August 14, 2009

Life is no Picnic

But mine gets close enough. I've been reflecting on how my life has changed all because one day I decided to start a blog. For instance, I never would gave gotten to enjoy this lovely picnic on a boat with Cammy and her family if I hadn't taken a risk that day.

These are the top 10 things that have happened to me because I made the leap.

10) Got asked to participate in the BHG challenge.
9) Had a picture published in Somerset Life magazine.
8) Was asked to blog for HomeGoods.
7) Got in touch with my artistic side.
6) Found out about Silver Bella, put myself outside of my comfort zone & as a reward, had my life permanently changed.
5) Realized that there are other people out there like me.
4) Found my voice.
3) Discovered so much inspiration for creative, everyday living.
2) Made blog friends that turned into real life friends like Cammy, Kelli and Shannan.
1) Found all of you.

If you are on the fence about starting your own blog, I hope you will do it today. And if you do, please stop by and leave me a comment so I can come visit you.


  1. Sniff Sniff! I loved reading your sweet list. I could not agree more about the benefits of blogging!
    ps- That blanket. Tell me more...

  2. Wow, that really inspired me. I just started a blog recently and have been in a funk because I keep thinking that no one will read it. You inspire me to just keep typing away and doing what I love. Thanks!!!!

  3. what a sweetiepie post!
    did you get a fun cooler too???
    too cute!

  4. Because of women like you I decieded I wanted my own blog. There was so much inspiration out there I had to take advatage of it. My blog is still kind of new and lacks all the bells and whistles others have, but I'm still learning. By the way your blog is one of my favs, I get warm fuzzied evrytime I visit you, thank you for your inpiration and your kindness. Happy Friday!

  5. What a beautiful picnic! I'm glad that you blog, too. I love your blog! :)

  6. Well I have to say, because of YOUR inspiration, my dear..I did it!
    I will never forget the day I totally "STUMBLED" onto your blog, it WAS a day that changed my life!

    I totally agree, START A BLOG!! its sooo awesome the people that you meet and the voice that you find inside yourself..

    It definately changes you--for the best best better!!
    Coastal Nest

  7. Nice, Jen. Thanks. I'm still so new at this and still struggling with whether it's worth my time considering I have an actual non-design job and a home and a family... but it's been so long since I've had a real 'hobby', something just for myself that's so much fun... and if this hobby and my part-time designer job can smoosh together and become something *more*, well then, I'm going to have to just keep it up and see what happens. And like Lilia says, yours is one that pushed me into my own blog in the first place, so "thank you" for that too!! You continue to inspire.

  8. Your amazing Jen! Thank you for being an inspiration to me. My little Circus is coming along thanks to all the bloggers like you who have made a trail and opened their hearts.

  9. What a sweet post. Blogging has brought a lot of things into my life, too. It's so much fun meeting people like you.
    Hugs, Susan

  10. Looks like you had a great picnic - I love the cooler. :)

  11. Blogging can be a very rewarding thing for sure and it can open so many other doors. If it weren't for blogging and visiting other blogs and getting so many great ideas from others I may not have started my own online shop. I love it.
    Thanks for the inspiring post.:)

  12. I agree, I've had such positive experiences with blogging! Great list!

  13. i'm glad you started a blog too. yours always inspires me. and can i come on your next picnic???

  14. I agree 100%. My life is so different now. I have met so many wonderful people. I get to express myself and it gives me something to look forward to. LOVE IT! People who don't do it just don't understand.

  15. I Love your blog. It's so fresh and pretty. Oh and I really heart your little cooler.

  16. i love this post and i have been trying to find the time to write something similar myself. blogging has brought so many wonderful and positive elements to my life. like you!


  17. Just stumbled upon your way cool blog...I get lost linking from one to another till I have a bazillion tabs open! I have been blogging for years, but never had one devoted to the transformations I make in my home and other crafty stuff. So I finally got one started. Anyway, I grew up in Noblesville, my sister and parents live in Fishers, and I'm in Fort Wayne....tis a small world :o)

  18. I too just started a blog a few months ago after debating about doing it for a while. I am so glad I did, I always seem to feel so much better after I compose a post = like I am writing things down that I wish I could sometimes say. I too, am looking forward to finding some new friendships from this - putting yourself out there is difficult to do, but I hope there are others out there that like the same things i do.
    check my blog if you like.
    thanks - elizabeth H.

  19. oops forgot to say I love your blog - and I accidently signed in under anonyous in previous comment.

  20. Isn't it amazing how blogging can change your life?! What I love most is the "connection" we have with other woman who just "get it"!!!!!!! Great post! Jennifer

  21. Hi Jen,

    Perfect timing! I started a blog about 2 1/2 weeks ago, and I really have been on the fence on whether or not to continue.

    Reading your list gives me the momentum to keep going.

    Thank you!

  22. This is such a great idea! I am going to make a list of my own!

  23. Congratulations on your many rewards. I'm sure you will have many more. Your blog is wonderful and I loved this entry.

  24. Oh, yes! Blog on, people. I was away for a year give or take, and didn't realise how much I missed it until I came back.

  25. oh and I'm so happy for you! isnt blogging amazing? I'm not so big on words , my blog is mostly a collection of things I find that I collected to journal .. I cant get enough of blogging and finding new ppl and finds!

  26. What a pretty picnic!
    I just started a blog too...
    I am enjoying writing and putting my photos together.
    I enjoy your blog - will be adding it to my list of faves.

  27. hi...i just found you and saw that you like the movie practicsl magic. i just recently posted th spellbook and sally's umbrella on my blog if you would like to have a look! enjoy!

  28. I am right there with you on you top ten reasons for blogging!!! I love love love blogging! I have to force my self to think about other things.....I could sit and read blogs all day!!!! I find that most of the ones that I do read are inspiring and full of great information! Your's is on my list!!! :)

  29. I absolutely adore your blog. You can make this place here so warm! congratulation on that!

    I've just started my deco blog, still handling my personal blog I both love to bits and that's true what you said. Very often we need to reach out for things we want and secondly since the moment I've started blogging I made amazing friends and I discovered different side of me which is more than great!

  30. Hi Jen,

    I'd love for you (& your readers!) to visit me at my blog. Please stop by and say hello at:

  31. I just started my blog a month ago.

    Just last night I said to my husband for the...oh...100th time, "I cannot believe there are other people out there just like me!" It makes me so happy.

    You're so right.

    So about the picnic....?

  32. Wow...right post at the right time me!
    I just started blogging and have had so much fun working on it, but for some reason out of the blue the past two days I really started getting down about it, feeling like no one will ever read it. I just started, so what else can I expect? This gave me the push I needed today to stick with it and let these thoughts go.
    Thank you!!

  33. you forgot about being featured on Today's Creative Blog! LOL
    We love your blog!


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