August 04, 2009

Forever Friends

We're home and back to reality after our vacation last week at Deep Creek Lake in Maryland with Cammy and her amazing family. I find it very difficult to put in to words just what this vacation meant to me, but you know me, I'm gonna try.

Let me start with a little background. In 2006 Cammy & I both started blogging. Neither of us knew how these actions would change the course of our lives. I found her blog almost immediately and was hooked. We became blog buddies and in 2007 talked about going to Silver Bella together the following year. I'm not sure either of us thought we'd really do it but, lo and behold in 2008 we put on our big girl panties, boarded separate planes and met for the first time. A beautiful friendship was born.

It's hard to live 580 miles from your new best friend so we started planning a vacation together with our families. Risky move, right? We've all heard disaster stories about friends vacationing together but this week was perfect. I think we were all surprised at just how well it went. Despite a 4 year age difference, our girls are so much alike, both loving art and the great outdoors above all else. The teenagers became fast friends, were completely comfortable together and totally goofy. However, I think what surprised me the most was the hubbies. They became fast friends, sharing the same kind of sense of humor, the kind that goes mostly unappreciated by other people, occasionally including their wives.

It's hard to say what my favorite part of the vacation was, there was so much to choose from: picnics, antiquing, being on the boat, tubing, Jeff's monkey face, eating on the deck, drinking wine and laughing, realizing that Cammy and I are more alike than we ever realized as evidenced in the picture above that I borrowed from Cammy's blog. Yes, we are dressed like twins. No, we didn't do that on purpose and it happened over and over. Even our kids got us confused.

While all of that was amazing, my favorite moments were the little ones, preparing meals together, grocery shopping and especially sitting at the dining room table every morning and evening, making vacation journals, talking and just enjoying each others company. Cammy, you are the sister my heart has always longed for and I already miss you so much.

This was a week I'll never forget and my eternal gratitude goes out to the two most wonderful, generous, handsome husbands in the world. You guys clearly love your wives beyond measure or you wouldn't have agreed to this craziness.What a bonus that in the end, you each gained a new friend too. Thanks from the bottom of my heart Jim and Jeff. I can't wait to do it again.


  1. I'm glad that you guys had such a great time. It sounds like you have yourself a sweet friend. What a blessing. :)

  2. This just makes me supremely happy to read! I am SO elated for you and wondered about you gals a few times over the course of the week. And that "twin" shot is simply priceless!

  3. How lucky to find a friend in the blogosphere! And to be able to spend weeks together and still be friends at the end. (I know siblings that can't do that!)

  4. Oh Jen, this post made me teary.. (thank you for your sweet comment on my blog too) because what you and Cammy have found is TRUE bliss and I am so happy for you both and your families.

    You stepped into a world - not knowing what to expect and look at how you have bloomed and how much inspiration you have given to so many all over the world! I am so proud of you - your writing is beautiful.. always from the heart and I am really happy that you are here in Blogland with us, and especially me. It wouldn't be the same without you.

    Much love,

  5. oh jen, that is above all my most favorite blog entry , ever.
    that just melts my heart!
    ya'll are two bloggers who inspire me & i love witnessing such a priceless friendship blossom.

    ps--the pictures are fabulous!!

  6. Jen....what a great post. Couple friends/family friends are so much fun and usually so hard to find. You have been blessed with a great friend...with husbands and families that get along, too. Now you must nurture this for years.

    xoxo, Julia

  7. YAY!!!! Seems like a once in a lifetime friendship! I just want to agree with what Daisy Cottage said....about how your talents have touched so many and how it has blessed your own life with a life long friend!


  8. What a lovely story. How lucky that your families have become friends too!

  9. I think it is wonderful that you found each other...there is nothing in life quite like having a great friend.



  10. What a beautiful post! So wonderful to have found a new best friend through blogging by chance. How sweet and sincere your husbands and children were to join along. A friendship has blossomed between two families, so here is to years ahead of nurturing that friendship.
    A beautiful post and wonderful pictures.

  11. Such a fabulous post Jen! Sounds like an amazing time ~ thanks for sharing ♥

  12. gulp. what a great post. i'm speechless and again, continually amazed at blogging.

    so happy you had such a wonderful time. show us your creations because i am sure there are some!


  13. Jen - so glad to hear that dreams still come true! I've known Cammy for almost 25 years (sis-in-law) and I can say with certainty that you have made a difference in her life.

  14. It looks like y'all had a lot of fun!

  15. Oh WOW! What a great story and pictures just the same. I absolutely LOVE it! How fun...I love the spontaneity and risk of many situations...those are usually the ones that bring great surprise and fun memories.

  16. I am envious of you. You are truly blessed to have found such a kindred spirit....but I think you already know that.


  17. Jen,
    That is so awesome..what a dream to find such a friend, and that the whole family gets to love it like you, wonderful!
    sorry I havent been around lately, Ive missed ya..
    coastal nest


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