October 30, 2018

Full Autumnal Immersion

November is almost here and I'm feeling like October blew by at breakneck speed. In fact that might be why today this majestic maple was dismantled limb by limb. It was a sorry sight to behold. She almost lost her battle a couple of years ago and rallied thanks to a town that cares and some hearty cables. The extreme winds we've had recently proved too much for her, so now we mourn the loss. Also, I now have a perfectly clear view of that modern monstrosity that was built after they tore down the sweet cottage that used to sit there. Progress is not always good.

Despite the fact that today's temperatures surpassed the 60 degree mark, on the whole it has been plenty chilly. The dip in temperatures threw me into nesting mode and I spent the weekend being productive (something I've not felt I've been very much this year) and I got the garage storage and the attic cleaned out and organized. I also spent a bit of time shuffling things around the house, always looking for the balance between peaceful and cozy.

I love to get things clean and in order before the holidays. I relax and enjoy it more if I know that there are no dust bunnies hiding behind the sofa.

I did the annual turning of the dining room furniture in anticipation of a crackling fire being lit in the dining room and although I wish our fireplace was in the family room, I'm grateful to have one at all and try to make the best of it.

Of course a clean kitchen and brisk days almost require that you do some baking. I made this cake and this bread. There are so many other things I'm tempted to bake as the need runs deep this time of year, but my desire to keep my sugar intake at a minimum requires that I resist as much as possible.

You would be shocked to see how three people can destroy that loaf of bread in minutes. Well, really just two people as I only had one slice myself. I live with animals.

As we start to prepare for our cold weather hibernation, some of us have gotten an early start. There is a vent under the dresser that makes this the coziest spot in the house for a cat. Unless there is a giant, drooling golden retriever near by.

It's interesting that as I've gotten older, the months that used to have me just ticking off the days (January, September and November) until the good months started, now are some of my very favorite months. I appreciate the opportunity to catch my breath and get caught up or to just be more still. I find that I get overwhelmed much easier than I used to and in an effort to prevent any loss of joy during the more hectic days, I look forward to these times to restore serenity to my days.

I hope you are all well and finding time for the things that make you happy and enjoying whatever season you are in.

October 17, 2018


 Autumn. There are few things that make me as happy as this season. This is likely because cozy things are my favorite things. Before the word hygge made it's way to mainstream America, I was living that lifestyle. I just never knew there was a word for it. Apparently my Scandinavian roots run deeper than I realized. I am never happier than when I am cuddled into a corner of my sectional with some mellow music, candles lit, a stack of books, my knitting and a cat by my side on a dreary day.

I know this weather isn't for everyone but I do think it's important to find things that make you happy in every season. As for me, I'm filled with deep contentment at this time of year. Long walks in the crunching leaves, wooded paths, crackling fires, big bowls of homemade soup with freshly baked crusty bread and wrapping up in cozy throws and sitting on the porch. These are a few of my favorite things.

I also love the time change. I count down the days until it's acceptable to be in my pajamas at 5pm. Otherwise you will find my in my fuzzy joggers and big, fluffy sweaters pretending that I'm not really wearing a slightly more acceptable version of pjs. I am thankful for whoever came up with the concept of lounge clothes. Just bless you.

I always tease that my Sweet Man loves me more in Autumn but there is really something to it. I'm not sure why the drop in temperature should usher in such feelings of happiness and comfort. I don't know why suddenly all the things that have been driving me crazy about my house, things I've been longing to change, suddenly seem quite fine just the way they are. I'd much rather curl up with a steaming mug of tea and a good book than paint a room.

Whatever the reasons, I'm as thankful for the change in my outlook as I am the change in the weather. I look forward to embracing all the best things about this next season.