September 08, 2008

How Swede It Is

I'm Swedish. I am also, Norwegian, Irish and German but I'm most intrigued by by Swedish heritage. This probably stems from the fact that my great-great grandmother was Swedish royalty. Of course she ditched it all to marry a commoner. Just the first of many women in my family to make poor choices in regards to men. Any who... a couple of weeks ago I discovered this bunch of Swedish molds including an original recipe for Sand Bakkels for $3 at a garage sale.

After racing home and then spending approximately 17 days cleaning all of those scallops and groves out I decided to try Martha's recipe for Lemon Madeleines in them. Yes, madeleines are french. Clearly I'm no purist. They were de-lish by the way. I have no idea if they tasted the way madeleines are supposed to since I've never had one. All I know is lemon+powdered sugar+pretty molds=yummy to the 3rd power. Or something like that. I'm no math major.

So next I'm going to try the recipe that came with them and then I'm ordering this book so I can surround myself with Swedish yummies. Then I can regale my family with tales of how I really should be royalty and explain to them that surely someone as important as me should not be doing dishes.

By the way, you guys rock! I love all the advice, suggestions and suck-upery that you guys gave me on my last post. Especially the suck-upery! I have already started implementing some of the ideas. I have purchased and used the Boots No7 refining serum and the day and night eye treatment. I think they are working because Emma's new Brownie Troop Leader was shocked when I told her I have a 15 year old because I look about 12. Thanks? I'm really so thankful that you ladies are always willing to encourage me!


  1. Those cookies look delicious.

    Have you ever heard of Cloudberry Cake? Cloudberry's come from Finland and are golden colored.

    I saw the recipe years ago on Martha Stewart. It looked wonderful. Have not tried it though, but it's very Scandinavian.


  2. I LOVE your molds! I'm a little Swedish and German, a little more Norwegian and a lot French. I am mostly intrigued by my Norwegian heritage...but not because I'm related to royalty! FUN story!! I have a krumkake iron that was my mother's that I make cookies with each Christmas. I love it. :o)

  3. I remember this recipe from Martha but did not try it. It looks very yummy!!


  4. My mother's Dutch and I love to carry on what few Dutch traditions and recipes we have. Like St Nicholaas' Day and baking Spekulaas (spice biscuits) and Onbijtkoek (spice cake). My kids love it too.

  5. Hi Jen, Cute post, love your title. And your cookies look delicious, I might have to try that recipe.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog,I'm kinda new at it, not sure what I'm doing, but please come by and visit anytime.

  6. Those cookies have me craving them with a cup of tea!
    As a fellow Matthew Mead fan, you might want to stop by my blog give-away: Mr. Mead is giving away ten signed, hard covered, collector's editions of his new Halloween mag. Stop by!

    And by the way, you look great for your/my age!!

  7. I especially love the little flower(?) molds.

  8. Girl, I love the titles of your blog posts. Seriously! The molds are great!

    By the way, I am seriously thinking of cutting my hair into a long bob at my next hair appointment. It's been a couple years since I've worn it above the shoulders and seeing great styles like yours is pretty durn convincing!

  9. Hello, I am German and I love the little molds!
    If you don't want them anymore, consider selling them to me!;) My grandmother had those and used to make chocolate treats in them for christmas. They were called "Ice confect". After the chocolate mixture was put in the molds, grandma set the tray outside in the snow to set up. I think I have the recipe somewhere if you like it.

  10. Hey there fellow Swede!
    I am 100% Swedish and am very proud of my heritage. Anyways love your site and the baked goods look so yummy.
    Visit my blog when you get a chance.
    God Bless,
    Legacy Crafter


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