May 22, 2012

Garden Tour

Today is one of those perfect weather days. I can't seem to make myself go inside. I want to absorb every moment of it because I know it's fleeting.

It seems I'm always outside working these days but I'm hardly putting a dent in my to do list. While this yard is much smaller than our old suburban yard, it is much more work, at least right now while we work to right all the wrongs and tend all that had been untended.

It is ingrained in me to see what needs to be done rather than what has already been accomplished. I'm trying to fight that part of my personality, but I fear it may be a losing battle.

 I want to notice the beauty that lies beyond the weed, rather than focusing on just the weed.

I want to take the time to notice the unexpected flower rather that focusing on the plants that need to be moved.

I want to see things with a new perspective and see the beauty in the detail, just waiting to be appreciated. I feel life slipping by so quickly these days and I want to live in the moment. Weeds and all.


  1. enjoy the rest of your day...
    your photos are inspiring...

    Linda :o)

  2. I know exactly what you mean. . . and the fact that you see what you are missing is a good step in the right direction.
    Gardens have a way of doing that to us . . . they really challenge us in seeing beauty in the midst of chaos. Unlike house projects, they are never done, but always growing and changing and challenging us on a personal level to see the gift and enjoy the moment.

  3. I love your bean trellis. Very nice.

  4. So pretty! Love that trellis! Oh thanks for sending me the info on that tote. I went straight to the container store website and ordered one! :)

  5. My friend,

    What a wonderful reminder to all of us today.

  6. what pretty garden them! And your darling her too!

  7. Oh- I love it-I am so glad that you are able to be outside and enjoying it-even though it is a lot of work!!

    I am doing the same thing this next few weeks- xo Diana

  8. What a lovely yard you have. Looks like the start of a nice garden! Loving the warmer weather too! Traci

  9. When you return to gardening after a bit of an absence it is always such a nice feeling of connectedness. Your pictures are beautiful and really capture your joy at being outdoors. Have a wonderful week. Patty

  10. gardens are beautiful but a lot of work. i tend to just focus on the weed too. i spent all day outside tending to mine yesterday. felt good to play in the dirt. beautiful photos. you have inspired me to take some photos of mine.

  11. i need to adopt that perspective for life. sometimes i tend to focus on the weed rather than the beauty-filled flowers around the weed. great pictures!

  12. Great post Jen! I agree with you. Living in the moment and seeing the beauty. Not the dust, weeds, pile of laundry....

  13. your pictures are just great...and your garden plants are way ahead of ours....
    we talk in out house about mindfullness and living in the moment... it is a beautiful perspective on life...
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  14. Oh, Jen...our brains are wired the same. I sit on my back porch and see all the things that need to be fixed, too! What is that? Chuck can sit right beside me and sees none of it. I just start barking off a chore list and he quietly slumps his shoulders.

    Oh...and this happens inside, also.

    Must. Stop. It.

    xoxo, Julia

  15. In my part of the world, I am happy to see weeds grow as there is so little green in this country to begin with. I water them and will them to grow. And when grass seed somehow gets in a potted plant and starts to grow, that is an added bonus as it means our kitty cat gets to munch when she goes out on the balcony. :) Enjoy the good weather and all the beauty that surrounds you. Best wishes, Tammy

  16. Hi!

    Your garden is beautiful - really stunning! I would love to know how long it took you to get it to this stage because your garden looks so established.

    On a side note - I have just started a small forum for discussion amongst passionate cottage owners such as yourself if you would be interested in posting some tips on Cottage Gardening Ideas on the forum I'm sure our readers would find it fascinating, and feel free to promote your blog in the process, our readers would love to know about your blog - I have really enjoyed reading a few of your articles and you seem like you are a bit of an authority when it comes to stunningly beutiful cottages so we would love to have you onboard at the Cottage Forum.

    We don't have many posts at the moment so were desperate for cottage owners to get onboard and start sharing ideas and you would be perfect for the site and as i mentioned before you can promote your blog to your hearts content and hopefully share some of our future readership.

    I look forward to chatting with you about your ideas.



  17. A great sentiment. I do the same. I see all the things that need to be done in the garden and not what already is so good there. Time to slow my pace and take a good hard look at what is right. Kit

  18. Ah Jen how wonderful that we can finally sit in our gardens and enjoy the "moment" I loved this tour as though I was there touring with you! In my woodland garden I allow the weeds to weeds are "poison ivy" Boots only when touring here!

  19. Hello, new to your blog. I love your photos. :)

    Have a great day!



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