October 29, 2007

Santa Baby

I know it's early. I promised myself I wouldn't even think about Christmas until I got through Halloween. I lied. I occasionally do this. It's self preservation. I'm trying to convince myself that I'm being proactive. Being considerate, really. Afterall, having a birthday 5 days before Christmas requires twice as much shopping. My Santa doubles as the Birthday Fairy and needs all the help he can get, right?

The Sweetest Little Dollhouse

Poodle & Eiffel Tower Cookie Cutters

Numbers Cookie Cutter Set

The Oxford Brown Sassy

Lyngby dollhouse in blue (to hold my knitting)

Counting Birds Wall Art

Red and White Birdie Apron
Bonjour Stamps

Animal Stamps

Paint by number kit:

Paisley Gauntlet Gardening Gloves
From Supper Buzzy:

Clover Pom Pom Maker in small and large sizes.

From Target:

Hello Kitty Waffle Maker
Mini Cherries Rainboots

Anything from my Amazon Wish List that is high/highest priority.
I ask you, does this look like the wish list of a grown woman? I think not. I'm so fine with that. Do you think I'm being selfish because I only want things on my wish list? No surprises? I've given my list a lot of thought and I have to be honest here, my Santa isn't always the best at surprises. They often involve a receipt & an exchange. I think he goes into panic mode when he gets to a store and just grabs some stuff so he can get out. An example would be the year that he got me all kitchen items for my birthday and Christmas. 'Nuff said.

Tell me what's on your Santa list and if you post it on your blog, come by and let me know so I can see it too!


  1. Ha - I love the apron the best!

    I am back to blogging and would love it if you could stop by and vote on something I am trying to make a decision about. Thanks!

  2. After a rough end of summer, I had to actually skip Halloween, but I will NOT skip Christmas!

  3. Oh, how you tempt us so with such wonderful things. I just purchased the book you speak of and it's wonderful! I love the felt house you show...more things to overload my brain!

  4. I love your list. It kind of looks like mine. I am a big kid at heart.
    I really love all of your picks.
    Have a wonderful day,

  5. Oh I love that apron. I have a vintage soft pink in tiny polka dots that I got at an estate sale a few month back. I also have a battenburg lace one and a christmas one with pointsettias on it but I have to have that red one with the crochet lace!!!!

  6. You'll love the gloves from Woman's Work ~ I've had a pair for several years & they're wonderful!! Your post is very timely as my mother-in-law is asking for Christmas ideas & I haven't even thought about it yet.

    I have a really dumb question: I just started blogging & can not figure out how to include a link to a site, rename it & highlight it like you did in this post. Any tips to help this gal out?? Thanks!!

  7. Great wishlist! I just bought a copy of Sew Pretty Homestyle myself and am loving it. I had never seen it before, but was in the bookstore a few weeks ago and found it hanging out on one of the shelves all by itself. I started flipping through it and was hooked :)

  8. I want those cookie cutters, I will have to add them to my wish list.

  9. This list is one after my own heart! Love the cookie cutters, paisley gardening gloves, the boots, the....everything. It makes me happy just to look at these cute things. I may have to give this same list to my husband!

  10. Dearest Jen,
    Here's wishing you get it all plus more!
    I enjoy your blog almost daily.
    PS Happy Belated Birthday!

  11. I think lists are a great way to show our guys what we'd like. I find most of the time the guys are more than willing but don't have a clue. So, we give them the clue...nothing wrong with that. It saves having to return unwanted items. I think you have the right idea for sure.

  12. When you go shopping for me, pick me up one of those blue birdhouses (I don't knit, but I could hide chocolate in it...), and one of those birdie aprons. I'd be a very gracious gift recipient, and after all...it is better to give than recieve!!

    Great blog post idea...count me in! I'll look around at the shopping sites and make up my list!!


  13. I am a firm believer in what I call the "Rachel Green Rule"- ALWAYS STICK TO THE LIST. I hate getting stuff I won't use...it ust seems so wasteful. I am a grown woman and I know what I want and need so why not ask for it? My biggest want for Xmas? The Madison Trestle Desk from Target in Walnut (so I can finally have some space to create cool wedding stuff for my site).

  14. It sounds like your husband and mine might shop together.

    You and my daughter very nearly share a birthday! She is 4 days before.

    I'm guessing you have visited Anthropologie. Was it wonderful??

  15. Hope you get everythingon your list and more. Mary

  16. Oh my look at all those wonderful items!! Where do I start..the garden gloves the boots the apron ..too charming but the brown shoes!Now that is what I really LoVe! A girl can't have too many shoes! hugs NG

  17. Great stuff! You've found a lot of gems! I love those Naturalizer shoes and the Anthropologie purse!

  18. Love the apron and the stamps. I've started creating a wish list which I've attached to my blog as a page on the sidebar. It's not complete yet as I keep seeing other things I like. It might turn out to be a wish list that stays there all the time, not just at Christmas, more than anything as a reminder to myself of things I've spotted on my travels around the internet.

  19. What a cute Santa list you've put together :-}

  20. What a terrific list! At our home we have a Christmas Eve birthday, and a New Year's Day birthday and an anniversary the next day! Whew! I am always determined to not short the birthday folk by blending it into Christmas!

  21. What a fun and happy list! I love the cookie cutters, and the stamps, and the paint-by-number set, and...well, it's all great! Fun post, I'm going to have to try and do that over at my blog.

  22. I think my own wishlist is taken care of! Copy...Paste...Done! You have such an eye! And I'm with you on surprises. I like to shop for my own gifts (with gift giver present)...but most people don't like it that way so I suffer through post-holiday exchanges. ~A :-)

  23. love it all. especially the waffle maker! may have to add that to my list.

  24. those brown shoes are yum! i hope you get 'em.

  25. This is a great idea. I think I may have to copy! I like that you are thinking ahead. It never hurts to give a little hint hint to certain gift givers. There's still an element of surprise in the end.

    Hope you enjoy all of your Christmas dreaming...

  26. Your list is wonderful. I like picking out gifts and I don't think it's selfish at all. Everyone's happy when a person knows what they like and want. Saves on all that guessing. Your list is really great!


  27. Giiirrrrrrlllll, you know how to SHOP! I love it all. I have a "thing" for little birdies too. I wonder what that's all about?

  28. OOpps!!! Just had to have the French cookie cutters. Just stopping by cost me!!!

    But, hey, what are blog friends for?

    Love your things this morning!

  29. Jen,

    Have you been to McNamara's?? They have little houses similiar the first one on your list. They are really cute and not terribly expensive.


  30. Oh my gosh, I just found your blog and LOVE the Hello Kitty waffle maker......did you just get it? I have been looking for one for my daughter.......also, love Millie!! She is adorable!!!!

  31. Becky- I haven't gotten the waffle maker yet but I sure do hope Santa comes through for me. You can find it at target.com and I recall that they had them instore last Christmas so I'm hoping they might show up in the store this year too.


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