August 05, 2016

I Believe

I believe in making my home a sanctuary for all who enter it.

I believe in living authentically and being true to myself.

I believe in food made at home, from scratch and with love.

I believe in fresh flowers put in places where cats can't get to them.

I believe in tea time.

I believe in time spent in the garden working with my hands.

I believe in making my marriage a priority.

I believe in making sure the people I love, know that I love them.

I believe in kindness: to family, friends, neighbors and strangers.

I believe in small towns, small houses and small joys.

I believe in living creatively.

I believe in spending as much time as possible on the porch.

I believe in embracing the changing seasons, both literally and figuratively.

I believe in filling my house with things that are pretty and useful.

I believe in small comforts: books, music, candle and throws.

I believe in traditions and celebrations and making people feel special.

I believe in the tiny, ordinary moments of life because I believe they are the most important.

I don't know why, but I'm feeling introspective lately. Summer is drawing to a close for us and, among other things, I'm thinking about some changes I'd like to make to spend more of my time doing the things that add to my life and less time doing things that don't. More on that later! I'm always a little sad for school to start back but a little excited to get back to a bit more routine in my day. I know I want my days to look a little different this year and I'm figuring out what that will mean. I believe some positive changes are ahead for me.


  1. I love your list. :) I was just telling hubby that I want to finish out my life doing what I want to do, and not what I think folks think I should do. If I want to blog, garden, fill bird baths, read everything I need to know about Barbra Streisand, and watch movies while eating Raisinetts, then so be it....LOL By the way, you take the best photos of such simple and pleasing things. :) Kit

  2. Jen, I enjoy your blog so much. I've been feeling similarly (mostly about making some changes in how we homeschool to be able to do more of the things that often get pushed aside.) But I like your "I believe" list as it seems to cement the important or the urgent in what really makes a life happy. I hope you know what I mean, I'm not so great with words. :-)
    I hope you aren't hinting at stopping blogging because it's really a blessing to your readers.
    Smiles, waves, and hugs (if that's not too weird) from WA

  3. What a wonderful list to believe in! I am trying hard to get back to where I belong.

  4. Great list, I can relate to a lot of these, make more time for things I enjoy - that's me too. Crochet, knitting, gardening, walking - just easy things that give me the most out of my free time. Obviously family too but that's all the time

  5. Love this! My kids go back next week as well. I need/want to make changes this year as well and am working in how to go about that along with what changes I want to make...
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Jen, your blog is a respite for me. It almost always helps to calm my soul and so many times your posts reflect the place I want to be in my life. How to get there?

    1. Tres, I believe you get there by making one little change at a time!

  7. Thank you for giving me lots to think on today. So happy to visit here!

  8. Lovely post - and lovely home! You are so right, it truly is the little things, those simple moments of contentment we have in our lives. I am having one right now, with two pups snoring near me in the living room while I visit my friends in Blogland. I couldn't be more content!

  9. I love this post, Jen. You've both inspired and soothed me at the same time. xx

  10. Jen,I Love your believe list.... your blog is always such a wonderful place to come to!!
    Anna xx

  11. Cute creamer & sugar set.

    Cute kitty too!

  12. I believe this is one of the sweetest posts I have read lately.

  13. Great list. So back to school was always my favorite time when my 3 sons were in school. I stayed at home and I could get my house back in order! I had a cleaning lady every other Monday, compliments of my father in law. On Tuesday I could go shopping or do my crafts, sew and I called it my day off! Now I work part time with the summers off! I no longer would want to stay at home to do what I used the change I made. If I didn't work I would volunteer. I still volunteer on a Saturday at my church. I think you are enjoying life and it will be interesting to know what changes are in the works for you as your daughter goes back to school. I would like to see a few more areas around your town, too!

    1. I will be sure to post more photos of the Village very soon, JolieAnne!

    2. Thanks, I would love to see photos! We have a couple of shops around our small town with cute names; Posh Pineapple, Juno Shoe Girl, Chuckles is a combo of books & antiques! We also have very nice murals painted on the sides of old buildings. Can you believe we have 2 major paint stores in town? Life in the slow lane, just my speed!

  14. I love all of your beliefs and share so many of them with you. I'm honestly happy for the summer to be coming to an end and school beginning again. There have been so many things going on that are very stressful to me and I need a change of pace. Your blog always gives me such a sense of peace. Thank you for that. xo

    ~ Wendy

  15. I believe....I love this post!!!!!

  16. Ahhhhhhhh, it's been SOOOOOOO lovely to catch up with your posts Jen. I have been awol for a while as life has been testing, and it's just so calming and soothing to visit here, yet inspiring at the same time. This year for me has been a year of taking one step forward and three steps back......but you are right, just changing one thing at a time can begin to make a difference. I just have to be patient!

    Thank you for such a beautiful blog. I hope you realise how much you brighten peoples day!

    Take care my lovely

    Vanessa xxxxx

  17. This is just you having fun with an ideal morning.


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