September 03, 2008

Making Up is Hard To Do

I'm low maintenance. If is sounds like I'm bragging, well truthfully I am. I have friends who could not by any stretch of the imagination be called low maintenance and that works for them. I've never had the time or inclination to spend hours every week on my appearance. I've always felt that what was inside was way more important. And then... my face got old. And now I'm considering an adjust to my maintenance level.

So here's what I ask of you dear readers, for those of you whose beauty routine consists of more than a comb, concealer, mascara and powder, where do I start? What products do you recommend for combination skin that is showing wear and tear and covered with freckles? Is there a foundation that is fast and easy to use and doesn't make me break out or emphasize the craters, err uh, I mean wrinkles on my face? Can I spackle them? Is there an at home coloring product that covers grey and doesn't look like you colored your hair at home? Or should I just suck it up and start selling my blood so that I can afford to do it at the salon? Why is it when I apply eye shadow my eyelid actually moves with the makeup brush and seems to have no desire to go back where it belongs? Is this normal? Is there a good eye cream that works and doesn't cost $500 an ounce?

I'm not trying to avoid getting older, I'm just trying to do it gracefully and without having to hide whenever I see a mirror. Please help a former self righteously low maintenance girl out. P.S. Do you realize how hard it was to post that big 'ol picture of myself? If you choose to click on it and enlarge it, you deserve whatever you get.
I just wanted to clarify that in my last post, I did not mean to suggest that The Farm Chicks have anything to do with the set up of the Fair. They are just participants and go with the flow just like the rest of us!


  1. Brieanne Vintage At HeartSeptember 03, 2008 4:15 PM

    I never wore much more than mascara and a little lipgloss until I discovered BareMinerals/ BareEssentials line. Not to sound like a commercial promo here, but I have had so many compliments on my skin since. I have always had good skin, but being a firefighter, I spend my days getting dirty and sweaty...
    Anyway- I do not use the foundation all over as it seems to be a little to dry looking. I LOVE the Mineral Veil and the WellRested eyeshadow is miraculous!
    I have tried other brands and don't like tem as much. BareEssentials is natural, you can sleep in it! I got mine from QVC/HSN because you can get the starter kit with brushes and all! Also try the BareVitamins (lotion). My mom, sister, aunt, and 87 year old grandmother have started using it now too! :)
    Hope that helps!

  2. I hear ya, Sistah. I've always been a low maintenance gal, but as I've gotten into my 40's, I need to maintain a little more. :-/ I've tried the mineral foundations, and my skin is just too dry for them to look good. I hear great things about them, though.

    I like the liquid/powder foundations from Cover Girl. They come in a compact and are very easy to use. Before I found them, I'd use a bit of liquid foundation, concealer and then powder. Now I just use the CG makeup along with a little concealer, and I'm good to go. Way easier and faster.

    I recently bought a couple of Boots facial products. One is a firming cream. I could see a difference in just a day or two, so that's good stuff. I also use an eye cream. The difference after using that was also pretty quick.

    I hope these recommendations help a bit.

  3. i would say for a powder/foundation mix go for philosophy's super natural. it gives a matte look and it perfectly covers up all of my freckles (the yucky florida sun makes my face so freckly)... and i wanna say for mascara i love diorshow, its not heavy at all... you can get both from QVC!

  4. I can certainly relate to this post. I am the poster girl for low maintenance, I just have never had the time and have fair skin like you that Ialways thought looked fine without make-up. I turned 50 this year and have run screaming for the make-up counter! i agree with Brieanne, I use a mineral pwder because it doesn't look cakey or heavy but it evens out my skin tone. I found a Lancome eye shadow base that keeps my make-up on (yeah, my eyelids move too, totally normal:>P) For me I still dont use a lot of heavy eye make-up becasue it just isnt me and you look great in your picture! Great skin and sparkling eyes and you have nothing to worry about! If I looked that good I would still not be worrying about make-up:>)

  5. I'm 52 and have never worn liquid make-up. I find that it seeps into wrinkles (on my friends) and makes them look a lot older. My favorite product is by MAC and it's the Studio Fix pressed powder that covers the tiny red spots and some of my freckles. It's not oily and lasts all day. What I like best is that it doesn't look like I'm wearing make-up. The other trick I just recently figured out is to wear a contrasting eye shadow but only to cover the area of my eyelid that is starting to want to sag. My eyes are really blue (cornflower I believe) so I choose a brownish shadow for the top outer lid and WOW even the hint of sagging disappears. Your photo is beautiful and I think the MAC will do wonders on your lovely skin. Any MAC store will let you try it on and sample it. You can also buy on eBay (new in box).

