May 10, 2007

Decorating Resolutions

I thought I'd share this article that I love from BHG with all of you today. I find these very helpful. I hope you are all having a busy and productive week!
1: Bring into your home only things you love.

What are the things you want to see every day? Are they contemporary or cottage? Resolving to live with the colors and styles that are an expression of you will help weed out anything that doesn't fit with your vision.

2: Never let a small budget prevent you from decorating.

There are many budget friendly decorating solutions for almost any decorating challenge. You paint, slipcover or reinvent furniture from garage sales, thrift sales or a relatives attic. Makeovers like these are easy on the pocketbook and give you pride of ownership as well.

3: Don't rush the decorating process:

Avoid purchasing pieces just to fill a room, since you may later regret those hasty buying decisions. Haven't found the perfect dining table yet? Use a fabric covered plywood table until it comes along. Not sure what furniture to buy for your family room? Live in the space for a while so you can note traffic patterns and experiment with furniture arrangments.

Resolution 4: Commit to a color scheme

Settling on "your color palette should not only make decorating easier but it can give your home a more cohesive feel. Learn to lift color patettes from a fabric or rug pattern, then crosslink these colors with other rooms.

Resolution 5: I resolve to eliminate clutter and get organized

Take one small area of your home each week and give it a makeover. Begin with small projects like a pantry, laundry area or coat closet and work up to larger jobs like a bedroom closet.

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  1. I TRY to commit to a color scheme, but I like so many colors! =) As for de-cluttering, I would LOVE to... I think I need to ask hubby for just ONE more cupboard for mother's day! heehee Great ideas you've posted! =)

  2. Those are all great concepts. I'm really trying to live by #1, consequently there are about a million things I'd like to change! #3 avoid purchasing to just fill the space - is a hard one. It's hard to live with empty walls, but if you're trying to only surround yourself with things you love, well, it's bound to take a while to find that piece that's just right!

    Thanks for posting this!


  3. these are all great tips! i designing my studio right now...and these tips help me organize my thoughts a bit.

  4. Great ideas,and prett pictures.

  5. Great resolutions and I think I've tried to do them all :-) Pretty pics too!

  6. Thanks for your sweet message you left on my blog. It's my time away from everything....Oh, I love your blog're on my favorite list.....Let me know when you start working on your project, we can craft together......


  7. These are great tips and beautiful pictures...thanks for sharing these with us.

  8. Thanks for sharing those ideas, I really enjoyed them!
    Come visit me!

  9. Love that last one. I'm trying very hard to eliminate clutter at the moment but it's definitely not easy. Would love our home to look as calm and uncluttered as that picture!

  10. Very wise tips and good ideas for decorating focus (I'm like Beachy and like lots of colors, too :). I needed some good reminders!

  11. Beautiful pictures, great inspiration.

  12. Great tips! And I just want to say how much I love everything you have ever shown in your house- I am positive you would make a great designer!!

  13. Okay. So that house. In pictures number 1, 2 and 4 inspired me when we moved four years ago. Seriously. I totally changed my whole color palette and the magazine I originally saw it in is dog-eared and loved. I have since seen it in several mags, but I still love it. Never get tired of it.

  14. what I love about those picture is the color shade clarity. Differences are so clear.


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