August 21, 2007

The List

Being, by nature, a list maker, I thought it only fitting to sit down and catalog all the things that I hope to accomplish with my new found freedom. I had it in mind to make a list of 10 things, although, I found it very difficult to keep to this limit, as there is really so much I want to do. Can you even imagine having this kind of free time and being bored? I think bored people are boring people. I have so many ideas and plans tumbling about in my head. I am excited to spend more time being both domestic and artistic. Aside from my family, they are my greatest passions in life.

1.) scrapbooking, paper crafting and other crafty endeavors
2.) learn to draw and paint
3.) learn to speak french
4.) get some sewing projects done
5.) write a novel & a cookbook
6.) read, read, read
7.) organize & clean my house from top to bottom
8.) learn to play piano, golf and/or tennis
9.) get busy doing decorating and home improvement projects
10.) become a master gardener

This is not a to do list so much as a list of goals I hope to accomplish in this next chapter of my life. I look forward to sharing my progress with you. What would you do if time was no longer an excuse for you? I would love to see your list.


  1. I'm a list maker too. However, since my 3rd child was born, I haven't been able to find the energy to complete my lists. I'm hoping this will pass soon. Lucky you for having some freedom to focus a little on yourself and your goals.

  2. You go! I would have to say my list would consist of, learning to play violin, spending more time creating beautiful things, reorganizing and cleaning the house top to bottom (maybe at the bottom of my list!LOL) more exercise....just accomplishing that would be great!

  3. What a wonderful list. I can't wait to see your progress and wish you much creative success with your new chapter! Looks like you will be having lots of fun working on it!

  4. Wow--write a novel and a cookbook!!! Thats a pretty cool goal! What would I do? Get the house seriously clean, organize the entire house, sew, scrapbook, decorate, go antiqueing, talk to my hunny, read and (if I could get some money along with the time)make my antique/vintage pretties business really work.

  5. I've been trying to teach myself french for a few years now - not successfully I might add LOL! I have a few goals that are the same as yours. I think it's great that you have some time now to focus on yourself!


  6. Great list! I, too, would love to learn to speak french...maybe someday. Other things I would include on my list would be, learning to sew and knit, learning to make an "awesome" homemade pie crust, and exercising more. Good luck with your goals! I really enjoy your blog!

  7. I like your list. You're not one bit boring and I don't think you ever will be!! What will your novel be and what sort of cooking will you write about? Just curious!:-)


  8. I've found that I actually get more done when I have less free time. When I was a stay at home mom I knew I had a lot of time so I put things off. Now that I work full time I only have the weekends and evenings so I tend to squeeze everything into my limited amount of time. I think making lists is a good idea, I always get more done when I have a list!

  9. French! We homeschool and are using Rosetta Stone this year...I am taking it too! Won't it be fun to sit around the dinner table and see who has been learning? My bets are on the 12 year old sweet daughter and myself. The 14 and 16 year old boys are protesting some... I am learning how to incorporate my goals into their education... all benefit!

    I am glad you are finding creative time...enjoy it!

    I love to come to your blog...

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Jen,

    You are very adventurous! We share some list items in common... For the French, have you checked out the classes offered by IUPUI continuing education. I've thought of taking them, but haven't had the courage yet!

    So far my list includes:

    Embroider some Christmas gifts
    Paint the front door
    Get our landscaping into some sort of decent order (it is a mess right now!)

    I'll keep mine smaller for now since I only have two days a week! Now, next year look out!

  11. You have some really great goals.
    I would also like to learn to speak French. That is one of my goals as well.
    I would like to start selling some of my paper crafted items.
    I would do even more home projects.
    Spend more time in the garden.
    Read more books.
    That is my list so far today.

  12. what a great list.
    when my youngest started kindergarten last fall i began oil painting lessons!!
    i was so excited as i've waited years to have the luxury of time to do something just like this.
    this year i joined a ladies fitness center.
    best wishes on your new endeavors.
    oh yes, thanks for the sweet compliment on brinkley. we got his name from one of your fav movies've got mail!

  13. Jen, Now that's an ambitious list! My list wouldn't be quite that adventurous, I don't think. I'll have to ponder on that one, but I'd probably spend more creative time on decorating & projects. That's always fun to me.

    I've thought about the master gardener thing too, but don't know if I'd actually do it.


  14. We have some things in common...I love to read, but don't make time for it much anymore. My "to read" list is way too long. I studied French for 6 years, but have gotten tres rusty. Would love to rekindle that when my youngest starts school. Also, I just spent a chunk of time and energy organizing my house from top to bottom. Doesn't it feel good to get everything in its place?

    Hope you find much happiness pursuing the great things on your list!


  15. What's funny is that if I were to write up a life's goals type of list it would exactly the same!

    Great minds think alike I guess!
    Au Revoir Mes Amis!

  16. I still remember five years ago I had that same experience of that new found freedom. I was a bit on the sad side to see all my kids off to school at first, but then I very quickly "adjusted"! All the best for your goals, I agree with you about the "how can people be bored?" thing. Hey! Also like to let you know you've been awarded the "Nice Matters Award", I've enjoyed your blog so much, congratulations and keep up the good work.

  17. Yes I am a list kindof girl too! But I should list out my lifetime goals too! That would actually be fun.

  18. great list! I wish I could finish even one project/goal on my list. it drives my husband insane that I never finish anything, but I just always want to move on to the next fun project!

  19. Love you list! If I were to create a list of goals (not a "to do" list), I think it would be....
    Learn Italian
    Live in Tuscany for a year
    Continue growing as a Mosaic Artist
    Learn Yoga

    and add to this list of goals whenever something new interests me!

  20. Wow, how inspiring. My list has one item: Clean out kitchen cupboards.

    Maybe I'll revise!

  21. what a great list of goals! I will have to think on mine a bit before posting them to my blog!

  22. Hi Jen!
    I have not been visiting you for a while now, i see..Such beautiful gifts that you have received :) Don`t you feel like it is a blessing to know this little creative world? It has literally changed my life..just for the better. I am so positive now. Well, i hav always been positive, but now i can`t be stopped :) I recognizes myself in your list that you have made. I also have a list, but not on paper though. Every day i want to make or do something else. And i so do agree with you! I mean, "bored people are boring"..yes, it is true! I have had a few of those friends in my life, they never knew what to do, i had always to much to do..I couldn`t stay friends with them..I need people around me that gives me energy, who`s enthusiastic, positive and energic. I hope you get the chance to fullfill all your dream and finnish your list. Good luck!! Greetings from Aina (",)

  23. I have one of these too! I think your list is wonderful. Good luck on your novel and cookbook, what fun! Getting published is on my list as well, maybe we could do our book tours together? :)

  24. I'm a list maker gal too. I get such satisfaction from crossing off things from the list that I have accomplished.

    When the kiddos go back to school I would really like to start crafting more. I have lots of ideas floating around in my head but just can't find the time to work on them. Plus, I feel guilty "playing" instead of working.

  25. Love your list! It looks similiar to mine. I can read enough French to grocery shop and would love to be able to speak such a beautiful language.

    I write and garden. Wouldn't we have delightful conversations? I have piles of photos to be scrapbooked.

    As my son homeschools this fall, I hope to do some quilted and scrapbooking during the moments he doesn't need me.

    Thank you for sharing your list.


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