December 10, 2010

The Week in Review

I have this feeling that December, and likely even January, will find me posting a lot of "week in review" posts. I've been saying since September that I was going to slow down. Turns out I'm a liar. While I would love to slow down, my life doesn't seem inclined to cooperate with me. On the plus side that means you will get a post chock full of pictures and ramblings. What's that you say? Maybe that's not so much a plus? Hmm.

 We had a lovely snow day last Saturday which was just perfect for putting us in the Christmas spirit. That day is actually getting it's own post hopefully later this weekend.

It does seem that simple is the trend this Christmas and that is the direction we went as well. It came more from a lack of space and not being able to dig our decorations out of storage than from an actual choice. However, I am enjoying the pared down look and not even close to getting tired of it all yet.

After some furniture removal we managed to wedge a small tree in our family room. I was really hoping to do a vintage theme on the tree but was completely outvoted. I love that they care so much so I saved all the vintage stuff for the studio which I will share soon. I also wanted to do all of the presents in plain paper and my little one would not stand for it so hello polka dots!

 In case we forget the words to our favorite Christmas song we can always refer to this. Don't laugh. That actually happened the other night when I was tucking Emma into bed and singing to her and she said go look at the chalkboard Mommy! I love Christmas decorating that is actually practical.

Emma and I made this wreath together. She did most of the hands on work. I love that every year when I unpack it I will get to relive that memory. Go here to see how to make your own. It was designed by one of my favorite artsy girls, Charlotte Lyons.

A little closeup of the pretty details.

In case you caught a glimpse of my adorable new accessory in the above picture, here she is ready for her close up. I'm just smitten and so glad I finally bought it. Seriously when you covet something for 2 years I think you deserve to just go ahead and own it. Tell your hubby I said it's okay. I guess that also means I should head to the camera shop for that new Canon...

Other than that, I've been doing a lot of knitting. And for the record I was a little over ambitious about how many handmade Christmas presents I could make this year. Okay maybe a lot over ambitious.


  1. I know how you are feeling about the busyness of each and every day. The minutes, the hours, the days are just flying by at rapid speed. Sometimes I fall into bed at the end of the day and wonder where all the time went. Since Halloween, I have not accomplished all of the handmade, homemade gifts I wanted so one holiday goes another comes and I still don't get it all done. I decided to do only a small tree this year, with all handmade decorations, but hubby hasn't even brought it down yet. And it's already December 10th. :/ Wishing you and yours the happiest of holidays. Tammy

  2. Its all beautiful! My 16 yr. old son came home the other day with knitting needles & a pink start of a scarf. I was a little shocked-he knows how to knit?! I assume the scarf is for his girlfriend, but who knows!

  3. everything looks perfectly charming!!
    i love the touches, the wreath, & the chalkboard with your picture in front....gorgeous!!
    the little doggy KNOW i love that
    merry christmas my sweet friend

  4. I feel the same way...too much to do...and no way to slow down. I love your post today. And I really love the carol on the chalkboard...what a great idea! Hugs- Diana

  5. I love simple Christmas decor, especially when the time comes to take it down and put it away. :-)

    Your home is looking really sweet & cozy (peeking into the background of your photos...) and I wish you & your family happy holidays.

  6. Love your tree...and wreath...and SONG!;)
    Merry Christmas!

  7. I adore brown paper packages.

  8. I am loving your swoony wreath! And you read my mind, because I was totally looking behind it, checking out your rockin' fashion sense...the fun sock thingies, the boots! and yes, I noticed the pin. She's cute, JJ! Do you think I have a dog silhouette pin in my future? Yeah, I don't think so, either. ;)

  9. Tis the season.... to hustle and bustle. Thanks for sharing your Monday with me. Hope to see all the Kershners soon! And I'll bring peppermint bark. Better yet, just made chocolate bark with werther originals. OMG!

  10. I totally know what you mean about the slowing down part not going quite as you'd planned! Neither is mine. And I'm completely in deep poop over some gifts this year that I thought I could get made! Still enjoying the season though - nice to see a pic of you, even though it was headless! LOL - you are such a doll.

  11. I love your posts full of rambling and photos! :)
    The wreath is really beautiful, and I love your tree! So cute!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  12. well it's absolutely gorgeous touches. i really love your wrapping paper. really fun!!!

  13. LOVE THIS ALL!! And I want your pin!!! But with a horse! :) And LOVE that you are learning to knit!!! So jealous! :)

  14. I understand how slowing down just never quite gets done.
    Love your Christmas touches....I was also checking out the backgrounds and it all looks so inviting. I LOOOve the dog brooch and the boot socks! You are looking too cute, although headless :(
    BTW, I made the chicken recipe and it was delicious. Thank you my lady. I have dubbed her Babe my big blue pot. Do you name inanimate objects and give them genders? I am not weird, I swear.

  15. For me - everything works as long as I get my decorating done prior to Dec.1 That way - every time I enter our house, I get revived to wrap gifts, write letters or whatever else needs to get done!

  16. Really beautiful touches! I love your packages very festive! Your doggie pin is very cute! I feel the same way to about the slowing down thing. I really have made an effort this year to chill and slow down. So far so good but it is inching closer to the holiday we will see if I last! Traci

  17. Your decor and gifts (and doggy pin) are so sweet. I love it all. Especially the words to the song on the black board. I've been trying to get motivated and make a cream n lace wreath for my bedroom ~ yours with belled birdie is perfect! As usual you've made me feel warm n crafty and ready to go create - Thanks, I needed that!
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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