April 23, 2008

Shouldn't Every Day Be Earth Day?

So, yesterday was Earth Day. Now what? What are you doing to make this a better place? I know. I sound like a tree hugger. I guess my secret is out, I love this world. What are you teaching your kids? This little one is a tree hugger too. We call her nature girl. She loves to play and explore outside, plant gardens, pick up trash everywhere we go, starts her prayers every night with "Thank you for trees & plants, fruits & vegetables". I kid you not. Kids like her are going to save this world one day.

I've started down the path to greendom one baby step at a time. Like with all lifestyle changes, I have to do it in a less painful way. First I started recycling. Now I'm so fanatical about it that I almost don't have enough room in the huge recycling can they give me. Then, I started using cloth rags cut from old t-shirts instead of paper towels. We still use paper towels but a roll of select-a-size bounties lasts us weeks instead of a day or two. Next it was on to non toxic cleaners. I replaced them one at a time but am still working my way up to trading out the Scrubbing Bubbles.

Next it was on to all those blessed plastic sacks that find their way into our home. I do recycle some of them for use as doggie business picker uppers and I have a stash to use at my garage sale. Whenever possible, I use this bag that I made & which so easily fits in my purse. This Macy's bag is my new favorite, perfect for grocery shopping with it's structured design and a price tag of less than $4.00.
Now I'm working on conserving, water, electricity and gas. That's good for my earth and good for my pocketbook. Apparently being green is now the in thing, so if like me, you weren't one of the popular kids in school, this is your chance to be part of the in crowd!


  1. Jen, I asked my friend but she couldn't remember for sure. It was a Benjamin Moore paint.

    I will give the new neighbors a call again and see if they have found the color. My friend is so organized that she gave a binder with house information to the new owners so I'm hoping the color swatch was in there or hoping there was a paint can left in the basement for the kitchen.

    Have a great day!

  2. Jen, I just posted some photos of my friend's new mudroom. It is a great space. I thought you might want to check it out.

  3. I recycle, big time. We have 2 large recycle rolling bins (about 3.5 feet high each) and one garbage bin (about 3 feet high and 2.5 feet wide). My garbage bin is barely 1/3 full each week. The recycle bins almost all full every two weeks.

    My husband is a recycling plant mgr of a well known corporation.

    I use Mrs. Meyer's...'bout 80% exclusive at current time.

    I use cloth shopping bags.

    I'm not a wacko about recycling and caring for this lovely earth God gave us dominion over, but I'm learning to more and more do my part.

    Have a delightfully blessed day.

  4. The lovely photos and posts on your blog make me feel so welcome when I visit. Thank you! I so agree with you regarding this beautiful earth we're living on! What a privilege to be here--our planet is such a gift and we should do everything in our power to take good care of it. ~Jann

  5. Your home is really lovely.
    I saw one of your photos here....http://www.flickr.com/photos/16956635@N06/

    I love your pillow so sweet, would look great in my home.

  6. I sure hope you're right about the younger generation saving our planet. I'm concerned about the complacency that I see. Recycling has become a way of like around my home but I still need to remember to take my cloth bags to the grocery store.

  7. How great that your daughter is so into the environment.
    I haven't tried those cleaning products yet. Do they work well?
    Love your new Macy's bag!


  8. I try to do all I can, but I still use a few heavy duty cleaners. I have a huge collection of fabric grocery bags, but the trick is remembering to grab them when I go to the store! You have a beautiful home too!

  9. Hi Jen, Just stopping by, I like your site a lot, LOVE your GReen Ideas, I too am doing what i can, Check out my blog and see my giveaway, I think you will like my rules!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great day Diana Lyn

  10. Jen, Hope you got my email. Could not wait! Check out my blog...

  11. Jen!

    I'm so there with you!

    I've completely gotten rid of paper towels....

    I just love your blog :)



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