October 17, 2011


Now to answer some recent questions:

-The stamp used on Emma's packaging was gifted to me from a fabulous friend so I don't know where it's from. Inside the packaging it says poppyink.com so I would start there if you want to find it. The tags were easy to make. We just used an xlg oval scalloped punch from Marvy Uchida and stamped the image on.

-For those of you worried about the birdcage in the garage sale picture, it is still in my possession. It is one of several things it turned out I wasn't ready to part with.

-We plan to spend our profits from the garage sale on these new flannel sheets, a blu ray DVD player (yes we finally entered the 21st century), a rug for our bedroom, renewing our Children's Museum membership, a secondhand eliptical, a bookcase, an antique dresser for our entry (which I am shopping for today) and approximately $50 worth of cheese from Trader Joe's. I'm not even kidding about that cheese.

-The wall color we have used in most of the house (including the family room and dining room) is Benjamin Moore Natural Cream color matched at Sherwin Williams. I love it so much I'm getting ready to continue it upstairs (I'm hoping to wrap up my painting projects by Thanksgiving). Also, many people questioned why we want to get rid of these french doors. Only one of the doors opens so we would like to have double opening doors. Long term, we hope to enclose the area outside those doors to become the dining room and at that time the doors would be removed all together.

-These much asked about cups are from Anthropologie. I have a cup problem (to match my bowl problem). More on that soon.


  1. what an awesome post! the birdcage...good call on keeping it -- it is magnificent! great choices on what to spend the profit on and i am ALL about the cheese spending at TJ's!!!!!and i MEAN it!!!! that place rocks when it comes to cheese and i have to say...at a bargain price!!! the asiago and brie is to die for and well then there is a list of about 30 others : ) LOL!!!! enjoy your cheese and crackers...macaroni and cheese...pannini's and of course the snacking!

    i have the same addiction -- anthropologie does not help my mug addiction -- NOT AT ALL!!!!

    best to you and yours! andrea -- family and doxies (heaven and earth)

  2. Good luck today! I hope you find tons of great things at Midland!!!!!!

  3. love the paint color it is so cottagey don't think that is a word well it is in my world. I am going by
    Trader Joe's today will check out the cheese prices.

  4. Thanks for tips on the tag and stamp. Usually all we make at our garage sales is enough to buy lunch that day haha!

  5. Of course I have to ask where are those flannel sheets are from, they are so cute.

    Thanks for sharing. Kim

  6. Funny, I have a bowl addiction too...I'll tell my husband that I'm not the only one.

    I agree with the other poster -- love those botanical prints -- where did you get them?

  7. Everything is looking so good, Jen. I'm glad you kept that birdcage. You'll find a home for it, I'm sure. Love the paint color too..you can't go wrong with cream colored walls.

    Love those mugs and I love bowls too...I was beginning to think I was the only one. I was shopping with my dd the other day and I said..."Oh- I LOVE those bowls"....she went...Mom, Do you really NEED another bowl? gulp...guess not!;>( xo Diana

  8. It is beautiful Jen. Just beautiful!

  9. if all your cups and bowls are as cute as that one, then it is not a problem at all.

  10. Only $50 on cheese?? You are showing restraint ... he he he

    I purchased the stamps from a Silver Bella market a couple of years ago, and it was from the vendor Poppy Ink. : D

  11. Well those were quick and informative answers. I love your dining room. Such a fabulous makeover. Have a great week. Tammy

  12. So so so glad your garage sale was successful enough fir you to buy some special things! Especially the cheese! I will always think of you when I stand at the cheese section at T.J.'s!!!

  13. I got some of these cups. I thought they were too adorable. No going to get the babushkups you have also. So sweet.



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