  6. Jen, I hear you...ageing gracefully has been something we all want to do. And I def. think that makeup enhances our looks SO much. I've always been a makeup girl. For the last 3-4 years, I've been using Bare Minerals foundation too...and I love it. There's a coverup that you paint on first to cover those pesky little red spots and then an overall brushing with their Kabuki brush gives a nice glow to the face without looking made up at all. It really is amazing stuff. I have the coverup, foundation color, a bronzing one, & the Mineral Veil, which sets everything & if you use them all, it's a really pretty look.

    I like Ulta for eye shadows & buy mine there on Buy one, get one Free promotions. They have matte finish & some with some shine to them & I like to mix them up. I'm more low maintenance now than ever before on the makeup. I can remember spending an hour putting on makeup when I was younger. No more! About 10 mins. tops now. The BE minerals, eye shadow, liner, & mascara and a little gloss or Clinique or Estee lipstick and I'm done. Oh and I do like my under eye cover creme by Loreal. Hides those dark spots under the eyes.

    I'm also a color my hair at home person too & go to Sally's for all the essentials. I just showed a friend last week how to do it at home & she was thrilled. With gray coming in all over now (mine is white), I use an overall color (medium Ash blonde), then go back & add a few highlights. Saves a bunch on salon visits. And I get compliments on my hair, so I think it looks pretty good.

    You're not old at all! Wait til you get in your 40's and 50's...then you have to really look harder in the mirror.

    Good luck!

  7. Fight the frump! Cover up that gray trust me you'll feel better.
    I use a powder foundation. Check out. I like their blush too.
    Very reasonably priced.
    I like Mary Kay moisturizer and eye shadow.
    Ulta is great for eye pencils and I like their lip liner too.

  8. Jen,

    I think I have tried every eye cream known to man, and have spent way to much money on them. My favorite now? Eucerin Aquaphor Healing Ointment, $5 or so at Target. Never again will I waste money on expensive eye creams. Somebody mentioned the Boots products, and have to agree that they work well too.


  9. I love Clinique products. Espeically for skin care and foundation. I would recommend visiting the Clinique counter and asking your questions there. They will give you great advice. (I worked for them for awhile. ;)

  10. I use Victoria Principle moisturizer. I have worn it for years and everyone tells me my skin looks good. As far as makeup, I use Mary Kay, but just a little.

  11. I'm a tried and true user of Mary Kay. There timewise miracle set is the absolute best. They do have an eye cream and also a little thingy that makes your eyes less puffy and makes you look more awake. the foundation is a mineral makeup and now ALL of there colors are minerals too so it's much better for your skin.

    I used to use clinique but feel its for younger skin (i AM a ripe old 26!) and wasn't doing it for me anymore.

    If you're looking for drugstore stuff then I suggest dove (although not sure they have an eye cream).

    Still though--MK is the best in my opinion. If you find a good consultant you can often get good deals and discounts.

  12. Love this post! I just became hooked this summer on a new foundation from Bobbi Brown. It's the oil-free one (and it's worth the $$ lasts for-ever.) Great coverage, but not too-too much. I run the gammut, my favorite lipstick is by Jane, costs about $2. from Walmart and it wears for hours (without drying out.)

    Good luck in your searching...please report back on the winners so we can all check 'em out :)

  13. I am totally there ...low maintenance - that's me! If I can't shower, makeup and hair in less than 15 minutes then forget it! I have recently discover Kiehl's. It's super moisture and super affordable. You can purchase it at Nordie's ...I know! You scream Nordie's ...I can't afford that. But really, it is totally affordable and I'm loving the end results. My skin is more smooth and the wrinkles ...well, I'm not seeing as many. As for eye cream. I just bought some Olay's Eye Luminator and I must say that it's one of the best eye creams I have ever gotten. It really does luminate and make the eyes brighter. I only use Maybelline Mineral Powder on my face ...I find it doesn't show the lines. It's a liquid, but dries like a powder and on the eyes Cover Girl Blast Lash. That's it! Good luck finding the right ingredients for a 'minimum make-up look'!

