March 17, 2012

Feeling Green

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Or as I like to call it Happy Day My Husband Didn't Propose to Me! This is the 12th anniversary of the day we officially got engaged or the day he put a ring on my finger. Let's just say that it was in no way romantic. We had already decided to get married, although neither of us can remember that conversation, so the ring was just a formality.

But even so, we all dream of that moment and I'm pretty sure it doesn't include a trip to the mall followed by your man falling sound asleep. Or maybe it does? To each her own.

I am always a little green with envy at the engagement stories of others but then I remember how lucky I am to have such an amazing husband who does thoughtful things like writing and illustrating books for me about how our love grew. This one is from a few years ago but remains as endearing as when he first gave it to me.

This story is oddly accurate.

 Tell the truth. You are now feeling green with envy that he's mine, right?


  1. lol, that is too adorable! What a great hubby you have ;)

  2. I am SO green with envy. He's a keeper!

  3. That is so cool and he is a keeper. Your not an engagement story is very similar to ours hehe. Nothing overly romantic about the engagement but with 20 years this summer, I would do it all again.

  4. My husband proposed at Burger King. There wasnt even a paper crown involved. We dont even remember the date, except it was in May. The ring came a few weeks later. Jealous of our fabulous story? Thirty six years later we are still married.

  5. My proposal was over the phone. He was at Great Lakes and I was here in Ca. I had to wait six months to see him again. He came home on Christmas leave for just two weeks. We got married during those weeks and then said goodbye again for another two months. Yeah it was our Navy life. We have been married since 1975 and wouldn't change a thing.

  6. Yeah- He's a keeper. Does he stay out of the green beer on St. Patrick's Day though?;>) xo Diana

  7. omg...that is the cutest, quirkiest story ever and I LOVE it! You both are love...haha

  8. so great!! and it is romantic! any time a guy gets up enough nerve to "pop the question" it is so special, as awkward or funny as it might seem at the time.

    my husband's grand statement was..."well, will 'ya?" lol! my girls LOVE to pull that little gem out any time they feel like seeing their dad turn 500 hundred shades of red.

    but, sad little proposal aside, it really was thoughtful & romantic. i, being the control freak, had drawn pictures of my perfect engagement ring (hey! i knew i would be looking at that thing for the rest of my life...:)). he took the pictures to a jewlery designer/maker and had my dream ring created for me.

    24 years later (YIKES!!), i still love the ring. and, we have loved each other more & better with each year.

    thank you for sharing your story!!

    nanne in columbus, indiana

  9. So very awesome! Love it! My proposal was very unromantic too. But he is definitely a keeper (34 years and counting!) Congrats! Kit

  10. that is so great! our story is about as romantic. It involved a strip mall, a diamond outlet AND his parents.

  11. Now...not only do I adore you, but I adore your guy too : )

  12. So sweet! yup, I'd consider myself a little green. xx

  13. i am a little green right now. how cute that he illustrated his love. sweet. my proposal wasn't really romantic either. no biggie. have a great day.

  14. That is simply fantastic-
    what a great guy -and yes, I'm green with envy! ;)

  15. Happy Anniversary!!!
    Ours was kinda comical as well...
    I went into the store with him...
    I picked out the ring (2diamonds and 1 sapphire)
    He paid for the ring...
    We got into the car...
    He pulled out the ring...
    He asked me to marry him...
    I accepted...
    Oh, yes....I cried when he gave me the ring!!!

    we will have our 40th in September..

    Ain't love grand??
    cheers.Linda :o)

  16. just so you know, marc and i have a really, really crappy, pathetic, anti-romantic proposal story, too. however, we're still happier and more in love that many of our friends with spectacular stories. so, there you go. (and i'll share that story with you, if you like, on the day we finally get together to hang out on a porch or at a coffee shop or wherever! ;o) )

  17. That is so so cute!! I love it:)
    I've got a great man too - he may not have ever made me a homemade card but he has mopped my floors more times than I know!!!

  18. Now that's one creative fellow.... I really enjoy your blog! Thanks for sharing. From one Jen to another :o)

  19. That's hilarious and SO cute - he's obviously an absolute gem! Your 'About me' description is so funny also - the first bit describes me to a T!

  20. That is husband writes me rhyming hysterical poems.

  21. LOLOLOL so cute!!! Happy Anniversary! :)

  22. I've been reading your blog for some time now and I like what you do. This post, however, absolutely deserves a comment ... just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen, and you have a gem of a husband! Lucky girl!

  23. I absolutely love this - in fact I'm re-reading it today because I remember how it made me laugh the first time. Yep - laughing again. Thanks for putting a smile on my face!


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