September 03, 2010

Busy, Happy Days

This week I managed to paint and unpack my studio. Does this look like organized chaos? It's not. It's really just chaos. I have a long way to go before it's ready for creatin' in.

We've also spent some time being one with nature. This is clover. She is Emma's current crush.

We've spent some time reading too, although not nearly enough.

Also we found time to take our favorite puppers out to brunch. She was very well behaved. Well, until she spotted the bacon. This dog loves Village life.

In between all of that we took Maddie out for a very belated birthday dinner, enjoyed my first true Autumnesque day, did some much needed cleaning and now I patiently wait for my oldest friend to arrive from Memphis. Well, she's not my oldest friend but the friend I've kept the longest. If a friend could be a wubbie, she would be mine.

I hope you all enjoy a wonderful weekend filled with whatever makes you happy.


  1. I wish my studio looked half as organized as yours did!! At least you have shelving to hold all of it- I still have stuff in piles on the floor! :)
    enjoy your weekend!

  2. That studio looks pretty good to me!!
    Carol in GA

  3. I think it looks great... makes me want to start creating! My stuff is all in a walk- in closet which isn't good b/c then I never want to get it out and make a mess :( Love the dog , he looks so sweet. Have a great holiday weekend with your pal!! I have a "wubbie" friend and I feel very blessed!

  4. Love your dog...she is beautiful. I have two golden I am a bit biased.

    p.s. your studio looks pretty organized to me.

  5. aw, i'm loving the friend-as-wubbie sentiment. that is very, very sweet.

    enjoy the long weekend. once again i find myself trying to catch up on reading blog posts. it's very easy to fall behind.


    i named the bunny who shows up in our backyard "clover" even though my sons want us to call it something else!

  6. Your studio looks very organized! I love the picture of your little horse loving girl. I also have one of those! :) The dog is adorable and I'm glad you enjoyed the "fall" like weather. I'm in IL and it was gorgeous here yesterday and will be this weekend. I'm so ready to break out my fall decor. :) I hope you are having fun with your friend.

  7. Your doggie is so very cute, and it is a plus that he is well behaved. I'm in the process of organizing my craft supplies too. I reshelved our entry door closet, since the weather here in Texas is so warm we don't really use it for coats. In the meantime, I have my supplies scattered all over our dining room table, for the last two weeks. It takes so long to figure out what to group together, and I'm not good at making decisions. Lets see how long this process is going to take, yikes!

  8. You are a busy girl!
    Here's hoping more Autumnesque days are on their way.
    (nine days)

  9. You are settling in so well in the Village! Did I know you had a dog?

  10. Loved when I saw your post had the word 'happy' in the title!

  11. Your weekend sounds DIVINE! And how I LOVE seeing Emma on that horse!!! Us girls and horses have a CONNECTION :)
    And your studio is scrumptious, I wanna see more! :)

  12. Looks like village life is treating you JUST fine!

  13. Really sounds like village living is treating you well!!

  14. Your studio looks fabulous Jen and it looks like Village life agrees with you all :-)


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