November 01, 2007

Got My Work Cut Out for Me

It's so busy around the cottage these days. It seems like I have so little time for blogging or my studio. The fun stuff. I'm so bogged down in the "have to do's" that I don't have extra time or energy for the "get to do's". Today promises to be more of the same but tomorrow I hope there will be time for knitting, paper cutting and sewing. Playtime.

Now that Halloween is over, I'm starting work on Christmas. I've decided to make several gifts this year, starting with aprons for my nieces. I love the idea of handmade gifts. I also hope to make a gift for each of my girls, my mom and Sweet Hubby. Next year I plan to get an earlier start and make even more gifts.
At first glance, it may seem I'm doing a selfless thing, this taking time to make things for people I love, but in reality it is quite selfish of me. It gives me such a feeling of joy & makes me feel more full of the Christmas spirit. The earlier I start the longer I get to enjoy that feeling. It's actually a gift I'm giving to myself this year.


  1. Jen,
    You are so right. When you actively participate in the gift (and making it surely is participating) you really feel the spirit. One year I made my Dad a list of some of my fondest childhood memories and framed it. I think that was my best gift ever. Come visit me at my new blog, when you have a minute.

  2. I think it's a really lovely thing to make gifts for those you love. Doing the actual making is as much part of the enjoyment as the giving. I'm making things for both my Mum and Sister this year. I wish though that I could think of things to make for the men. I find my Dad and Brother-in-law so difficult to buy for. I'm trying very hard to think of ideas to make for them both. I love the look of the fabric you have for making the aprons. Very pretty.

  3. And it is a great gift indeed! For them, and for you. This will be so special because you made it for them!!

  4. Very great gift. Love the color's can't wait to see the finished product. I think a gift means a little more, coming from the heart and the hands, makes it extra special.

  5. What a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas. I can hardly wait to see your gifts, Jen!


  6. I love the idea of handmade gifts and I am trying to make a commitment to that this year. Now I just have to keep all my family members from reading the blog! ~A :-)

  7. For the last several years I have made gifts for several of my family members, including the kiddos. Those are my favorite gifts to watch them open.

    Happy Sewing!

  8. From the look of the fabrics & trim, it is going to be a lovely gift.

  9. Jen, I love your photo. The apron will be pretty. I'm reading Deborah Norville's book "Thank You Power" and she actually mentions that the real gift in doing selfless acts is in the act itself, not in the results. I think I'm getting that right! Anyway, it's wonderful that you enjoy the process and your recipients are very lucky indeed! You've inspired me to start a few holiday gift projects myself. Thanks!

  10. Hi Jen!
    I think that is so sweet you are making aprons! I should do that too, I was thinking of making some purses, but aprons would be much easier! Thanks for sharing and take time for yourself!


  11. It's so much fun to receive a homemade gift. Great idea!!
    Don't get too busy though.
    Take some time for you.

  12. Jen, I know how you feel! I have been scrambling around trying to get things done & I feel so behind with working & blogging. Not enough time in the day! I've got some paint projects that are waiting for me so I hope to get them at least started this weekend. Your projects sound fun!


  13. I agree...there is nothing like giving or getting a handmade gift! So much better than getting a perfunctory gift someone picked up at the last minute...

    I love that apron fabric!!

  14. I feel the same way! So little time and so much to get done! I'm happy you still find time to blog, you always inspire me!

  15. I love the idea of handmade gifts for anytime of year. I love the joy of putting time and love into a project and then giving it away seeing someone face lightup with the joy of receiving such a wonderful surprise. I think your aprons will be lovely, the fabrics look devine.

  16. Hello Jen,
    Thank you for comming by my blog. That apron is going to look real pretty, looking at the material and embellishments you have. Have a Fun Holiday Season.I always get so excited this time of year.

  17. What a lovely way of looking at making your Christams gifts. You certainly have the right idea of the Christmas spirit.

  18. i love giving handmade gifts. sometimes i am not sure the recipiants like them as much but all the same....
    thanks for dropping by my blog. :)

  19. We have a rule in our family (amongst the siblings) that you have to make hand-made gifts for each much more fun and creative!

    smiles, kari and kijsa

  20. i love that blue material. where did you get it? thanks for stopping by. it means so much to have a real farmgirl like my aprons. :) lol.
    i probably should get started on all my handmades for the season too. lol.


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