July 02, 2012

Oh the Places We Went- London

(For a couple of architecture buffs, the old buildings were a treat)

London. Our trip to London started much like our trip to Paris. After a harried Parisian Taxi ride, we arrived at the train station where I was immediately accosted by a gypsy which so caught me off guard, that I almost walked in front of an oncoming bus, pulling Emma's hand the whole way. Good times.

(National pride)

After safely making our way onto our train we were told that there had been a fatality on the line and that our train would be delayed. Of course it would. We were getting used to this. Oddly enough, later I could not find a news story online about the Eurostar incident. There was a brief blurb about a terrorist act on the line and then never any additional information. Olympic fueled national coverup perhaps?

(At the Palace)

London was wonderful. I felt much more relaxed there. After having to struggle through conversations with the French for several days, clutch our purses for dear life and keep an eagle eye on our girls, it felt good to just relax and enjoy the city and it's culture. It was nice that we could understand what they were saying. Almost all the time.

(Cue the singing angels, my first step into Cath Kidston)

Let me just say right now, the English are super friendly. I could listen to them talk all day long. Why are they all so cheery? Something to strive for.
(A Father's Day dream come true for my guy)
At home, Emma often has a tendency to talk in an English accent fueled by her love of Harry Potter and Narnia.

 (I feel certain that if she could have gone through that wall, we Muggles never would have seen her again)

While in London I tried to discourage her from doing it so that no one would think that we were making fun of them. So instead I did it. Pip, pip, cheerio. Of course I was doing it to honor them and because I so badly wanted to be one of them. I even wanted to change the girls names to things like Jubilee and Piccadilly just to further show my love for their country.

 (Would the real Harry Potter please stand up)

The architecture, history and national pride are amazing. I wish we had more time as it is impossible to see it all in 4 short days with uncomfortable shoes.

(No. 4 Privet Drive)
What I learned in London:
1) The English have a way with words. Mind the gap, indeed. It sounds much better than watch your step.
2) The service at restaurants is awful by American standards.
3) Every time you leave your hotel room it will cost you $100.
4) Very short skirts and shorts paired with tights are apparently right for any occasion.
5) The word Circus does not mean the same thing in London that it means in Indiana.
6) To guarantee your safety, don't be the first one to step out into the street when crossing.
7) Their food packaging is amazing, thus making me want to eat more and more.
8) Mashed peas come with everything, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
9) Warm milk in cereal is a rather unsettling experience.
10) The Tube system is perhaps not the most user friendly Metro system around.

 (I believe I would now like to seek work as a food package designer)

Some of my favorite memories of this trip were The Harry Potter Warner Bros tour, the doubledecker Ghostbus tour,

(There was lots of inspiring typography on this vacation)

happening upon the Sherlock Holmes museum on Father's Day morning, the palace guards, CATH KIDSTON

 (The Sherlock Holmes Pub where we had dinner one night)

and learning that my family, can indeed live in a 8 foot x 10 foot room for 4 days without causing bodily harm to one another. There were a couple of close calls though.

 (The bunk beds in our hotel room. They were about 2 feet from the end of our bed)


  1. what an awesome adventure!!
    i love that she loves narnia & harry!!
    & the house!!! oh my!! you were there!
    i LOVE it!!
    your girls are beautiful

    so glad this dream came true :)

  2. What an awesome trip! I love London. I'm eternally jealous you got to a Cath Kidston shop.

  3. So pleased that you had such a great time in London. You've said some really sweet things about our Country and also some things that have really made me giggle. I love that you think the English are really friendly given that you experienced them in London. As a northerner I find London really unfriendly so I guess if you went up north to my home town of Hull you'd think GB was the friendliest country in the World! You are so right about our service. Mostly is is dreadful and a national embarrassment. But I'm glad you found everything else so great. I am wondering where it was you ate that you got mushy peas served with everything! :-) Anyway, I'm rambling but I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed reading(and looking at) this and your post about Paris which is such a favourite of mine. So pleased you have enjoyed your trip to Europe. Fiona x

  4. As an english person also like Fiona, I love your perception of us likewise it made me giggle as a Yorkshire lass I also agree with Fiona had you headed North you would have been overwhelmed with friendliness, yep totally agree about service we have lots to learn, the warm milk and mushy peas puzzled me too, but most of all your pictures tell it all, glad you all had a spiffing time, cheerio for now :-) Annie x

  5. Your trip looks wonderful -- I'm green with jealousy :) I always tell my husband that I'd be happy if I could visit England every year.

  6. Oh do tell more PLEASE!!!!!!!!
    I mean seriously I too am such a Brit freak, and living in Indiana too! And you are so luckt and I am so JEALOUS that you were at Cath!!!! Can I beg or bribe you with a wee bit more of Englands glory? Pretty, pretty, pretty please? Lori

  7. I can never show this post to Will as he would be eaten alive with jealousy.

    I loved London, too, and your post makes me want to go back...and okay, I'll take the Harry Potter wannabee with me this time. And then he can read this post.

    Your girls should be models.

    And Cath Kidston? So you. I bought a makeup bag, wallet and key chain in the Cath Kidston airport shop....when our plane was delayed 6 hours. That was the best part about being delayed in the airport.

    Thanks for the pictures...it brings back wonderful memories for me. xoxo, Julia

  8. Oh, I want to go! But mashed peas? NO!
    xo, Cheryl

  9. Oh my goodness! Your trip looks amazing! I would have loved to have seen every single thing you did....except that gypsy thing. :(
    I can't decide which would have been better....Cathy or Harry????? Both sound positively smashing to me. Thanks for letting us see some of your wonderful trip!

  10. Soo cool so Jen would u do it all again?? I can hear you saying in a heartbeat!!
    Thanks for taking us with you looking forward to more pics

  11. I am loving your pictures of London and Paris - and am so envious! I have friends in England (southwest, not London) that I visited way back in 2000 ~ and I absolutely fell in love with that country! You are so right about their accents...I could listen to them talk all day. *sigh* So charming! Hopefully, me, hubby, and son will be going back to England next year to visit our friends. :-)

  12. your london time looks wonderful. i love that you documented your cath kidston trip :) i knew you would ;) london (and the rest of Great Britain) are up next on my international travel bucket list...hopefully one day soon.

  13. I'm a US expat and a Londoner so I completely agree with you...the service is rubbish here by American standards.

    Glad you loved your trip. x


  14. I hate to admit but I often just "scan" down while reading a blog. However, I couldn't quit reading yours. Thoroughly enjoyed reading about your adventures in Europe.
    thank you for a delightful afternoon~

  15. I hate to admit but I often just "scan" down while reading a blog. However, I couldn't quit reading yours. Thoroughly enjoyed reading about your adventures in Europe.
    thank you for a delightful afternoon~

  16. oh, how I have enjoyed about your experience in Paris and london. I would love to visit there!! Was there any language barrier in Paris? That would be my fear of traveling to a country where I didn't speak the language. Also, I read where they charge $100- every time you leave the hotel. This is crazy!! So they charge a flat fee and then when you leave they make you sign-out? My goodness! Your photos are gorgeous....


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