February 06, 2007

I'm in the Mood for Love

I'm back!!! I sure did miss all of you out there in Blogville and I look forward to getting caught up on your posts in the next couple of days. We have had company here since last Friday and so, not only did I have little time for the computer, but the only contact I had with my studio was mournfully peaking in occasionally and daydreaming about projects I couldn't do. We love to have company though, so it was worth it.

Are you ready for Valentine's day? I'm dreaming in pink, red and white these days. So is Emma. Little Miss has decided we are redoing her room in those colors. I couldn't be more proud. I thought I'd share some of my Valentine's Day creations.

This is Emma's Valentine holder.

This is Maddie's Valentine holder.

Just a little touch of Valentine's Day for my studio.

These are 3 cards I made in a class at Archiver's. There is also an altered book but I haven't finished it yet so I'll post it later.

I enjoy seeing all of the creative things you guys are making so keep the inspiration coming!


  1. What gorgeous hearts and idea's for the home and office. Hearts seem to dominate my life at the moment... I would'nt have it any other way though.

    Best wishes Ginny

  2. LOVE the Valentines...so cute! Can I ask where you got that great wire card holder? I have been looking everywhere for one and keep seeming to find ones with a ceramic goose at the base or similar...not exactly my style. :)

  3. Hallo :=)

    Thank you for your nice comment !
    I am started to wonder if i should`nt write some of my comments in English. Because recently a lot of foreigners have visited my blog.
    Have a very nice and creative week

    greetings from Aina

  4. Karen- I've had that card holder for years. It had actually been sitting in my basement for ages before I re-discovered it. I couldn't even tell you where it came from. I hope you find what you are looking for. Jen

  5. Hey Jen! Your hearts are lovely and I also like the Be Mine cards!

    Yep I'm all in Valentines mood too! If you haven't been around blogland the last days you may have missed out on the "Circle of Love" which is going on! You can find out more on my blog and you can also win my heart.

  6. Lovely and sweet each one!Love is in the air. I create with my camera a love story and more.

  7. Lovely things. I love to use hearts in my designs all the year round, not just at Valentines.

  8. Those valentines are so beautiful! I'm glad to have found your blog. It's so inspirational. I'll visit often!

  9. oh, scrapbooking....i like that

  10. I absolutely LOVE the valentine holder. I was trying to come up with something original for my daughter's valentine's this year, other than another shoe box! This is just what we will do!

    Thanks for being such an artistic inspiration!

    - Kim

  11. Precious! Just precious! I expected no less from you...

  12. Love all the valentines and you just helped me think about hearts and love...thanks

  13. The valentine holders are a great idea...the girls could save some of their valentines (they'll be vintage someday!)

  14. I love the idea of Valentine holders for the door - yours are precious.

  15. I feel like such a scrooge.......I haven't done any Valentine decorating.

  16. Love the Valentine holders,so very pretty and girlie! They are like our boxes we covered for our Valentines , years ago when I was little! Years and yearsand years ago! lol
    Come visit me!

  17. hey...! my daughter is in kindergarten...my son will be two in may and we have another on the way, due in july...i'm not sure about the whole homeschool thing, but i very often feel like anna is worrying about things that i didn't even ponder until, maybe, 5th grade...kinda makes me sad...

    okay...everything's always so beautiful here!

    many blessings!

  18. Oh wonderful! Your little miss would like her room redone. And in pink, red and white. Wheee... Can't wait for the photos of it. :-)


  19. What fun valentine goodies!
    Very cute.

  20. Ohhh I am loving all of your Valentine's creations to bits!! especially your Be Mine tags!! so so lovely!!

    As always your blog brings a big smile!! : )

    xoxo Jenny

  21. Everything is darling and as cute as can be Jen. You are such a great Mommy. Have a wonderful valentines day with your special family. RJ


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