August 25, 2011


 Here's the truth, I was never part of the in crowd. That's okay with me. I like to fancy myself a bit of a misfit. As a result I seem to be drawn to other misfits, whether they be human or not.

 We have started work on our kitchen. Here's disclaimer#1: Our kitchen needs to be gutted, tip to toes, soup to nuts, floor to ceiling. Here's disclaimer#2: Be don't have the budget for a full kitchen reno right now so we are focusing on making it livable for the lean years.

However, for when the time comes when the years aren't so lean, we are dreaming of an unfitted kitchen. We want something a little different than what every one else has, a mix of materials and finishes to give us a uniquely individual space.

The Europeans are experts in the unfitted kitchen. I'm getting back to my Scandinavian roots by going this direction. My Swedish and Norwegian ancestors are giving me a standing ovation.

 Also, it turns out this is a less expensive way to do it. I almost never choose the less expensive way, so my Sweet Hubby is also giving me a standing ovation.

 And I always thought being a misfit was it's own reward.


  1. I am a bit of a misfit as well and I love all these kitchen photos-Gorgeous!

  2. Love all of those inspiration photos. I'm dreaming of a new kitchen!!

  3. She is right you have some great inspiration cant wait to see how you use these ideas in your space.Happy Kitchen Renovating!

  4. i have never been normal. i have always loved my unconventional what you love.

  5. sounds perfectly wonderful to me.
    i can't wait to see what you create

  6. Love it. I was never with the in crowd and my kitchen is certainly a misfit!

  7. My kitchen is in desperate need of a renovation! Those photos are beautiful. I don't know if I would ever leave the room if it looked like one of those :)

  8. Reminds me of a book I read recently titled "Fitting In is Over-rated". I say go with what you like. Matchy-matchy is boring. - Lana

  9. wonderful kitchen inspiration!

  10. I'm suddenly singing the song about misfits from "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer." A lovely memory for some gorgeous kitchens. Well worth waiting for, I'm sure.

  11. I really like this look too !

  12. I, too, have always been a bit of a misfit. Mix it up with everything you love and it will be beautiful! So much inspiration in those photos. I love it all. Have fun!

  13. I love a good misfit! Godd luck on the reno Miss Fit.

  14. I love misfits...having always been one myself! GREAT kitchen ideas...can't wait for "someday"...xo Diana

  15. Such beautifully mismatched inspiration. I find the "lean" years make us more creative anyway. My only suggestion would be not to settle for so, so. Search and scour for the best deal on what you really love even if it takes a little longer and have fun!

  16. Oh my goodness! You and I have the same Kitchen crushes! I adore all the pics you showed. I think those kind of kitchens are better than the ones that you typically find in new houses today. I don't think you're a misfit. You fit in quite nicely!!

  17. i right there with you.....our kitchen needs a redo and my goal is to rip out the custom cherry cabinets {shhhh} and make it more authentic to what the house would've had. {but, I'm keeping modern appliances, LOL--I'm sure in the beginning they had to haul water in this 1860's house!}

  18. you know I am right there with you and am dreaming of unfitting my kitchen one day!

  19. Being a "misfit" is much more creative and gives your home a better feel for who you are! What a fun project! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  20. I love the kitchens in your pics. I'll never have the money for a refit for my kitchen so I'm learning to work with what I've got. I'm currently painting the floor white and I just papered my pantry door door which looks great. Thanks for your post. It reminds me that its ok if I don't have the stream-lined kitchens that everyone else has.

  21. beautiful ideas, ms. jen!

    you know what i saw the other day? a picnic table, painted and used inside with chairs. swoon!

    as you know i'm all about design on a budget of $0.

    love witnessing your process ...

    (get it?)

  22. From one misfit to another, go for it. Do whatever you want.
    We have many "odd" solutions in our kitchen but they work for us.

    Regards from Sweden

  23. Loving your inspiration photos and this misfit seems to be in good company!

  24. Hi!
    I can't recall if I've ever posted over here or not?
    Though I see you over at FPFG often!
    I have to say 'this post is SO me!' I am a misfit with a misfit of a farm kitchen!
    Thanks for sharing! Now I'm off to


  25. jen!
    all so true - love the "misfit" sentiments...
    i too am a misfit... and as i raise my 12 & 13 yr old
    (boy & girl) i am becoming even MORE of a misfit... and encouraging "misfitism" to my kids! at least once a day i hear myself saying - "do it this way"... or "how how that"... "NO one who do that"! ... i'm so tried of seeing everyone doing the same ol' thing!!!

    please post more pics of YOUR house!
    i'm sure it is amazing - each step of the way!


  26. I am in love, love, love with that old industrial piece used as an island in the first pic! Reminds me of me... a little rough, a little outta place, and little worn, but made beautiful by my beholder.

  27. Beautiful! I,too,am a
    misfit. I prefer an
    old-fashioned look to
    stainless and granite.
    Give me marble counter-
    tops,an old renovated
    vintage stove, old
    sink with built-in
    drainboard, furniture
    used for storage instead
    of all matching cabinets
    and I would be in heaven.
    Too bad I can't afford a
    kitchen remodel but a girl
    can always dream.

  28. I LOVE all these kitchens still have yet to build on to our cottage so could be waiting a while for my 'misfit' kitchen. :(


  29. Love the kitchen. Classy and comfortable.

    I forget how I found your blog, but I'm really, really enjoying it. Thanks for the fun and inspiraiton!

  30. I love how it's a wooden table but it's inside the house and painted blue. That is so cool.



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