July 10, 2008

Sis Boom Cool

Seriously, how lucky am I to win these from Jennifer at Sis Boom? I'm trying to decide how to use these gorgeous fat quarters in a way that is as special as they are. I'd love to hear your recommendations. My sewing machine is standing by.


  1. what about getting some really nice dish towels or fluffy bath-hand towels, trimming them in the fabric, maybe a fat ruffle or pleated ruffle across the bottom of each towel, then having the towels monogrammed with your family initials in coordinating colors...or with your daughters' names or something...or as christmas gifts or teachers or something. i'm sooooo envious of you and very happy that you won! yippee!

  2. I saw that you had won, congratulations Jen!

    I vote for Pillows!!! What a nice pop of color these would add to throw pillows, shams or pillowcase edging.

    What a fabulous prize!


  3. go to www.elizabethkartchner.blogspot.com b/c she made an amazing mini album this fabric would be perfect for!

  4. Oh you lucky, lucky girl. I'm so jealous. I absolutely love her fabrics. Enjoy!!

  5. Martha Stewart has a fun idea for Pillow Bands in her Crafts section on her wesite Marthastewart.com. Beautiful fabric. Lucky duck!

  6. These are fabulous! Absolutely a riot of color and design :)

    How about little toiletry bags with complimentary material on the inside :)

  7. 1) Hanging arts and crafts flap on the back of a kitchen chair or along a dust ruffle? Add three pockets on the front. Perfect holder for a little one's crayons or a notepad.

    2) Vintage looking placemats.

    3) Half apron using two of the same patterns in different colors, very fun.

    4) Frame three of the patterns in three weathered wood white frames and hang them horizontally or vertically.


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