  14. Bare essentials for my face...
    and AVON Anew products for my lines....which are basically non existent thanks to this magical line of products! I would purchase the anew ultimate or clinical eye cream and the anew clinical or restorative face cream. I am oily and this still is great!

  15. Bare Minerals is the only way to go! Makes your skin look incredibly even in tone! I've been a loyal user for over 4 years! You don't have to buy on tv either. You can find them in certain salons and boutiques too! Good luck.

  16. I'm 53 and had always been a mascara, blush, lip gloss girl Until recently when I just couldn't fight the aging process anymore. I could never stand to wear foundation until I tried Bare Minerals/ Bare Essentials line. I use Clinique products for my moisturizers. Repair Intensive night cream at night and drink lots of water! By the way I think you look fabulous

  17. I will add my praise for Bare Minerals/Bare Essentials. It is the only thing I've ever ordered after watching an informercial, but I wouldn't wear anything else now. My face has large patches of discoloration (sort of like big freckles - it's hereditary - my mom and sister also have them), but the Bare Minerals powder really evens everything out to where I don't think people can see them. It's also amazing at covering up blemishes (not that you appear to have any - your skin is beautiful!).

    We have a Bare Minerals store at our local mall now. I can't wait to stop by there and try some of their products that others have recommended.

  18. For eye cream, I really love Philosophy's Hope in a Tube. This stuff is like having an eye lift. The best moisturizer is Lift Fusion but it's really expensive. Anew products from Avon are great and a lot less costly.

  19. Also low maintenance girl here! In fact: I just started wearing powder regularly this year, before that I only put on mascara every day. I feel your pain!

    I agree with Susan - Philosophy's Hope in a Jar is great. And I love Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer - it's a very light foundation so it won't cake on your face, but it still covers all the uneven-ness in my skin tone (so should help with those pesky freckles).

    Good luck, and have fun product shopping!

  20. I see you've gotten TONS o' comments...I must tell you I've worn makeup since I was 12. My mother is a staunch believer in "no leaving the house without makeup", and it always makes me feel like a million bucks.

    Anywho, you need QUICK stuff or you are going to not do it. I love Benefit's Some Kinda Gorgeous "foundation faker"-- it's smooth, creamy, and it only comes in ONE SHADE.

    Another tip-- watch the last 15 minutes of What Not to Wear. Carmindy is their makeup artist and she ALWAYS uses time savers. Most of those women have never worn makeup, and you can't believe the magic she works. :) If you have a DVR, just record a bunch, I'm telling you. Good luck! You are a doll, btw. xo

  21. Sweetie you are beautiful inside and out! But if you must...I've been using a sunscreen with a bit of foundation in it from cover girl. It covers but doesn't look like a mask plus you get that spf protection.

  22. This is a great post, I love blogging!
    Seriously, I dye my hair at home (I stopped because I could not afford $100 a month). People compliment my color all the time. It is Loreal Excellence Cream, Light Golden Brown. :) I find concealer, powder, BLUSH, mascara and lip gloss are lifesavers! Oh, and a really cute haircut/style. IF you DO your hair everyday, you always look put together. Resist the pony tail people!

  23. First things first. Address taking care of inside your body before anything else. My doctor always tells me, "food is our medicine" and research continues to show that how we eat affects how we look and age.

    Two books I recommend: "The Perricone Promise" and "Eating for Beauty". I have not read the latter, but hear it helps understand what foods are really good for our skin, our energy, etc.

    Secondly, try out products at department stores and see what you're comfortable with. Make an appt. for a free make-over and go with a girlfriend!
    Be sure to tell the make-up artist you're a low maintenance girl and they can keep your regime simple and classic. If it makes you feel better, Jackie O. did not wear much make-up either!

    One item I cannot live without and buy each year is Sisley's Eye Botanical Gel [miracle product, I swear]. It is very expensive but changes the whole appearance of your eyes and is worth every penny. The container will last you a year, consider it an inexpensive alternative to plastic surgery. I also love Mac and I hear that mineral rich make-ups are good. But I'm not knowledgeable in that area.

