May 08, 2008

A Perfect Day

In between cooking, cleaning, shuttling kids around, shopping & shipping and getting ready for the big sale this weekend, I've been dreaming about my idea of the perfect Mother's Day.

It would include breakfast cooked by anyone other than me, a bouquet of spring flowers picked from the yard, a stack of new magazines waiting to be read on the patio while listening to the birds chirp & watching Sweet Hubby build a playset, chicken salad sandwiches and any kind of lemon treat for lunch, a trip to my favorite local nursery to buy whatever flowers strike my fancy, a dinner grilled by anyone other than me & to top it all off, snuggling up with the big guy to watch a chick flick after the girls have gone to bed. Perfection. What is your perfect day?
Photo: country home


  1. I think that I could second your perfect day and be the happiest mama on the planet. We dont need lavishness! Although I would love a pedicure for the poor overworked tootsies..

    happiest HAPPIEST mothersday to you my sweetiepie!!
    ( and a good $ale, too!! )
    much love from the beach-
    coastal nest

  2. Hmmm...sounds like a wonderful day except I would ask for a chocolate treat instead of lemon.

    I love that apron picture. What a great little "organizer."

  3. Boy that does sound like a great day! I would take that day. I'm actually going out with my mom and my sister for a girls' day of leisurely browsing in some great little shops and then a nice, slow, relaxing meal at a nice fresh, gourmet pasta place. One of my favorite days with the family though is going to the beach late in the day and sitting on the beach with our sweatshirts on and having a nice picnic and letting the kids run around while the sun goes down with the beautiful breeze blowing. Ahhhh

  4. Everybody home for the weekend, steaks cooked on the grill by someone other than me, fresh flowers that weren't bought to stay out of the doghouse.

    You get the idea!

    - Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

  5. That sounds like just the kind of day I would want except I'd snuggle up with my man instead of yours....K? LOL Enjoy! Hope all your wishes come true.

    :-) Rosie

  6. Patsy ClairmontMay 09, 2008 12:28 AM

    Perfect?? Hmm. A really good movie, a really good book, tea with a really good friend, a trip to the Dairy Queen for a really big marshmallow/carmel sundae, a really long shoulder rub, a really tender foot massage. Yep that would do it. Oh, wait let's throw in a shopping spree at Nordstroms and Target. Okay now I'm content.

    But I'd settle for a really sweet card.

  7. I'm liking the meals cooked by anyone but me part....then of course, a day of shopping for anything I wanted (within reason!)

    PS. I love your to do lists!

  8. barbecue with the beloved ones!!!!!

  9. That apron organizer is just about the cutest thing I've seen in a long time!!

    Happy Friday!!

    Hope your Mothers Day wishes come true!!

  10. Sounds like heaven! Happy Mother's Day--hope you have a wonderful day and your dream comes true! ~Jann

  11. Sounds like such a nice day! Sign me up for that!!! :) I'd toss in an afternoon movie with popcorn haha! Happy Mother's Day, hope you enjoy it!

  12. Happy Mothers day! Hope you have a wonderful and happy day :)

  13. Happy Mother's Day!

    Love the apron organizer!

    My perfect day would start out with playing croquet in my PJ's with my hubby and two bonus kids in the backyard. Drinking mimosas or a a yummy raspberry drink I discovered recently.

    The afternoon would consist of lounging on the patio reading a book or some magazines (perfection would be a hammock but I don't have one - yet). Then going to or having high tea prepared for me. Including chocolate covered strawberries.

    Evening would be grilling something yummy and eating alfresco then talking a walk on the beach with the dog (it's a dog park at the beach) and finishing it up with playing a little Canasta by candlelight.

    I haven't thought this out at all!

  14. You described a perfect day, that's for sure!
    Happy Mother's Day Jen!!
    I hope it is just as beautiful as you are.


  15. I think the perfect day is doing what makes you happy.
    Happy Mother's Day,

  16. Hey, that sounds like something I would dream about. But since my hubby has got to be at work all day today, I'll settle with his lovely card and beautiful Hydrangeas. I'd take that idea of yours of a perfect day any day, not just on Mothers Day.:)
    YOu have a lovely blog. Take care now.

  17. Your day sounds pretty perfect to me. It pretty much describes the kind of day I like having. I got close this year, we skipped going to the nursery, but I had such a sweet day celebrating me.

  18. Love that apron!

  19. you said it all. that is my perfect day! Love your cute blog. and that apron is darling!


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