September 22, 2008

Things I Love and Some I Don't

Things I'm loving right now:
-finding art for the dining room that is just right
-Maddie finding out that she gets her braces off in 2 months
-fall in the air
-catching up with my girlfriends
-Emma dancing to classical music
-sweet Hubby playing Amazing Grace on his guitar

Things I'm not loving right now:
-mean 2nd grade girls
-Maddie getting her learner's permit
-public school book fees that cost $300+
-getting political emails forwarded to me by people who presume to know my political views
-a house in desperate need of cleaning
-the economy

Be sure to come by Tuesday morning for my first TLC book tour and a giveaway too! Oh and a big, better late than never shout out for this very kind award, to fellow Silver Bella Frippery. My deepest apologies to all of you that give me awards that I am so pitiful about acknowledging. You are so sweet to think of me.


  1. $300 for PUBLIC School books? Sheesh! Where are all your tax dollars going? Love the new art work!

  2. Love this idea for a post - I may do my own. I love your print for the dining room - just perfect!

  3. I love both of your lists. And Amen to those political email forwards! Agghhh.

    Love that light blue wall color too.

  4. Oh I love that piece of art on your wall...the kitchen knife, very nice! And sorry to hear about mean 2nd is a shame! I hope they are not picking on your wee one!
    And the 300 plus for public school...WOWSERS!
    Just popped in to say hello!

  5. Okay, I'm loving that shade of blue. What it is called?

  6. Really loving your dining room paint color!!

  7. Love the framed piece on the wall! Can I get one too????

  8. It was fun to see both of your lists! I too am tired of the political emails.@@ Love the print in your dining room and the wall color is fabulous...absolute perfection!


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