    This was long, but hopefully helpful in some way!

  24. Number 1, sunscreen! It's the main thing that I always make sure I have on my face.
    Even though I know you didn't like putting that picture of yourself out there, you are so pretty girly!
    Personally, I make sure I use a good cleanser. Then for the day I wear eye cream and face cream with at least SPF 15.
    My makeup routine isn't too complicated: concealer, mascara and lip gloss. Somtimes a cheek stain when I'm a little pale.
    At night, wash my face again, and I make sure to put on night cream to keep my skin moisturized. I have combination skin too, so I make sure it's noncosmedogenic and hypoallergenic.
    Last, but not least...LOTS OF WATER!
    I read an article that said with each decade, your skin changes, therefore, so should the products you use. If there's a line you love, like Estee Lauder, go to the counter and see if they can recommend some things.

  25. Jen,

    I forgot to say in my previous post that I use the Eucerin Aquaphor ointment around my eyes at night only, it's too oily for daytime use. A little goes a long way.


  26. I started using Neutrogena's new line for wrinkles and everyone tells me how great my skin looks. The bonus? It is MUCH less expensive than the stuff from the mall.

  27. First of all, you're not old. Second, I started using BareMinerals last year and love it. I have really sensitive (freckled!) skin and it doesn't bother my skin at all (even the eye shadows).

  28. For covering the grey I use Clairol's Root Touch up. Works like a charm. It's about $6 a box and they say it lasts 3 weeks although right now I can go at least 4. Takes about 10 minutes. I have been using it for a couple of years. My hairdresser has promised to tell me when it looks awful and so far, so good.

    I like Dermalogica eye cream (works for lip lines, too). I find it pricey at $45 but it does last a while & feels fabulous. When I am on a tighter budget I buy Neutrogena eye cream which is about $12'ish and works nicely.

  29. I wear Oil of Olay moisturizer everyday, followed by a quick brushing of mineral powder. I bought the BareEscentuals line but didn't like it's coverage or the brushes. I'm now using one of the natural brands (name escapes me) you can buy at the drugstore with a soft, velvety brush I bought at the Body Shop. It wasn't cheap, but it feels wonderful gliding over my face. And I really think this routine works - I am forever being complimented on my great skin and all I can think is, "this splotchy mess." So it looks good to others. I also buy cheap Covergirl eyeshadows and put them on with my fingertips. Just a bit of color on the brow bone and then a darker shade on the lid. Swipe on some mascara - here I do go high end b/c the cheap stuff is clumpy for me - and lip gloss and I'm done. It takes me about 20 minutes total and most of that is me just swishing the brush around on my face b/c it feels so good. :) Good luck!

  30. Jen,
    You must read "I feel bad about my neck." Nora Ephron.

    Low maintenance- "blah-blah."

    I will be 50 in Oct. & am no longer cute. I can find something wrong with ANY photo taken of me...not self esteem issues, just self critism.

    I love Estee Lauder and Avon- esp. Anew products. I cannot say enough about good products - lotions, hair care, make up. Moisture is KEY.
    Cheryl in B-town

  31. I use Loreal Hydrance Night Cream for every day, as my skin tends to be on the dry side.

    For make-up I exclusively use Bare Minerals/Essentials. I agree with Brieanne that the mineral veil and well-rested eyeshadow is miraculous. A little goes a long way and your skin appears creamy in texture. Love it.

    As to silver hair, after toooo many years touching up the roots (every 2 weeks), I let it go silver. I have quite a bit of silver so it was a continual battle keeping it covered. Silver hair is beautiful. I'm SO thankful I went natural. Don't let society direct your opinion/decision. It must come from your heart.

  32. You are gorgeous, you low-mx maven you! I actually recently took one of those quizzes and it declared me "medium maintenance", which is FBM. (Fine By Moi!)

    As a rosacea sufferer who is also showing signs of sun damage, all I can say is put your money toward good moisturizers and a good dermatologist!

    (As if you really need any help...)

