January 18, 2008


I'm surrounded by inbetweenness right now. I'm in-between sick and well, in-between a size 10 and 12, in-between winter and spring. January is my least favorite month. I never know what I want to do about decorating when I put the Christmas stuff away. In my heart I've moved on to spring. In reality we will have sub zero temps this weekend. I guess I'll stay inside and pretend I hear birds chirping and smell lilacs blooming.

Although this hutch is in need of a major update (& it will get one, but not til it's time to focus on the family room) this is one of my favorite spots to display & it's just right for my recent ironstone finds. I've just recently started collecting and I am certainly no snob about it, which I'm sure you realize since one of the soup tureens doesn't even have a lid. Don't care. I buy what my heart loves. Period. Well, that and what my pocketbook can pay for. I can't afford pedigree.


  1. I know what you are feeling...this "inbetweenness"...I always feel it too this time of year. I have learned to anticipate that I will feel this way once the holidays are over and for the past 15 years or so I always buy hyacinth bulbs (18-20 usually) in the fall when they start marking down the price. I store in the bottom, back of my refrigetator until it is time to put Christmas away. I have collected a vast array of bulb vases(thrifted--which I store in a labelled box in my garage the rest of the year)and putting my bulbs in their vases with water has become something I look forward to. Right now I have lovely green shoots 1/2" to 2" high. Soon will have fragrant blooming flowers indoors which I can cluster and
    place in various rooms. The best part?? I will plant the spent
    bulbs outdoors in early summer and they will bloom in my front flower beds in following years--just be sure to fertilize well. Sorry this is so long, but I felt compelled to share what I do! Hugs....VMW

  2. Can totally relate...inbetween times are the most difficult and January is certainly and inbetween month. Hope you feel better soon. And...I love the hutch display, just beautiful. I think you must sit by the hutch with some hot cocoa and wait for spring to arrive.

  3. I totally agree with you about the weather. I, too live in Indiana and just moved into our new home and I want to put up the spring drapes that have the light and airy feeling but the weather is just too cold for that! Blue skies and green grass fool me into thinking it's almost spring but the possiblity of snow this weekend will wake me from my fantasy for sure! We just moved here from another state and I have yet to find some good spots for antiques/tag sales...do you have any you would like to share?

    Hope you feel better soon and thanks for sharing all your lovely ideas!


  4. It may be blah right now but it is only a short time before there is so much going on and we are all too busy! A good time to do those projects we "save for winter." I should take my own advice and finish my scrapbook from a trip I took back in 2001! LOL

    I like your ironstone display, especially the vintage books you added!

    ~ Jillian

  5. I think I am one of the few people who LOVES the month of January :-} - it could be because it's the month of my birthday,my daughters and both our pets, as well as the month I met my hubby. :-} Your hutch is gorgeous and I love your ironstone collection. You've put together such a pretty vignette.
    Have a great weekend Jen.

  6. I know what you mean Jen. January is a weird month, that is why I put out a few Valentines.
    I love your collection. I'm like that too, if you love it buy it, even if it has no lid.
    Stay warm this weekend, and feel better.

  7. Gosh I love that shelf! That is so nice!! Your home is gorgeous!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog :) Stop by often!!

  8. Somehow I am loving the starkness of January after the hubbalu of December...I am trying, as I get older, to just appreciate the stillness of this month!

  9. I can relate!

    I am trying to take this time to clean out, simplify, and reorganize. Maybe when I finish it will be Spring! :) Well, a girl can hope can't she???

  10. I usually have that feeling in January as well, but I decided to sort of embrace winter this year. One day it was super windy & cold & I was about to be miserable when I thought, "This is perfect January weather!" I'm enjoying snuggling at home with the family & enjoying the calm after the holidays.

    By the way, I love that small soup tureen...I covet it :)

  11. I haven't been by in awhile (bad me!), but boy have I enjoyed myself tonight catching up on all your posts I've missed. It's been fun!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Hope you'll feel better soon Jen - I agree that January is a dreary month - but February can be even worse!

    Love your ironstone - even pretty when lidless!!

    Hope hubby is back to care for you over the weekend - more toast might be good!

