October 08, 2007

Playing Along and a Question

I have been tagged for 2 games and true to form I have been awful about playing along. Here goes.

7 Random facts about me:
1) I love socks. I buy a lot of them. When I was growing up we were very poor and as a treat my mom would occasionally let me pick out a new pair of socks at the grocery store. I would get so excited. I was very appreciative (still am). I would put those socks on as soon as I got home & not take them off for at least a day and half.

2) I wear my pedometer all the time. I'm wearing it right now. I feel naked without it.

3)I don't like coffee. I love the idea of it & want to like it desperately. I keep trying & hoping but no luck yet. I'm determined to like it because I have this image of Sweet Hubby & I sitting on the patio drinking coffee together when we're old.

4) Sweet Hubby never proposed to me. We're not quite sure how we ended up getting married because neither of us can remember a conversation where we said "Hey, do you think we should get married?" It seems like we just assumed it from almost the moment we started dating.

5)My maiden name is Whistle. Can you imagine what a burden it is to have a maiden name like that? I always say that the reason I stupidly got married so young the first time is because I wanted to be rid of that name.

6) I have a magazine problem. I subscribe to 12 decorating magazines & still buy others on the newstands although not nearly as many as I used to. I also can't resist those offers for free trial issues. Send 'em on. I am trying to get better. I've decided to let 2 of them expire. Go me!

7)I met my dad(step) for the first time when I was 4. I remember it clearly. He walked in and talked to me and gave me a Mr. Potato Head. I called him Daddy and the rest is history. He liked to tease and say that he married my mom because he didn't want to disappoint me.

The Middle Name Game:
K- Kitchen. It's my favorite room in the house. If it were up to me, mine would be twice as big as it is. I think if I were an interior designer, I would be happy to specialize in kitchens. One day I will have the kitchen of my dreams.
A-Addictive personality & ADD. See number 7 above. I get completely absorbed in my hobbies and find it hard to think of anything else. When I love something, I totally love something. Until I don't. That's the ADD part. I can get really excited about a project and then drop it like a hot potato before it's finished. And never go back. I think that must be fun for my family to live with.
Y- Young. I was a young mom when I had Maddie, just 22. Most of her friends mom's are in their mid to late 40's. It feels a little strange to have a teenager at the age of 36 when a lot of my friends are still having babies.

Now for my question: Does anybody know where I might find the trick or treat tickets in the picture? I found them on a blog but they weren't for sale. I really want them!

UPDATE: Thanks to Dede Warren I have managed to find these at Sweetpeas and Snapshots and they are on their way to me from sunny California! Behold the power of blogs.


  1. Good morning Jen! I loved reading these fun things about you! you are too cute! Now, how to get you to love coffee?? Hmmmm...


  2. Hi Jen

    Thanks for your comment this morning.

    Hope you like Bloglines. It has really, really helped me.


  3. http://www.admitoneproducts.com/Roll+Tickets?gclid=COuq7tDC_44CFRqWGgodg36M3A

    You can design you own on this site...maybe not in time for this year...but in the future.

  4. HI Jen...loved reading about you!


  5. Did you try emailing/commenting on the blog you saw them on to ask her (er, or him) where they came from?

  6. Mornin Jen! Love all your stories. I am mag addict too. Just can't be helped really. That story of your dad is too sweet. And I was 24 when I had my first kiddo so I understand about all that too!

  7. Ah, pedometer - I haven't had mine on in ages. Must un-earth it...

  8. you can ask andrea


    she has em on her blog too!

  9. Loved reading your facts - I always feel young among other mothers too. I had just turned 26 when I had Spencer, which is still 4 years older than you. I like being a younger mom though.

    I like the tickets too. What will you do with them when you find them?

  10. I was only 22 when my oldest was born too. We had a very similar discussion a few weeks ago - she was commenting on how she couldn't figure out why all her friends parents were so old! LOL I enjoy it because it means I'll have lots more years left for just me and hubby!

  11. I love reading answers after one is tagged...I love socks too! But, I love to knit them. Don't know why, just love to knit socks! Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself with us.

  12. You are not alone!!! I had my daughter at age 22 and I'm 36 now with a 13 year old! (I still have to pinch myself!) Most of her friends have mother in their late 40's or even 50's...I'm just a kid in comparison :o)

  13. Wow...great blog! I clicked over via Elizabeth. Can't wait to look around!


  14. you can get those from Sweetpea's & Snapshot's in Los Angeles I believe! Call them, they should be willing to ship them to you!

  15. I used to just love the smell of coffee but not like the taste...then I started drinking mocha cappuccinos and now I like coffee in any form (except black).

    Be careful what you wish for...lol.

    Your 7 things were cute and interesting. Good Job!

    Becky K.

  16. I'm not a big coffee drinker, either, but I LOVE Starbuck's Caramel Macchiato. Now I can sort of make them at home - not too low in calories, but oh so delicious!

    I also am hooked on magazines. I tell myself all the time that I'll stop buying them, but I can't seem to stop. They are so beautiful - so many ideas - so many good recipes. My girls are just like me, too. Needless to say, we have a TON of paper in my house.

    And as for children - I had my first at 25 and none of my friends were having children. I had my last at 38 and most of my friends had stopped having children. Very interesting spot. It is great to be a mom at any age, though.

  17. Hi Jen,
    I love coffee. I have the same magazine addiction.
    It's good to be a young mom. I had my daughter at 24.
    I just bought some of those trick or treat tickets today. How many do you want? I will gladly send some to you. I am good at sharing.
    Email me your address. I can stick them in the mail tomorrow. I got one white roll and one orange roll. That's how they come.

  18. What fun things to learn about you! Those tickets are adorable and I read the comments left for you to find out their source, too.

  19. What a fun game!
    I never liked coffee either, that was until I found out that if you dump enough sugar and milk in it, it tastes pretty darned good! ;)

  20. Coffee--ICK. I'm a Diet Coke addict myself. Have you tried tea? You can drink that while your hubby sips coffee! Hee! Noone would ever know!

    Love the maiden name. I can only imagine the fun kids in school must have had with that one. Ack!

  21. Oooh, pedometers are dangerous items. They always show me just how fat I'm destined to become. :)

  22. I love cozy socks too! There's nothing worse than cold feet- unless it's your hubby's cold feet near yours!

  23. Jen: Thanks for playing along...I feel as if I know you a little better now. Glad you found your tickets.

  24. Hi!
    Nice to meet you and get to know you thru this question post! What magazines do you subscribe to? and what two are you letting expire?

  25. Jen, I love your answers...especially the super sweet one about the socks! It really reminds me of me when I was a kid...I think that those of us who did without when we were younger appreciate so much what we have now, ya know?

  26. I so love getting to know you better Jen. And I can see why you wanted the trick and treat tickets. They are so great. I haven't seen those before. Such fun.


  27. Hi, just wanted to add the I felt the same way about coffee. I wanted to like it, but I didn't. It smelled so good, and yet, couldn't stand the taste. Then...I discovered flavored creams. Flavors like hazelnut, pumpkin spice, vanilla, chocolate raspberry, creme brulee. There are many yummy, yummy flavors. That's what did it for me. Now I LOVE my coffee (as long as I have my flavored cream) :o)


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