February 13, 2012

Love and Other Tidbits

This is my Birthday tree all decked out for Valentine's Day. I love how festive and pretty it is but I'm looking forward to taking it down so that I no longer have to live in fear that this little mischief maker will knock it down. Again.

Winnie only looks sweet and innocent. I can't believe February is half over. In a few weeks it will be Emma's birthday and then we are practically at Spring's door. I've mourned the lack of Winter, well really the lack of snow, this year but that won't keep me from getting excited about sunshine and open windows.

This morning I heard the birds singing and it gave me a little glimpse into what is to come. This Spring will be great because I've gotten most of the hard work done inside and I won't have to spend all of my time covered in dust and paint. I will finally get to work on the landscaping. I will instead be covered in dirt and mulch. Hmm. Now I'm rethinking my excitement.

These are pillows that my crafty-too-busy-to-blog-more-than-twice-a-year friend Melissa and I exchanged for Valentine's Day. Mine is the patchworky one on the left and hers is the dreamy, gorgeous piece of artwork on the right. It might just be my favorite Melissa creation yet. I probably think that with each new piece though. I'm so glad I've had her to push me to be creative these last two years when it was hard to muster up the energy during all of the chaos of my life. Thankfully I no longer have to be pushed.

Speaking of sewing, many of you have asked for recommendations for buying fabric. I'm not loyal to any one place but shop around for the best deal and buy what I love when I find it. For me it's more about finding fabric that appeals to me, Grand Revival/Tanya Whelan or Lecien for instance, than where I'm buying. I have recently purchased fabric from:

as well as etsy and ebay

You local girls will want to check out a new fabric store I found in Indy called The French Seam. It's yummy. And dangerous.


  1. Cute pillows, Jen.

    I can't wait to get my hand in the dirt; this year Brooklyn will be old enough to help grandma plant some flowers. Can't wait!


  2. That beautiful kitty doesn't look to innocent to me! I love all your valentine goodies.

  3. BEAUTIFUL! LOVE the tree, but know what you mean...time for spring..we got a bit of snow again last night and bitter temps...it's ok..spring is right around the corner..isn't it??
    Also love the hearts..just lovely!

  4. Your Valentine tree is so cute and I love those hearts!!

  5. Love your pillows and tree! I know just what you mean about certain fur-balls only looking sweet and innocent. I had a bunch of dried roses on my bench and they lasted a whole of ten minutes before a furry someone decided they where sitting there purely for their own entertainment!
    Hope your day tomorrow is full of love! :)

  6. Happy Valentines Day sister! Can't wait for our date Wednesday!

    ps I'm going to steal your pillow.

  7. Love the tree ..super sweet...tomorrow my daughter and I will make our own goodies. Valentine cookies complete with sparkles and icing

  8. i love the vintage mercury glass beads :) and those pillows are so sweet!

    we just got our first "real" snow of the year last night...and while not a ton, enough for the kiddos to play in. i'm going to keep my fingers crossed for more though!

  9. Happy Birthday, Jen! I love your sweet little tree, too. I love the thought that Spring is not too far around the corner. xo Diana

  10. Love the pillows, I like the idea of doing an exchange! Happy valentines day.
    Just wanted to let you know that I moved my blog to http://septemberrust.blogspot.com. Hope you stop by and visit.

  11. what a cute little tree but i remember what our old cat used to do to the tree. not good. i understand completely. we are getting a little snow now. maybe it will make it's way to you.

  12. That is a great picture of Winnie! She is looking quite mischievous ; ) Thanks again for a fabulous weekend!

  13. I love how you use that pretty tree for special occasions. I have already had my hands in the dirt and can't wait to get back out there. The strawberry plants are showing green leaves and I added for more and just put in the winter vegetable seeds. It will be spring soon enough. Patty

  14. Oh sew pretty hearts, love your tree!

  15. The French Seam is VERY lovely! And dangerous if you don't have much cash to spend!! I love that place!


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