July 05, 2013

A New Tradition

I was a girl who grew up moving around constantly and who had no security in my life, consequently I grew up to be an adult that loves security and traditions. I find such comfort in them!

This year we had our first annual July 4th All American BBQ followed by a walk to the park to see the fireworks. The weather, friends and food were all perfect. We couldn't have asked for a better day.

And though we could most likely have seen the fireworks from our backyard, there was something about laying on a blanket in the park, surrounded by our neighbors and friends, Van Morrison playing in the background and the smell of elephant ears permeating the air that made the day complete.

I have always had a particular love for Independence Day. I think the dream of an idyllic small town celebration has always appealed to me, the kind you might see in movies like The Sandlot or Doc Hollywood which happen to be my favorite two 4th of July movies. I bet you've never given much thought to 4th of July movies before have you?

That kind of celebration is exactly what I got this year. I hope it is the first of many. Now that I found my little slice of heaven I'm finding it harder and harder to leave it.


  1. Beautiful pictures...sounds like a wonderful day!
    I have always loved the 4th as well. Growing up my parents made a big deal of it but my husband not so much. I pray I can find a way for my kids to love and enjoy it as much as I did growing up.

  2. love everything you do!
    always so charming.

  3. Sounds perfectly lovely!!
    I too lived in far too many different places growing and and always longed for a hometown of my own. I'm trying now to give my kids something that I never had...that feeling of a place they belong.

  4. Sounds like you've found your spot and want to stay put in it. That means contentment.

  5. I love your new tradition. I love tradition myself..especially around Holidays. Bless you, sweet Jen- xo Diana

  6. Home is always best, isn't it? I can see you had a simple little celebration - but with all the necessary details. I am sure you and your family enjoyed every minute!

  7. it might be the southern in you that makes you love traditions. we southerners cling to, love, revel in and fiecely protect our traditions, particularly when it comes to family things. in my family, if you try to shake things up & change the established recipe for the thanksgiving sweet potato casserole, there might be an uprising! :)

    and, i really thought i was the only person in the world who loves Doc Hollywood... mainly for the idyllic, funny small town life the movie depicted.

  8. Looks and sounds picture perfect! I love Doc Hollywood, but hadn't thought of it as a holiday movie:)

    Enjoy your slice of heaven!


  9. yay for new traditions :) Just a lovely, lovely set up Jen. So glad you've found your happy place!

  10. Jen,
    Your decorations couldn't be more charming! I grew up with many traditions. Since I've been married... we've moved many times. It's even hard for my children to say where home is. We just so happened to relocate again the same time we were finishing renovations on the cottage! Whew!! That's the main reason that we bought and invested so much time into Pinehurst Cottage....my children will always have a forever house. I love tradition also and I try to make as many of them for my family as I can. Happy Independence Day!

  11. So happy for you and your new traditions. I've seen Sandlot at least 10 times and love that movie. Doc Hollywood is the best and my teens love this movie too. Found your blog thru nanneelizabeth on instagram. Yay.
    Cortne @ Coco in Magnolia

  12. Love you new traditions.

    We downsized to a little beach cottage 15 years ago and that move changed our lives forever. Our little lane which deadends on the ocean is known in our town as the best lane at the beach. Our holiday traditions are street parties at the ocean front house for Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day. We do a Progressive Dinner on New Year's Eve. Everyone has their traditional food they bring to the parties. I blew it on Memorial Day and did not bring homemade chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches. I had so many disappointed people who said, "you don't mess with tradition". Believe me, I did the sandwiches for th 4th - 5 dozen of them.

    I just pinned your lovely tablecloth as a to do for this summer.

  13. darling..... : ) so happy for you!!!!

  14. It was such a perfect celebration- loved every minute of it! Thank you so much for putting up with us ; )


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