July 14, 2010

What I'm Crushing On- Summer Style

This picnic basket from here. I'm sure the shipping costs a fortune so if you order one will you get an extra for me?

 from Basic French $25 These can be used as shawls, picnic blankets or even table linens. And such a reasonable price. I want one in each color. Not so economical now, is it?

Also from Basic french is this Enamel Thermometer, $26 for the large. Here's a little secret about me. I'm obsessed with the weather. I want an Iphone just so I can have a weather app. I'm not even sure what a weather app is but I think I need one. I want to stare out my kitchen window at that thermometer while I wash dishes. But I don't own that thermometer or have a window at my kitchen sink. It seems cruel, doesn't it?

A Meyer Lemon Tree. Sure it will need to be brought inside during the winter but it's well worth the trouble.
 Because mini anything is better than it's full size counterpart, this Lattice Pocket Pie Mold from Williams Sonoma $9.95.

From Garnet Hill the Lovebirds Pillow. I'm trying to imagine a life in which I would spend $78 for a pillow. Nope, can't do it.
From Anthropologie the Comedy of Manners Mug $10. I have a mug thing. Also a bowl thing. Anthro is a dangerous place for a girl like me.

I have a huge crush on the Flower Farm Measuring cups also from Anthro $28.

Speaking of Flowers and Farms, I'm headed out this morning with the little one to visit one of my favorite girls, Shannan from Flower Patch Farmgirl.

Sadly, due to a smoke detector malfunction I have been up since 4 and Little Bit has been up since 5. We have a drive ahead of us and I'm wishing I was a coffee drinker. Of course I'd drink it out of that Anthro cup.


  1. morning sweet friend!
    hope you have a fantastic day even though it started horrificaly early!

    love all your crushes too

    ps--did you know pier one has little measuring cups very very similiar to the anthro ones & about 1/2 the price

  2. I love those measuring cups from anthro! In fact I love everything you have shown...

    Have a great time!


  3. Cute items, I am heading over to check out the lattic pie mold. Pier 1 has measuring cups very similar to those.

  4. Love the part of where you are trying to imagine a life spending that much on a pillow. Cracked me up. Drive safely! - Kathy

  5. I like, what you like! Especially those measuring cups....too cute!

  6. You are invited to stand at my kitchen sink and look at my thermometer any day. I have several different weather pages bookmarked on my computer, so I think we share this obsession. (Secret creepy stalker confession....I check Indiana weather on a semi-regular basis. Does that make you a bit nervous? Am I still invited?)
    You girls have a great time today and observe a moment of silence for the missing member of the Traveling Cupcake Guild.

  7. I too would like every one of your picks, except the meyer lemon... I already have one of those. The shawls/blankets are fantastic!

  8. oh, summer!!! I'm lovin it!!! I stalk my garden regularly to see what's coming on next!
    Love your pretty features...........


  9. I, too, adore Anthropologie and have found I can get very similar items elsewhere cheaper. I recently found the measuring cups in your post at Pier 1 for $10.00. They have a couple of different patterns, too. (Butterflies and flowers, I think.)Just thought I'd share. :)

  10. So many pretties! I especially love the measuring cups. But I agree with you -- I cannot for the life of me imagine spending $78 for a pillow. Just think what you could get for $78 at some place like Homesense!!

  11. I haven't been by in a while and boy oh boy did I miss out on things! You moved!! It sounds like a wonderful adventure you are on....I am adding you to my google reader, so I can keep up.
    The Comforts of Home
    Lavender Hill Studio

  12. what's summertime without a crush or 2?


    file this under: keepin' it real
    baked blueberry crisp last night
    about to have a large scoop


  13. My Mom has a lemon tree like that (she lives in UT) and she just brings it inside in the Winter and puts it in her master bathroom where it gets lots of sun. It's so cute and she even got quite a few lemons off of it. My kids like to tell people that their Grandma has a lemon tree in her bathroom.

  14. I love all of your loves, but that's no surprise now, is it?

    I have loved that very birdie pillow from afar.

    Know what else I loved? Today.

    ps- That Teresa lady sounds super stalkerish and creepy!

  15. I saw a red metal picnic basket almost identical to that one this past weekend in Marshall's! I even picked it up, put it in my cart then decided I shouldn't spend the $$, although I think it was only $29.

  16. Ok I NEED one of those thermometers!!!!!! And I'm crushing on the two buffalo plaid pillows behind the birdie! I'm sure they are just as ridiculously priced!!!

  17. I had a meyer lemon tree for a bit and I loved, loved it! The blossoms smell absolutely amazing!

  18. I love everything you pictured, too!! And I have those very similar measuring cups from Pier One, but I see Paige already mentioned that...

  19. I love all your pics! Especially the lemon tree. I had one once upon a time. It was a pain in the watussie to keep happy and alive during the winter inside. I'm not allowed to have another indoor tree.lol

    Have a great evening,

  20. stopping by from FPFG... she is so funny! =) I was just going to tell you that Pier 1 has those measuring cups for cheaper... but I see Paige beat me to it!! ha ha!! =) I have been eye balling them... wondering if I would just break em anyway!! nice to meet you Jen...
    Just another Jenn =)

  21. Get OUT!
    I'm perusing your archives looking for that little bicycle embroidery pattern, and what do I see but the very same Anthro mug!
    No need to publish this....this was just easier than sending an email. Lazy? Yes.


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