  33. PS--I also use the Boots Botanicals firming cream...LOVE IT!

  34. I worry about my skin ageing and the ageing process in general. After watching a documentary on Television, the narrator asked the ultimate question, "what can we do to slow down the signs of ageing" The highly experienced & qualified dermotologist replied, "drink plenty, follow a healthy diet, don't smoke, wear sunscreen and limit your intake of alcohol. Moisturise daily with a moisturiser that you like as they are all basically the same thing". I follow that. The knowledge I have that I am following an expert makes me happier which helps me to look better. I use any make-up product I fancy as long as I clean it off properly and moisturise. x

  35. Wow, this IS a great subject, even if answers are all over the board.

    I'm 57 and this spring I threw out everything and got a trial set of Bare Minerals. That's a great way to go because it's much cheaper than buying the brushes individually. I too am amazed at the difference. I was never a huge fan of lots of makeup. But doing what you've always done doesn't necessarily work after 50.
    Bare Minerals is amazing...Does for me what liquid makeup never did. It's fun and very easy.

  36. My advice is you get what you pay for. It only takes alittle more to go first class. Nothing against Walma-t,but I have found it is so hard to match and you end up buying more. I always have went to the mall when they offer their free gift when you buy . You get some GREAT products that keep you from buying more. I use Lancom. It doesn't feel heavy.They have some great free products in their gift to try for eye wrinkles and lift. You also get get the newest colors of eye and lip for free. If you add up what is in the free gift it is over the price of the foundation you buy! It always last me until they offer a free gift again.
    I do not buy their cleansers and toners.Just say no if ask. One thing I have found out after selling many brands of products the good old Ole of Olay that our grandparents used is still a good product.The Walma-t brand right next to it is just as good.
    The MAIN thing to remember is this and I learned this years ago.CLEANSE,EXFOLIATE,TONE,MOISTURIZE.
    A lady once told me like this if you don't take off the old dried worn paint from a house an try and repaint over it you do not get a nice finish. That is how are skin does. We have dead skin daily and it builds up.
    Cleansing open and gets in all those pores,Exfoliating takes off all that dead skin,Toning cleans and closes the pores back.Moisturizing gives your face the finish and makes it ready for your foundation.I know this sounds like alot,BUT it isn't it becomes part of your routine.
    Also buy according to skin type.. oily,combination or dry.
    Best of luck!

  37. I use Neutrogena anti-wrinkle moisturizer + olay regenerist eye serum for under eye wrinkles (actually put some on forehead & smile wrinkles too!).
    I also use bare minerals makeup. the best part about it? you just swirl it all over your face & you CAN'T mess it up!! it's so FAST & easy, just what a busy mom likes!!

  38. You have so many great comments about makeup (I took a lot of notes), that I thought I would focus on hair color.

    It is possible to do your hair color at home and have it come out nicely. I started coloring at age 29, and have a few - ahem - years of expertise at this point.

    Your hair looks medium brown to me, so you want to choose a haircolor one to two shades lighter than that. Don't go any darker than light brown. For now, skip the ash and golden tones. You will want to do your whole head only the first time that you color, and thereafter do the roots for the recommended time, and then spread the color evenly through the rest of your hair for 5-10 minutes. If you color your whole head every time the previously colored hair soaks up the color more quickly and looks too dark.

    After coloring, don't freak out, but it will look darker than you may have intended (yes, even if you go with light brown!). It usually calms down after the first couple of shampoos. At this point look to see if it came out brassy at all, or is is looks too dull. If it is brassy, you will need an ash color in the future, if it looks too dull you can go with golden. If it looks ok, stick with plain old light brown.

    Remember that your hair will not come out like the chick on the box. Never go darker, people who do give the rest of us a bad name! Also, don't do anything radical, just try to replicate your natural color.

    I am often told that my haircolor looks natural, and that people would not guess that I am prematurely gray. One more thing... colored hair needs lots of deep conditioning, and you may want to add a silicone based shine spray to help keep it shiny. =)


  39. Goofy typo in my previous comment:

    At this point look to see if it came out brassy at all, or is is looks too dull.

    I meant to say: ... or if it looks too dull.

    No worries, hair color does not do drain bammage - I promise! ;)

  40. What a fun blog! I am now a fan

  41. I love the bare minerals makeup! It is fast to put on and has not caused me to break out! I suggest getting the starter kit. It comes with all the brushes and is a great deal.

