get to come autumn. And maybe a little cheeky fabric shopping.

We tried to find stay cool and water was scarce. The heat wave felt like it would never break.

There was a lot of shopping and preparation for college.

Lots of lists and emotion and goodbyes.

And lots and lots of hellos.

And now she is off at school with the loveliest of roommates and we are all starting to get a feel for our new routines and finding our new normals and, most importantly, figuring out who is going to empty the dishwasher now that all of our child labor has left the nest. And while I don't know what exactly comes next for me, I'm really excited about figuring it out!


Susie said...

I like this post. Your big girl spells her name like my mother did. My mom's name was pronounced with a long it may be different sounding. Your girls are so pretty. Off to school will make you miss that sweet girl. I have four daughters all grown and I remember those days. Blessings to all of you, xoxo, Susie
p.s. you are very good at sewing and knitting:):)

Kit said...

I was telling my youngest about your girl going off to school. She works for the U of M and their freshmans have arrived. She trys to help by guiding them to the right building when she passes. So exciting of a time for both of you. Go ahead and cry if you want in between doing your projects. I understand. 😊 Kit

danube66 said...

Wow, what a summer! Congrats, Jen - you have accomplished a lot!
It looks like we finally may be getting some cooler weather...and I can't wait to try the new location of Cake Bake myself! :-)

Tania Valéria said...

Lovely girls! (mom too!)

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

You had a lot of happenings this summer! Have fun figuring out the new norm. p.s. where did you get that great green rolling cart?

Jboo said...

That was a busy and productive summer!! Hoping the heat waves are mostly past us now in Nebraska -- but there's usually another one or two in September. Best wishes to your college girl and you and the Hubs with the somewhat empty nest!

Blondie's Journal said...

I get that steamroller feeling, but your experience has been one of happiness and some tears, but good tears. Love all of your pics, you summed up a great summer. :)


Melanie said...

It's going to feel weird for awhile to be an empty nester, but you will eventually find your groove. Sounds like you've had a wonderful summer!

prince snow farm said...

Things will feel different but you will love your new routines...

Mereknits said...

Best of luck adjusting to a childless house. Your daughter is going to have an amazing time at school, and you will be included in all that you should be by phone calls and texts. I find boys are much worse at all that communication stuff than girls. Our puppy gates are still up, I think they might be forever! Have a wonderful week.

Angela said...

Lovely post! Best wishes for the new school year!! Great skirt and shawl! Your friend's studio looks great, it's quite spacious. Those pets looks adorable!! Have a great week.