December 17, 2009

Color Happy Christmas

Christmas is 1 week from tomorrow! How is that possible? I've just started my Christmas baking. I kicked it off with this yummy. I still have to bake fudge, mock toffee and 2 batches of cookies. I'm feeling like my energy level is dropping and I'm ready to hold my hands up and say enough. How 'bout you?

I've given up on the idea of Christmas cards. Again. I don't think I've sent them out in 3 years. It's kind of liberating but I'm afraid people think they are the only ones not getting them. Either that or a lot of people have stopped sending them out because I hardly get any these days.

My big Christmas surprise interview and giveaway may run a little late. She is also in the middle of Christmas chaos plus both of her children's birthdays were this week. Yikes!

I'm still not finished decorating the house. Why does this happen every year? I seem to run out of time before I run out of ideas. That is the story of my life though.

So since I'm not prepared to show you pictures of my house, I thought I'd share with you pictures of what I wish my house looked like right now.

Sometimes I think I suffer from Decorating Bipolar Disease. Did you even know that existed? Well, let's pretend. I find myself drawn to very different looks, one very vintage and soothing, all silvers and pale colors and then the other side of me wants Bam! Color and vibrancy. Thank goodness I can decorate multiple rooms to match my multiple personalities.

Photos: No clue where they are from. If any of you knows the source, I'd love for you to tell me.


  1. Love the "colorfullness"...( that a word!?!?!?) of your blog! Very fun! Don't worry about not getting everything just perfectly decorated....that's just part of the whole process. It's NEVER finished. Happy Holidays from Houston, TX!

  2. Jenn,
    I thought that was your house! They have some lovely houses in Fishers!

  3. Love those pics! Can't wait to see yours!! xoxo

  4. WOWOW thanks for the Christmas eye candy! don't worry Jen, I hardly decorated. Can't decide where to put the stockings because if I hang them on the mantle Madi will grab them and bludgeon herself!!!
    I have baked a little and we have eaten everything I baked, LOL! So we are baking some more today. I have the year "off" for entertaining too, so no complaints here. We are going to my parents for Christmas eve, I usually host.
    Anyway, it's the time of year to just enjoy your family and don't worry about the rest of it. Oh and I also must suffer from decorating bipolar, LOL! :)

  5. Wish my house looked like those too! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  6. So glad to hear I'm not the only one with a love of calm/pale/vintage design...and also vibrant, colorful, whimsical styles as well. I love it all!

  7. I'm pretty sure the picture of the huge wreath is from my house. Dream on. How many flea market boxes of ornaments would it take to make that baby?! Don't let yourself get too overwhelmed (say's the girl who hasn't even shopped her own baking list) Make sure you take time to stop and smell the peppermint bark!

  8. Hi Jen~
    Haven't been in blog land in awhile! Your blog of course is stunning.
    1) Send your address...I want to send you a card. I have misplaced your address.

    2) I challenge you to a game or 30 of boggle. It is my favorite game!!!!

    3) I love the way that you cut your green velvet on your apron!

    4) Merry Christmas & I can't wait to see you right after Christmas.


  9. I don't do Christmas cards anymore either. I just can't see spending the time signing (and I can't just sign my name. I am compelled to try to come up with a unique- why? Who's gonna know?- message for each and every recipient. Signing, addressing, blah, blah, blah, when I know people are just going to toss the thing into the trash on December 26, if not before. Does that make me a Scrooge? A Grinch? A Lucy Van Pelt?

  10. I had the same exact thought today about Christmas cards. I haven't sent them out in roughly 8 years, but I usually get a good stack in the mail. I think this year I've gotten 6. And all but one has been a photo card. No offense to the photo-carders, but they just aren't as fun and pretty to hang for display.

  11. Charming decorations! No Christmas cards this year, no baking, half baked decorating...but all is well! Tis the season to be a bit frazzled! I'm trying to accept less than perfect and make time to enjoy the special people in my life....sometimes easier said than done! :)

  12. Hi Jen,
    I chuckled when I read about your "Decorating Bipolar Disease". I blogged a while back on my "multiple decorating disorder" so I know just what you mean! I have such a hard time defining exactly ONE style of decorating that I like, and it's nice to know I'm not the only one! :)

    I love LOVE love the pictures you showed, and am especially liking the one with the green tabletop and pink chairs~ I love the color of the walls in that room! :) Can my house look like those pictures, too? :)

    Isn't it unreal how exhausting Christmas can be when ( I think) it is supposed to be the most reflective, peaceful time of the year? I hope you are able to get what you need to get done and that you aren't too worn out! I will say a little prayer for you... :)

    Take good care of yourself,

  13. I'm with you my design taste seems to be all over the place too, I like too many different styles, if only we could afford multiple houses, our problem would be solved!!

  14. decorating crack me up!
    the first image is gorgeous!!!!!!

    not to sound like a know it all...
    the second is jennifer paganelli's fantastic home--alwayshave wanted that wreath

    the others i think are country living & mary engelbreit.

    i hope you have a wonderful merry christmas sweet friend

  15. Such gorgeous pics! I want to make that wreath ... next year! :-)
    Have a great weekend Jen ♥

  16. Jen, love these color combinations! Yes, that wreath is gorgeous! Have a great weekend!

  17. Love all those photos, wish my house had some of that too!

  18. Like your photos! I agree that we've received a lot less Christmas cards this year. I still sent them out but just went the easy Shutterfly card route...

    Also, you won Lisa's LolaRue giveaway. She said that you are coming in town next week and if you'd just like to pick up the Tokyo Milk products then that is great or email her if you want it shipped. Whatever is best for you..Congrats!
    Stephanie O.

  19. wow i totally agree with the mutiple personalities disorder when it comes to decorating! it took me forever to decorate this year because i couldn't decide whether to go muted winter like decor or color, bold and fun decor. its an everyday struggle for me neutrals vs. colors. i still can't decide i love them both. beautiful images thanks for sharing!

  20. gorgeous pictures! i too have decorating bipolar disorder! makes decision making very difficult!

  21. love all those pics- you know some of those are my favs too! i am still putting the finishing touches on my house too - that is why I leave my christmas up till jan 6 - i need time to enjoy it!

  22. I wish those photos were my house - I could be so happy living in that home. You picked excellent photos to share! I dont always send Christmas cards either as some years it is just too much pressure with trying to get everything done. I think this is one of those years!
    Sharon :-)


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