  42. I agree with everyone on the Bare Escentuals. I tried it a few years ago and I have never gone back. If you have a BE shop near you it is worth the trip, if not try Sephora and they can color match the foundation for you.

  43. I'm pretty low on the make up. But do LOVE mascara and glittery lip gloss. You are beautiful and do not seem you need more then you have been using. Have a great weekend. Just get a new colorful lipstick..that is always fun. Wendy

  44. You're lovely and I do not think you need to start using makeup now. Why bother? You have the right idea about growing older. It is all about the beauty within...the combination of grace, dignity and class. By the way I only use lipstick and mascara, maybe a couple times a month...very low maintenance.

  45. I think you look fabulous and don't need to change or add anything at all. What gray hairs?

  46. I have used L'Oreal foundation for years, but last time picked up Jane's mineral liquid foundation. I've used their mineral blush for several years. I use NYC eye pencil. They are all really expensive. I like to splurge on mascara though as I wear contacts again...

    Another line that I like a lot now is Eyes Lips Face - ELF, available at KMart and online. The only reason I didn't get their foundation is because I needed some NOW and my Kmart doesn't carry the foundation. I love their eye shadows also...and when you need emergency cheap mascara...they are your folks. I have one that I keep for emergencies when my other is running out. Best part? It's $1! for each bit. It's great stuff.

    For hair color - call your local beauty school and see what they charge. I have brastrap length, curly blonde hair and I like to keep it blonde - it keeps trying to blech on me. But I can get it highlighted/lowlighted and leave a good tip for $35! I don't get a cut there as curly hair is tough to cut, but I have gone to an Aveda salon here and used their 'fresh talent' and gotten a terrific haircut for less than $20.

  47. You look beautiful! And your hair looks great. I don't think you need to change anything...haha!

    I always used Clinique, but recently (6 mos. ago) switched to's very similar to Bare Minerals, except that it is in a compact (as opposed to a..."tub"...?) and it contains some shea butter so it doesn't look too dry (especially since I have some dry skin places on my face). It's a powder though. I LOVE IT!!! I could not imagine that I could get coverage with a powder like what I was used to with liquid foundation....but it has wonderful coverage. I have gotten so many compliments since I started using it. And I also use Oil of Olay moisturizer...just the plain Jane one. (I have asked so many of my little old lady patients that come in...the ones with GORGEOUS skin...and they *always* tell me they have used Oil of Olay for I use that now..haha!)

    I am so with you on trying to find ways of cutting my salon bill...I have been flirting with the idea of home coloring...

  48. We'll surely have to chat when I have more are beautiful

    Thank you so much for all of your prayers and your love notes to me and my family....I am slowly eking my way back to some of my favorite things like staying connected to all of my wonderful friends here in the blogging world. God bless you for being so faithful.xoxoxoxo

  49. Hey there, stumbled upon your blog while searching for photos from last year's CL Fair. Love your blog!!! So fun! The only foundation I use these days is Clinique's Pore Minimizer...I had not worn foundation for years, put it on one day and someone told me my skin looked radiant that day, lol, well, I don't know about that, could have been a hot flash :-) but it's is a good product. Putting you in my fav's!

  50. Have you tried Bare Minerals makeup? It is awesome. Very easy & natural looking & actually good for your skin. You can find it on ebay cheaper than QVC or the other stores that carry it.

  51. I swear my BareMinerals/BareEssentials too! I love it and wear it everyday!
    And by the way it is a LOVELY photo of you Jen! Just lovely!

  52. Even though I don't really have any good advice for you- Sorry! But I did just want to say that you actually look really good! I don't think you need anything.It looks like you have taken good care of your skin. I'm just hoping I will look half this good when I get in the same age group. Have a nice day and good luck! Daisy~

  53. I just found your blog and am loving it.

    I always get compliments on my skin after my "do it yourself aspirin facial". Google has lots of places with instructions but this works best for me and I am a baby boomer.

    5 non-coated regular aspirin tablets

    Wet them slightly with something acid...fruit juice, yogurt, or milk

    I used buttermilk for my most recent one.

