April 15, 2010

What's New

 A week? Really? I've been busy. I have proof and although I didn't get to spend the week visiting all of your blogs the way I had hoped, I do have good excuses. I'm hoping that counts for something.

We've been enjoying watching Spring's magic unfold before our very eyes.
We've spent some time getting our feet wet.
As if that weren't enough to make me happy, I mastered this Sunday's Sudoku puzzle. Yep. Totally showed it who was boss.

Then my sweet, sweet hubby surprised me with a little laptop. Now I love to spend time lounging in bed pretending to be Kathleen Kelly. Only 2 things could make this any better  1)if my bedroom were this pretty 2) if You've Got Mail was playing on my tv while I was lounging.

Then I met a friend at the coffee shop in the Village for a little visit and then got my haircut at a salon just off Main Street. I believe it was the best first cut I've ever gotten. I took eleventy thousand pictures of it so you could see. It was either this one where I'm doing the weird self conscious mouth thing or one that would give you the opportunity to play count the chins. Weird mouth thing it is! After my haircut I walked the streets under the flowering trees with the beautiful Spring breeze at my back and the sun shining on my face and I just knew I was where I'm supposed to be.

When I got home I signed papers that officially put us under contract. We've sold our house! We close June 14th. There are still hurdles to jump, an inspection on the 23rd and an appraisal. Oh and we don't have a place to move to. Our first choice has been rented and it looks like our back up has been rented too. Now is a time for faith. I'm afraid that was in short supply for me this morning as I broke down in tears at this news. Oh how I had my heart set on the little cottage rental. I don't know what's ahead for us but I guess that has been the theme for this entire process. I welcome all the lucky vibes, prayers, good mojo and support you guys want to shoot my way.


  1. oh jen
    YAY! surely this is a good thing
    surely your little cottage to be is just wiating to pop open just for you, right? surely

    kathleen kelly
    you know i love that!
    i just got a new one too. she's red. i'm thinking of naming her coco. what cha think?
    did you name yours?

    eleventy thousand
    dang woman
    you crack me up!!

    its going to fall into place
    i can feel it

  2. I'm jealous I can't believe how quickly you sold your home so look on the bright side of the fact you sold your home, unlike me whose house still is up for sale! Anyone want to buy a home in Irvington?? (: Things work out for a reason and you'll end up exactly where you are supposed to be! (Cute haircut btw!)

  3. Ya!!!! Congratulations....now moving on! Can't wait to watch as your "hunt progresses". What an exciting chapter you are starting....Is that little villiage Zionsville? Love it!

  4. Congratulations!! I just know something even better is out there for your family to rent. But, you are now one huge step closer to living in the village ... yeah!


  5. I've thought you must have been busy - no fabulous Friday :) Your new haircut is great! Best of luck with the house sale and the move - certainly something wonderful will come up - things always have a way of working out.

  6. What a sweet husband! Your hair looks great and I really doubt you could force a double chin on that face ;) It will all work out. That other house was not the one for you. God will put you where you are supposed to be. Trust Him.

  7. Congrats on selling your house!!! It will all fall into place. You will see. And, your hair cut is darling! :)

  8. 1. Love the haircut. And can empathize with the multiple chins.

    2. Hooray for selling the house! Don't worry about finding your next place. Sometimes you need to be bouncing on the diving board before God fills up the pool.

    3. Enjoy this lovely lovely spring!

  9. Congratulations on selling your house! I'm sure something will open up for your family just when it needs to--you've got almost 2 months!

    Breathe and enjoy this step getting you closer to the Village!

  10. Congratulations on selling your house. Something good will come your way, it was meant to be!

  11. Oh Jen where to start!

    A) Laptops are the best, they will change your life!

    B) Your hair is smoki'n hot for Spring!

    C) YAY YOU SOLD YOUR HOUSE!!!!!! Don't worry about the rentals you'll fall right were you're supposed to, things always work out that way. There is always the Reserve at Williams Glen. Google it. We lived there a year right after we got married and it was great while we house hunted. Plus there's a pool!

