April 30, 2012

Two Things

Number 1. Yesterday's post. That was really more for us than for you. I really just wanted to do that here where we can always find it. Thank you for your kind comments. I apologize to those of you who were made queasy by our love. ;-)

We didn't read what the other wrote until we hit the publish button and then we couldn't get over how similar our lists were. I will say, I can't believe he swore on my blog. I'm pretty sure I've never done that. Also, am I the only one that had to look up the word perspicacity? Clearly I'm not that smart.

Number 2. (SOLD!) I have these size 12 girls Land's End swimsuits that may have been worn a total of 4 times altogether that I'm getting ready to sell and thought I'd list them here first. Seriously like brand new condition. They retail for $29 each and you can have them both for $22 (paypal please) including shipping. Email me at thecottagenest@gmail.com if you are interested in buying them. I hate that she already outgrew them but 4 inches in a year will do that.


Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

I had to go back and read the last post as I had missed it.
I had to choke down the "ugly cry" when I read it, especially when I read what he wrote to you. It makes me want to be a better wife, not nag as much about the little things. You know, when they rinse off their plate to put it in the dishwasher but leave all the food behind in the sink which then dries overnight and I have to chisel it off in the morning? The list goes on and on. I think I need to hear your list of things about him that make you insane, too. My husband works so hard to provide for us, he keeps my "honey do" list pretty short. Sorry so long winded here, you just really struck a cord with me!
I want to hear how you handle the things you don't like now, too!
Loved that last post!


NanaDiana said...

I loved your post yesterday...and someone will snap those suits up in a heartbeat! xo Diana

Elyse said...

hey cutie!

why is blogger changing? it's all wonky! anyway, adorable suits -- love lands end! looks like i've got some reading to do around here!

thank you for the loveliest comment the other day. :)


Karen said...

Such darling little bathing suits, I miss having little girls in my life! (Empty Nest)

Your post yesterday was so precious. You both have your priorities straight and appreciate each other for all of the wonderful qualities you bring to the marriage. Thanks for sharing what a happy marriage looks like! I have one of those, too. It makes life so sweet. xx

Hedy King said...

I'll buy the suits for our Maddie. She loves to have multiple looks for the pool. And Gma loves to get them for her.I have PayPal. Our Maddie, like yours is a very special girl. Born with a faulty heart she has had 3 open heart surgeries and several stays at Riley Hospital. She has a condition which inhibits hair growth, and co-ordinates her hats to match her outfits. I love your blog and love visiting your village. Enjoy your trip with your family.

Hedy King said...

Forgot to leave contact info, sorry. Hedy King.