March 24, 2011

New House Wish List

Here I sit just weeks from move in and I am all in dreamy mode. I keep trying to get some stuff accomplished around here but I seem to be spinning in circles. I did manage to do quite a bit of organizing this week but I wouldn't call it a particularly productive week.

Perhaps that's because I've been running around doing my share of shopping. There are several things we want and need for the new house and while I have picked up some little things here and there, I find it hard to pull the trigger on the big things, like counter depth refrigerators and flat screen TV's.

I'm having a hard time parting with any of the money left in savings after we closed on the house. I think I just need to wait until we get in there to figure out what really is at the top of the priority list. Except for this mailbox. That is definitely at the top of the list.

So, while all of these things are beautiful and certainly worthy of a little daydream, I am going to wait a bit before I start bringing them home. I really feel pulled to simplify things in our new home and somehow draining my savings account to buy lots more stuff doesn't really feel like the right thing to do. I think I will have a big garage sale and use the proceeds to fund some well thought out purchases. That feels right.
In the meantime, I'm sure my Sweet Hubby will be doing everything in his power to convince me that we need a 46 inch flat screen TV.

photos: 1,2,3 from Pottery Barn, 4 Dash and Albert, 5 Crate and Barrel.


  1. Have to watch those husbands and the flat screens. We started out thinking a 40-43 inch would be PLENTY... ended up with a 50... He was so persuasive. :)

    Seriously, though? If you're looking for a tv, look before April. New models hit the floors and right now last year's models are being cleared out. Now is really the time to buy.

  2. Mine tried to get the 50"...discovered it wouldn't fit in the car and settled for a 42"

  3. I have been eyeing that very light fixture from Pottery Barn. I love it!

  4. You are a wise young woman. Live in the house for a little while to be sure of what you really want/need.

  5. garage sale?
    we NEED some stuff (is that possible)
    what i should say is that we could use some good deals!

    congratulations on your venture, and it is so refreshing to hear your perspective on accumulating stuff. we can't take it with us when we GO. the friendships and kindnesses are what we keep :)

  6. hi jen,

    very wise. some purchases that i made too quickly once we were in our house were regretted. get to know the space for a bit and then you'll know what's right.

    i hear you -- it's difficult to part with sums of moolah. again, you're a smart cookie and you'll be fine. and as you know, paint can do miracles (lidy from FGH even painted her kitchen counters!!!).


  7. I would sooo send you a letter if you had that mailbox.
    I would totally eat a barbequed pizza that you prepared on that island.
    And, I would sit next to you and watch a Gilmore Girls marathon on your new big flat screen tv.
    I feel it's my duty to make you feel good about your purchases. That's just the kind of friend I am.

  8. And I'm with T - I'll do my part by saying that the rug screams JJ. And Shanny. And doesn't everyone need a little Shanny up in the hood?

  9. I love the rug. Good idea to wait til you are in. I have to say though I love my TV. I'm a happy camper perched in front of it most evenings with a liitle Harry's Law or Ruby on the screen.

  10. Those are some wonderful choices. I think you are right to window shop and dream now, and wait until you get into your home to see what will work. I am lookng forward to your move!

  11. A huge flat screen is on top of my husband's wish list. Our current televisions work fine, so I'm using the flat screen as one of the incentives for moving back to the US. As nothing electronic can be moved with us, we have to go shopping for new toys lol

  12. i wish my husband wanted to invest in a new flatscreen. we have the huge ugly one on wheels. ick.
    i would love a flatscreen tucked away in a pretty cabinet. that is a great mailbox!!!

  13. Love the light!! The simple elegance of just the bulb and glass. What a statement that woul dmake. Cannot wait until you start decorating your new home!!!

  14. I'm dreaming of your wish list rug by D&A love it!!! oh i can't wait to see everything you do in your new home... very exciting!

  15. Good idea to get into the house and see what works for your family. It's not always obvious right away. We've been in ours for 5 years and I long for the day when we first moved in and had very little. It felt so clean and uncluttered. You will acquire stuff fast! Enjoy the simplicity! Enjoy your move!

  16. Otherwise known as "nesting mode." Love the mailbox!

  17. Love your wish list!

    Isn't it amazing how they can always justify what they want!!

  18. Jen....Get the big tv first. Then put the husband in front of it. This will allow you to buy anything you want without his interference. He will be in a comatose state in front of the tv. Trust me on this. Your older, wiser, been there friend, Julia

  19. Hi Jen,
    Yes, I am hand painting the table and chairs....We do have a wonderful spray gun, but I don't like to clean it - lol.

  20. i think that mailbox looks lovely!

    i've learned over time that buying slowly is best. i look forward to seeing how you choose things that you love for your new home!

  21. That's a great wish list, Jen!! I bet you are getting sooo excited to move into your new house!
    We have that little Pottery Barn light fixture hanging above our kitchen sink. We have had it for a couple years, and I love it!!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  22. I am so happy for you, Jen! I can't wait to see it in all of its glory!

  23. I love the mailbox. It is way cute! I have been feeling the same about accumulating "stuff". I have plenty of "stuff" in my soon as the weather clears up i am definitely having a yard sale. I am so excited for you..can't wait for you to move in:)

  24. I stopped by today and read back over your last few posts.

    Just wanted you to know how much your rainy day thoughts on being a homemaker and your post on dreams touched me!

    I am excited for you to be getting your new home very soon!

  25. Love it all! And SO know what you mean! However, we DID find a 42 inch flat screen with built in wifi for $699 at BJ's wholesale club! Vizio, wonderful picture too :)
    I have had ONE buyers remorse so far. I bought a seagrass rug for the DR only to find out that I'm not a seagrass person! :( I'm a more soft and squish between-your-toes type gal! OH well, live and learn.

  26. Soooooo excited for you! I'd love to visit your garage sale and help contribute towards new purchases for your house! Also, THANK YOU for your kind email. I so wish we were in a place to rent in The Village, but not yet. I visit often and love the park, and walking on the rail trail. Anyway, shoot me an email if your decide to have a garage sale!!!!

  27. oops, in case you forgot my email is joelnkelly at hotmail dot com.

  28. Do you ever end up having a garage sale? If I lived near you I would of brought some stuff from you.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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