December 09, 2009

Art Apron

This is the apron I made to wear for Silver Bella. I just realized I didn't show it to you after I finished. I love aprons and own several. Different occasions, tasks and moods call for different aprons and a girls gotta be prepared. What is it about the way an apron makes you feel when you put it on? Like you are somehow more capable and better prepared to tackle whatever task lies ahead of you.

This is the 2nd apron I've made and it's by far my favorite. I'm not sure I'm done with it yet. I might continue to add to it a bit at a time. I love the rough edges, the fabrics that don't necessarily match, the odd bits and trims that I gathered up over time and that just sat waiting for their turn to be useful.

A scrap of fabric here, a bit of embroidery there. A favorite trim or button. I like the idea of it evolving over time and becoming a sampler of things I love. Kind of a history of creativity.
I love to wear it in the studio, storing my tools in the large pocket as I while away the hours but when it's not being worn it makes me just as happy hanging on a hook looking pretty.


  1. Beautiful apron, Jen, for many crafting days ahead!

  2. I love this apron and the idea behind it. I am a bit messy so I always wear an apron when I craft, but this has really inspired me to go beyond utilitarian. Thanks!

  3. I love all the embellishments you added - makes the apron!

  4. My favorite part is the JK thingamajig. All you need now is a tiny Harry Connick Jr. face...

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  6. Love, love, love your apron! I didn't get a chance to look at it at Silver Bella. I love the colors and embellishments you chose.


  7. That is one scrumptous apron. I would let you wear it while you cooked for me in my old age......

  8. Great job! I love it's uniqueness. You have great style.

  9. It's absolutely gorgeous!! I love it. You've inspired me to try one ;-) xoxo

  10. What a great apron!! This would make a great giveaway prize! Hint hint LOL!
    I absolutely love Aprons. Have you seen the aprons the Hip hostess does ? They are adorable!!

  11. So so pretty, Jen. I'm just sorry I didn't get to look at it closer with my own two eyeballs at SB!!! :-)

  12. Now THAT'S an apron!! LOVE IT! I usually wear the full size ones because I'm a SLOB in the kitchen :) But now you have me wanting to embellish one of these babies! I'm going to have to look on ebay for a plain one right now! GREAT Jen, I'm supposed to be paying bills and you have me shopping!!!! ;)

  13. Your apron is gorgeous - I'd love wearing it too! So pretty.
    Sharon :-0

  14. Jen ~ Your apron is so lovely and inspires me to make one for myself. I really like the idea of it being a "work in progress" and giving oneself permission for it to never be quite done, and to embellish whenever the muse strikes.

    Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

  15. I love your blog. And, I love your aprons! I am an apron mak'in fool. Yours are very inspiring.

  16. Oh my word! This apron is so fabulous. I love all the sweet detail! I do not own an apron - I have never found one I like! I love all the personality yours has. You did an amazing job.



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