August 03, 2007

Emma's Room and Inspiration

Do you remember, quite some time ago, when I mentioned that I was painting Emma's room? Did you think she has spent the last 2 1/2 months living like this?

Well, don't pick up that phone to call Children's Protective Services quite yet. Her room was finished the next day, I just never got around to sharing a picture with you. So...(drum roll, please)... ta da!

This is the only corner of her room that is presentable, although I now realize that ballerina puppet is s-c-a-r-y! I have lots to get done in here and since my summer hiatus from projects is almost over, I will have more to share soon.

Most of my inspiration has come from these pictures from M.E. Home Companion website and magazine. Some of you noticed the magazine pages on my inspiration board in my aqua basket post. Good eye! I just love the colors together. Sadly, Little Miss couldn't be talked into that wall color so we will use the same color scheme with more pink than blue. You know a little girl just has to have a pink bedroom at some point in her life.

I'm also shopping for new bedding, painting existing furniture, installing a wall length shelf and doing some sewing and art projects. Stay tuned.


  1. What a sweet room for a sweet girl! Love that soft shade of pink. It all looks lovely and that bed is wonderful!


  2. Just beautiful! I loved decorating my daughters rooms.

  3. Sometimes I think we share a brain. I almost posted those EXACT pictures from ME today!! Instead I wrote a pitiful-me-post! Lol. Can't wait to see what else you do - it is all looking so great!

  4. Jen, your daughter's room is beautiful! You've done a great job decorating. I love the paint color. And the bedcovering is gorgeous. What a lucky little girl your daughter is!

    Lindy :)

  5. what a perfectly lovely little girl's room!

  6. Jen, Thanks so much for stopping by. Your name has been put in the hat for the vintage tablecloth. Love your blog, very interesting.

  7. I just love that shade of pink, and the rest of the room is so pretty too. I love decorating for little girls!

  8. the room looks so adorable. just found your blog.
    will visit again. have added you to my blog list to let others know about you.
    feel free to visit with me also if you'd like. (I'm also a member of MJFarm) also have an online e-zine called "Small Town Living" if you'd like to check that out too. It's at
    I think you'll enjoy it..especially if you enjoy MJFarm and Country Living.:0)
    Hope you have a good weekend. glad I found your bog..everything looks nice.

  9. Jen, I had torn out that SAME bedroom photo for inspiration for my daughter's room. (She is now too cool for the old vintage wallpaper in there that I hate to tear down.) It looks gorgeous!! Great job!!

  10. So pretty!

    And I had to laugh at the scary ballerina puppet.

    When I was little, my mom tried to decorate my room with the dolls that my grandma brought back from her travels.
    They all CREEPED ME OUT. That decor didn't last long. LOL

    Kimberly :)

  11. My girl doesn't want pink. And she can't decide between for different shades of blue, so I plan to buy a quart of each and do all 4 walls a different color! It might be really cute when it's done. I sure hope so!
    God bless.

  12. That is the exact room I used for Ellen's room...when I finally decided that "pink" would be OK.

  13. I love the shade of pink. It looks very similar to the color in Gracie's room. I look forward to seeing what else you are up to!

    Have a great weekend.

  14. The pink in your daughter's room is a wonderful shade of pink.

    I love what you have done, and I love your inspiration picture!

    Have fun.

  15. I love the ME room and have dogeared it in my copy! Love Emma's bedding, too!

  16. Emma's room is a sweet little jewel box. You've done a wonderful job decorating it.

  17. Oh, what a pretty bedroom. My daughter (10) has a pink and mauve bedroom and really wants to change the colour as she feels she's grown out of it.

  18. I absolutely loved that room too from ME!! The colors, patterns, and accessories were so amazing. Your daughter's room looks great! I bet she loves it. Reminds me a bit of my Evy's room


  19. Jen, my 7 year old granddaughter was here when I viewed your post and I showed her the pics. Guess what!? Her mom is going to just "love" me, since she just finished painting the walls in her bedroom a beautiful soft green and now she wants pink!

  20. That is such a sweet color pink. Happy dreams!
    I am sure she is much more likely to keep it 'clean as a magazine'. (that was always our phrase when I ment CLEAN... not just clean.)

  21. It's really pretty and girly.
    Love it!

  22. Emma's bedroom looks lovely!! I, too, loves that bedroom in M.E.'s magazine. I have devoured every detail of it and love the colour combination and accessories. I don't dare act too quickly on a room makeover, though. We just moved in a year ago, but I am itching to redecorate Sophie's room. It just never felt like I got it right...I think I'll be pulling those dog-eared pages out when the coast is clear...!!!

  23. oh emma's room is beautiful! i would have loved to have re-done my daughter's room like this but, she wouldn't have wanted it! she was such a tomboy then!

  24. i love those ME pictures fact i am thinking for the next baby (if there ever is one) I will paint the nursery those wall colors regardless of the sex..and i LOVE red and pink together now.

    your girl and her room are darling!


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