  12. Congratulations Jen! How fabulous to have a Sold sign on your front lawn this quickly! How exciting that you can now begin life in the Village ♥ Watched You've Got Mail the other night again - I have the tape and it's one of our favourites. What a nice surprise your lap top must have been :-)And your hair looks fabulous xo

  13. Never fear, it will all work out in the end! Congrats on your contract and I love your new "do"!!

    Kat :)

  14. Love the new haircut!

    Congratulations on selling your house! No small feat in the current market I'm sure! Woo Hoo!!

    We were listed with Scheetz. Who was your agent??

    And good luck finding a place soon!

  15. OMG JEN!! I have been watching and waiting and ALMOST emailed you because I just KNEW you had sold your house!!!!!!! I KNEW IT! I'm SO excited for you!!! I knew someone would look at it and immediately buy it!! Congratulations! I love your new haircut and your gorgeous!! :)

  16. Yay! Congratulations! : )

  17. Love the haircut!

    Congrats on selling the house! We just listed ours this week. Keeping our fingers crossed.

  18. LOTS of wonderful excuses for not being around for a week!
    CONGRATS on selling the house!
    Love the "do!"
    Have faith, it will work out...it always does.
    Hug you,

  19. You sold the house! You sold the house!! I cannot wait to see what God provides for you - I know it's gonna be good. I really do know.

    And ok - you in that new haircut pic was about the cutest/happiest thing I've seen all dayyyyy! I heart you.

    And what else? Oh! Did I spy some focus/blur??

  20. Wow, I thought that I had a lot going on. Sending you prayers that you get through your home selling/moving adventure all in one piece.

    I moved 5 months ago from Florida to a suburb of Cincinnati and it was very stressful. I have come out of the other side of it and you will too.

  21. What a lovely blog you have! I'm your new follower :-)

  22. Oh, that is wonderful that your house has sold so quickly! (I knew it would!) And I also believe you have the cutest, sweetest little place waiting out there for you and I will be praying that it will be ready for you just in time! :)

    AND I love your new haircut! :)

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  23. yay for selling the house! I'm sure the perfect house is awaiting you. Great haircut too.
    And a new laptop! What a week.

  24. I thought I was the only person who wanted to be Kathleen Kelly! Congrats on selling your house-that's fantastic. I wish I could do your title work for you, but I'm in Ohio :(. Everything will work out, I'm sure.

  25. Kathleen Kelly. Sigh....I've always wanted to be Kathleen Kelly. Girl...your hair is LOVERLY. How perfect to get the perfect cut in the perfect village where you will live out your perfect life soon. Congrats on selling the house!!

  26. Yay! I'm so happy for you. It will all work out & you will see that it is all part of the plan.

  27. Well, you know why the first two places are gone, right? There is a much better one just waiting for you! Your hair cut is wonderful, looks so soft and silky. I did much the same thing this last week, took silly photos of myself in the mirror, actually got two or three that weren't too scary.

    Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

  28. Congratulations on selling your house so quickly! All of that hard work paid off. I'm sure you will soon find the perfect place to call home. Can't wait to see what's in store for you.

  29. Love the haircut.
    Congratulations on the sale.
    Beautiful pictures!!

  30. 1. You are beautiful.

    2. I am over the moon thrilled for you! It will ALL work out Jen. And you will be where you were meant to be.


  31. congrats Jen how awesome! One thing you might try to find a rental is have your realtor approach listing that have been on the market for a long time. They may be willing to do a lease just so they can relocate! Good luck! It has worked for us..........

  32. I was in this exact situation - I sold my home and thought I had a rental and it fell through. But something came up and it was close to the kids school and a block from where we bought so it was perfect for me to take care of my family and get renos done at the same time. For me I think God has a plan that is always better than the ones that I make for myself. Something even more perfect will come up - you will see.

  33. Could that pic of you be any cuter? I don't think so.
    The cottage rented?! Oh my. I guess the roller coaster ride continues, and you certainly seem to be riding it very well, so I know you will land on your feet in the perfect place for your family.

  34. Living by faith...good for you! Love the haircut. Another funny post...love visiting your blog!

  35. Congratulations! and your new do is really cute!

  36. I shivered to see you did your puzzle in pen....ohooo


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