July 25, 2009

If it ain't Broke, Don't Fix it

This is a list of things that have recently broken in our house. It doesn't seem possible, does it? You think I'm making it up. I don't blame you. I would think the same thing if you offered up this list to me. It's like I am the human Bermuda Triangle. Sometimes all you can do is laugh.

blow dryer
pencil sharpener
coffee grinder
hot water heater
water softener
my car

Today we added my car to the list and right before we're to leave on vacation. I have a theory about my car. You see, I'm approaching 100k miles and I'll admit that I've been looking at other cars and daydreaming about being with a new one. I've wondered what it would be like to have one that does what I tell it to do, one that doesn't have such weird old car quirks. I'm pretty sure my car found out and got it's feelings hurt. As punishment today when we went to get ice cream cones it decided to not let us turn the key in the ignition but instead to get jammed up and to keep the key in the position that would, as a bonus, run down the battery. It's punishment for my wandering eye. I understand that. And I'm not stupid, I know the only perfect car is one you've never lived with. But still. I can't help but hope that my car will fall right off the tow truck on the way to the dealership and after it's totaled I will have no choice but to buy something like this.


  1. And I was upset over my coffee press breaking. Hang in there. I hope things start to look up for you.

  2. I can totally relate to this!! I have a tendency to destroy just about everything in my path! My grandma used to joke (ok, she was serious!) that I was "like a bull in a china closet"! I like to think it's just part of my charm!!!

  3. Oh no. Why does that always seem to happen? It seems like it is just one thing after another sometimes. Your right, sometimes the best thing to do is just to laught it off. Then you get up, take a deep breath, and go buy some new stuff. :)

  4. Oh, now you've really done it! If your car DOESN'T fall off the towtruck you're in BIG trouble when it gets home!

  5. Yikes, sorry to hear everything is breaking down at once! Actually, 100K miles on a car isn't bad these days. We have Toyotas and they last forever. If you're in the market for a new car, can't go wrong with Toyota or Honda. My Camry is 10 years old with 202K miles on it & my son's Corolla is 13 years old with 220K miles on it!

  6. My step-father thought 70K was the limit for cars. We spent a lot of time with him & my mom, and sure enough at 68K the Subaru gave out! I think a car should go beyond 100K, but new cars are fun if you get to do it at your pace and not the car's! Hope things go better for you this week.

  7. so sorry to hear about your car...my car just broke down too (in the middle of the road during lunch rush hour!)...it cost me $400 to replace two itty bitty sensors that caused all that trouble...GRRRRRRR.....Hate car troubles!

  8. Jen
    OH girlie, let me tell you...I too have such a list, makes you wonder. Don't you feel like your afraid to touch anything cause it might break next?? I don't even dare type my list for fear!!!!! Lori
    I wish you some VERY good luck! So sorry about all the stinkin breaks!

  9. I don't look at other cars just for the very reason. I don't want my car to get jealous and quit working. And I never talk about other cars when I'm in it!
    Do you pat or rub the dashboard?

  10. That's quite a list of things that have broken! I've got my eye on a Highlander too. : )

  11. My favorite car would be one that is paid for right now:-)

  12. (my car does the exact same thing) and I'm whispering in case it's listening.

  13. lol! I had a car like this before. We have had a few things breaking around here too, the faucet then the pipe, the roof, and the dryer. Hoping the list stops there.

  14. Isn't it just amazing, when one thing breaks it seem they all communicate amongst each other and just say "enough we all quit". So sorry your going through the breaks.

  15. Jen

    What is going on? I broke not one bottle of nail polish on Saturday but TWO bottles of nail polish!! I couldn't even blame it on the girls. I was painting Sophia toes and crack....got a second bottle and crack. So here's the thing...was painting on the bathroom floor a good thing or bad thing. The hard floor broke the polish but made clean up easier. Miss you and See you soon.

  16. Wow, Jen. You are really special. Usually things break in "3's"...it's like you are the valedictorian of Breaking Things.

    About cars. My theory is always have a car payment. Because things start breaking when the car's paid off. A car with over 100 thousand miles? I'm impressed with your patience.

    Maybe the Appliance Fairy is sprinkling her dust over your house so you can get all new shiny things....in your favorite color!

    xoxo, Julia

  17. We have the same thing going on. Why does everything have to break at once? It seems things don't break forever... and then they all break at once. Luckily, dh is pretty good at fixing things or I'd be up a creek.

  18. Wow, that's crazy! Sounds like my run of luck!


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