December 06, 2009

The Silver Bella Journals

I've long had a love affair with pen and paper. I've had more journals in my life than I can count. I find the very idea of them very satisfying. The very idea of them. However, like with some other things in my life, it's possible that I start off strong and then peter out. I think this time will be different. And if you say that I think that every time, I will call you a liar. Even if you aren't.

I feel consumed with passion to journal. I've spent the last year thinking about what kind of journals I want and what I want to get out of the experience. And this time I have journals that I made and that somehow feels different. This first journal makes my heart sing and calls me to spend time with it. I didn't make it out of the airport after Silver Bella before I started.

I made this in a class I took from Rebecca Sower. I admire her so much. Aside from the journal, the best thing I got from the class was a quote from Rebecca "Perfection is boring". I needed that. I can't tell you how many times, that week and in the weeks since, I have repeated that phrase to myself. I mean really, why would you want to strive for boring?

Notice all the ripped edges, rough surfaces, cracks and layers of imperfection here?

Here's a little peek inside. She supplied us with various and assorted types and sizes of paper and it really gives it that much more character.
This is a journal I made in a class taught by Anna Corba.  You can see that it is really much more simple. 

I love it but I'm much more drawn to journal in the other one. I'm thinking about using this as more of a photograph/journal of our lives for the next year. It seems to call for a more simple use. Any other ideas?

A little detail because I always assume that you guys love the details as much as I do.

 I hope you are all enjoying a perfectly imperfect day.


  1. Beustiful artwork and oh so lovely....happy that you had such a wonderfully inspiring Bella time.
    Thanks for sharing these the coloring on the first one and the sweet poms on the second.Poms are something I love to use in everything!

  2. EEEK! I'm so inspired right now! Gorgeous work, Jen!!!

  3. This journal is unbelievable! So sweet! How lucky you are to be able to attend Silver Bella~

  4. The journals are absolutely beautiful. One for photo's and one for ponderings sounds like a perfect plan. This next year will be so full for you, it will be fun to document each step of the way.

  5. Love your additions to your journals....especially the pearls!

  6. So decadently wonderful! That first one is especially killer. Love the rough edges.

  7. hi jen,

    each one is so lovely. the top is my fave! beautiful.

    imperfect = shabby = unique = awesome!


  8. I love your journal, it is beautiful. Mine is still in the bag it came home in, I have been swamped!! Anyone who ever has the opportunity to take a class from Rebecca Sower, DO IT!!!!! she is the best and inspires great things...........

  9. Oh those journals are gorgeous . . . I love, love the first one!

  10. Jen, these are GORGEOUS! Love the colors!

  11. Wow Jen, those are gorgeous! I am like you, I have had a long love of pen and paper for as long as I can remember. However, I have NEVER had anything to write on as beautiful as those!! That IS inspiring!
    I love hearing about Silver Bella, what a wonderful time for women. I was reading someone else's blog the other night and was looking at her pics as well. What a wonderful thing! :)

  12. Gorgeous journals Jen! Like you, I have a love of pens/paper/journaling & you can't have too many journals :-)

  13. Yes, it's important to do what you love - keep feeling the bliss.

  14. Ooh - I love paper too, but in a completely different way from you. And pens... mmmm. And notecards with colored envelopes...

  15. PERFECTLY.....IMPERFECT. I am currently taking an online journaling class and absolutely love the process of putting pen to paper. It is so different than typing my thoughts...feels more free. I love the outcome of your journal...I am inspired to make my own.

  16. The journal from the RS class is my fav also. Suggestions for the other one? OK, send it to me. So there.
    Mom Carol

  17. Beautiful, feminine diaries - I would be inspired to write poetry - so it would be a complete work of art- inside and out.
    Great work!


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