    Wait a minute or two and they are easily crushed with the back of a spoon. Add more liquid if needed and smear on dry skin (face and neck).

    The mixture is slightly grainy but will not harm your skin. Leave on at least 15 minutes or more if you like. You can't leave it on too long. Your skin will begin to draw up as the mixture a mask.

    Hop in the shower and rinse off. Wash face as usual. You can feel the softness immediately. This stuff exfoliates and you moisturizer will really sink in. Your skin will absolutely glow.

    Try'll like it! One facial every two weeks is all that is recommended. I can't remember where I found this...probably on some Green Blog.

    Good luck,

  54. The low-maintenance works for you - you look great! :)

    I can recommend a foundation. This one feels moisturizing and has SPF in it. I was never a Mary Kay person, but a cousin of mine started selling it. I gave it a try and now I'm hooked. It's the medium coverage foundation. Here's the link:

    I also really love their Crystalline eye shadow - and also their mascara.

    Also, this moisturizer is pricey (or at least for this budget shopper), but it feels so wonderful on your skin at night -

    Good luck!
    - Jennifer

  55. Jen,

    Congrats on the new gig and your house looks anything but cookie cutter. That being said, what is cookie cutter in the Midwest would be high end, million dollar plus custom build her in New England. Think what it would be in California. Anyway, I just love it and your style.

    Janet/ the original low maintenance 57 y.o.

  56. i've always been one to spend lots of time and wear lots of make up. until recently, i thought, i don't really know what's in it, why am i putting it on my face??
    i've always used moisturizer and sunblock though. i use aveeno regularly, but recently switched to the positively ageless line. and LOVE it.
    i also switched to the bare escentuals, or the mineral makeup. it's not only healthy for you, but it is really quick to put on and it stays on. and i have combo skin too, but more on the oily side. typically my make up will 'slide' off and never stay put. but with this line, i don't even have to touch up during the day. i love that too.
    good luck to you in finding the right ritual. =)

    Love the stuff.
    It's all I wear.

    The Lettered Cottage

  58. Great idea for a post and comments. I'm learning lots.

    My favorite product (expensive, but you don't use it up - just replace the brush) is the Clarisonic face brush - see It's great for daily exfoliation, which we need to do no matter what and is essential to get the best look from mineral makeup. $195, but I got one for me and my DIL at when they had a F&F 20% off sale in the fall. I think Sephora has them and also has a F&F online sale. You can learn about sale dates, plus get lots of tips on mineral makeup, by joining and going to the Bare Escentuals Addicts and BE Beautiful Cafe forums. My DIL loves hers, too.

    If your freckles are from sun and being fair, don't forget sunscreen. BE foundation has spf 15, but I can't wear it because it settles in my fine lines, even with primer. I like Cover FX (some Nordstroms stores and online, Sephora online) primer (has good stuff in it), along with their tinted moisturizer with spf 30. I set it with their loose setting powder or BE MV.

    Cargo and Smashbox have some products developed for High Definition photography so every teeny flaw isn't magnified. I like SB High Definition Healthy FX liquid foundation (spf 15) and their Photofinish primer with Dermyxl (spf 15). Primers may need about 5 minutes to set before you add makeup, but you can use this time to dry your hair or get dressed.

    QVC shows and having a makeover can give you some good application tips. I've learned to never buy products, thought, until I've worn them around the store or mall for at least an hour to see how they set on me. Check in the sunlight, too, as store lighting can be awful.

    You'll get a better mu application if you use a good brush. Sonia something brushes from Target aren't overly expensive and many women adore them. They need to be washed regularly with something mild, being careful not to get water where the metal band surrounds the brush head, and letting them air dry.

    We all need to stay hydrated inside (8 cups of WATER daily or 8 oz / 10 lbs. body weight - whichever is more), get plenty of sleep, and learn to avoid or at least reduce and deal with stress in our lives. Also, regular exercise - 30 min. 5 days a week of at least walking plus some light weight work for our bones and strength.

  59. Okay, I just about lost it when I read about your mobile eye lid. I thought I was the only one with that sily little problem! I'd say splurge on the hair if the gray bothers you, and ditch the make up. You are lovely and you don't need a thing :)


  60. Hey, just checking in to see what you decided about makeup?


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