May 19, 2011

Stairway to Heaven

These are the stairs I have always dreamed of: painted, a lovely runner, definetely a stairway to heaven.

This? This is a stairway to somewhere else. There is nothing good that can be said for it. We're unsure about that post but hope that a coat of paint will have it swimming in charm. Don't be hatin' on me you stained wood purists. We contemplated just replacing the carpet and painting what was around it but we couldn't justify almost $1000 for something that wasn't even what we really wanted.

Lucky for us we have a contractor that is a stone's throw from our house. He will be arriving at the beginning of next week to start replacing the stairs. I think this will be the start of a beautiful relationship.

And while I adore white painted stairs, we have a big, constantly shedding puppers. This reality requires me to make an adjustment to my dream, which means painting the risers white and the treads a mediumish shade of grey. Do you have a favorite mediumish shade of grey you want to share with me? I would paint them Golden Retriever but I couldn't find that color in my paint deck.

I also need to find a runner that makes my heart sing without making my wallet cry. Dash and Albert? Sisal? Dash and Albert? I think you can see which way I'm leaning. I hope to find a way to install it myself. 

I know I haven't shared a lot of house pics yet but I've been so busy with the doing that there isn't much time for the showing. We are pretty well unpacked now, I have painted 4 rooms from tip to tail and hope to finish 2 more in the coming week. We are finally getting things hung on the wall and have started cleaning up outside too. Our Maddie is graduating in a few weeks and we have the frenzy of activity and company that accompanies that event. I'm really looking forward to the 2nd week of June and getting time to catch you up on all we have done. I will tell you this, we LOVE this house and with each project we take more ownership and our excitement and pride grow.


  1. For starters... you should always paint wood if that is what YOU want! And Dash and Albert all the way...


    PS if you do find the golden retriever paint can you check to see if they have yellow lab and black lab too? :)

  2. I love painted wood, go for it! I'm so glad you're happy and loving your house.

  3. Oh my goodness... I have the same problem! They don't make golden retriever coloured paint!!!
    Love the idea of warm grey and Dash & Albert all the way.

  4. I think your post will be beautiful white. Your plans for the rest sound great too!

  5. I think the post will be gorgeous painted white.
    I love my grey bedroom...Smooth Pebble from Lowe' of their lines. It really pops against the white trim and curtains, but isn't too dark.
    Good luck with all the graduation prep and can't wait to see what the stairwell turns out like!

  6. the post is great! i WANT it :)

  7. The new stairs is going to be beautiful. Having a carpenter living close by is wonderful and dangerous at the same time. Why don't you paint the entire stairway white? Our Goldens' hair lands mostly on the runner, not on the tred. The wood is the easy part to clean.

  8. Jen, you have been busy! I think your stairway would look beautiful painted! I'm anxious to see all you've done as you turn your house into your home. Congrats on your daughter graduating!
    Take care,

  9. I think your post is gorgeous and painting it white will make it even more gorgeous!! I think the white/grey look is a great idea! take care, Maryann

  10. I am a painted wood girl. I want a Dash and Albert runner.Can we get a 2for special?? Can't wait to see pictures. Enjoy your frenzy!

  11. I think your stairway will look wonderful painted , all that carving on the newel post will show up beautifully when painted .

  12. Love the post, JJ. It will look gorgeous all spiffed up in a fresh coat of white paint.
    Congrats to Miss Maddie! Enjoy this wonderful milestone to the fullest, Jen.

  13. It is looking wonderful so far. I know how much work it is but it will be SOOO worth it! Hugs- Diana

  14. hi sweets!

    i have an old bhg mag ... maybe it's creative home ... where they painted a staircase white and then painted the steps plaid with bright paint. i'm not describing it well but it's very cute and maybe it would be a fun idea. i think it was a m.mead project so you are probably familiar with it. want me to dig?

    whatever you do decide, i know it will be awesome.

    have a great weekend. so looking forward to seeing these painted rooms!


  15. What beautiful inspiration photos. If you're still not happy with your post after it's painted you could have your contractor encase it with wood or beadboard. We are just about to pull the wall to wall carpet off our staircase. The original hardwood stairs appear to be in decent shape underneath. I can't wait. The runners your considering are beautiful.

  16. Loving the inspiration photos of the runners. Can't wait to see how yours turns out, I think the contrast of the gray and white will look lovely.

  17. really....REalLY.....REALLY....lovely. Sorry I like the stained banister....but paint will be nice too.

  18. These stairs are beautiful! I can be a bit of a purist, but clean, white paint is also one of my favorites - whatever works, works!

    Thanks for sharing!

  19. You must keep that newel post! It is gorgeous. But, of course, paint it if you want to. I really want a Dash and Albert runner for our stairs. Right now we have cheapo pieces of carpet on the stairs.


  20. I'm a painter - go for it! You have the eye my dear. I can't wait to visit again - the ham and asparagus with sweet onion jam is haunting me - that and your smile....: <>

  21. It looks great so far! Thanks for sharing!

  22. I can't wait to see how your stairs turn out, Jen!! I love, love, LOVE that post, and I think it will be so charming painted white. Please don't get rid of it, it is so cute!!
    I would definitely look at Dash and Albert rugs. They have such a great selection, and their rugs are so pretty and casual. Love Dash and Albert!
    Have fun with all of your house projects, and have a great weekend!

  23. I have the stained wood stairs, but secretly covet the painted white. Maybe one day I'll take the leap of faith...but probably not -I'm a wimp :)

    As for gray...Comfort Gray by Sherwin Williams!! Absolutely beautimous!!

    Happy painting :)

  24. I'm so HAPPY for you Jen!! I hear you! Wish we had new stairs in our new cottage so I could decorate, I think Grey is a perfect color..I do have a pretty grey but I need to get back to you.....

  25. i think your stairs have LOTS of charming potential! paint (i think the two colors will look great!). and then dash and albert.

    can't wait to see!

  26. that stair post is gorgeous!! by all means, paint it!

    i feel 'ya on the pet hair issue.

    we have four cats (and, i'm allergic to each and every one of them)--a white cat, a black cat & 2 tabbies.

    the white cat prefers to hang out on all of the dark furniture. he also has some kind of implanted, bionic hair dispenser that throws white hair around like confetti on all of the dark stained hardwood floors. he's artistic.

    the black cat spends the majority of his time lounging on all of the white upholstery.

    the other two are equal opportunity hair sharers.

    my vacuum cleaner is my best friend.

    nanne in columbus, indiana

  27. I'm so happy for you! What an exciting feeling. You always do such a great job decorating. Can't wait to see!

  28. Dash and Albert, despite the trickling of tears, would be so wonderful.
    Have you seen Acanthus & Acorns recent post about stair runners? It's so very worth taking a look if you haven't!
    Best with your decision...
    xo J~

  29. I'm so happy that you are so happy in your new home. Dreams do come true!

    I love the post -- the paint might make those wonderful details show pop out.


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