  13. Hi, Jen, hope you are feeling better by now! We are getting snow today & I can't believe it myself.

    I'm a new creamware/ironstone collector myself. You have some nice pieces already. And I too am not a snob about it, in fact the cheaper the better to me. It's all about how it looks all grouped together.


  14. I used to be that way about January too, so about two years ago I decided to celebrate winter. After Christmas, I make sure to leave up wintry white decorations, like snowmen and snowflakes and sleds and skates. (And I don't mean overboard stuff, just touches here and there.) I add a little red and pink and hearts for Valentine's day. And then at the very end of February or early March, I clean it all up and add a little green clover stuff for St. Patrick's Day, with bunnies to follow for spring. It helps to pass those sometimes dreary winter months as I wait for the garden to bloom.

  15. Sorry you've been feeling badly...glad to know you are on the mend.

    I totally get the whole Jan. "blah" mode...while I love having to slow down a bit after the holidays...it's as if I slow down too much...I have trouble getting motivated again. I'll just stick with trying really hard to be totally organized by spring...and if it happens...I'll be elated. If not...I'll blame it on the "blahs" of Jan/Feb.


  16. It looks like we are feeling the same way....but it's really winter here in Montreal! So to take away the winter blues, I try to simplify things and reorganize my house... Love your cabinet and everthing in it...hugs

  17. You and I agree..January is really not a fun month! I really like your display hutch. I can see all sorts of wonderful displays in there--like what you have now. Just beautiful. I have been buying all kinds of bird's nests lately to display in my home. We need to "think spring." Thanks for sharing. Amy

  18. I too can't afford pedigree but I certainly buy "what speaks to me". My kids heard me say this often while they were growing up and now I hear it from them. I love eclectic, mismatched, unusual, etc. If it likes me it comes home with me.

  19. I know just what you mean. I put my Christmas stuff away and live with blank spaces for most of January. It seems my creative juices are drained by all the Christmas hoopla...and yet I don't really mind the emptiness somehow. I think after December, I just need a rest.

  20. Inbetweenness doesn't last too long, thankfully! I can certainly relate to much of what you've written.

    Your cabinet with dishes is lovely.

    Have a pleasant Sunday evening.

  21. Love your iron stone collection!
    I completely understand about your "in betweenness".
    I'm pretty much done with winter after the first snow fall, and begin the countdown to spring. In fact, just yesterday I wore a spring-y linen skirt with a cashmire sweater. Hows that for in betweenness! LOL

    Kimberly :)

  22. Love it...so peaceful looking. I love the display and I'm with you on the pedigree thing...someday that will be important to me, but right now, it's just not.

    Spring will be here soon enough. Jeepers, I really am on my own in liking winter...!!


  23. Glad you're on the mend. You have a lovely ironstone collection. I have the same SL pedestal cake stand. Stay warm!

  24. Oh my gosh, I think I have the inbetweeness thing too now that you mention it. I love all of your white lovelies on your shelves.


  25. Love your hutch. :)
    I can sooo relate to being restless this time of year. I wish that we could all "will" Spring to come earlier, don't you?

  26. Remember... sometimes it is a nice being "in between"... it gives you a moment to take it all in before moving on... to the next size, the next decorating idea, etc...

    Have a great day... I always enjoy reading your blog!


  27. Yeah, I hear that. My solution is lots of fresh flowers from Kroger... seems to be the only thing that makes me smile. The hutch is great, I love the ironstone. I often wish I collected white dishes, they look so much prettier against color/painted backgrounds. Last time I checked, my kitchen dishes/bowls had five different colors vying for attention. Should have collected ironstone instead. :)

  28. Hi... I'm with you!--between everything; especially between madness and desperation about snow, and gloomy days...yuck! Can't wait for spring! :)

    Have a lovely day


  29. Jen, I just love that ironware on top of the old books...the creamy white with the dark colors, the smooth glossy finish next to the worn and textural. Lovely! (Who needs pedigrees? I'm always more drawn toward authenticity, as I know you are, too.)

    Being "in between" can be a good time to just slow down and acknowledge the ebb and flow of life...the cycle of the year...When inspiration arrives, it'll push you into the fast lane!


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